How Steph’s ‘ultimate superpower’ helps him sustain success

How Steph’s ‘ultimate superpower’ helps him sustain success originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Steph Curry is a man of many talents, but there’s one aspect of his game that has allowed the Warriors star to overcome adversity throughout his career and ultimately reach the NBA mountaintop.

The four-time NBA champion joined the fellow creators of his new “Underrated” documentary, producers Erick Peyton, Ryan Coogler and director Pete Nicks, on the “In Proximity” podcast Sunday, where they spoke about some of the obstacles Curry has faced in his journey — a couple of which were some disappointing games during his first season at Davidson College, showcased in the film.

Asked about his process for overcoming failure, Curry explained how he keeps things in perspective.

“It’s just built on the — like, the opposite of doubt, obviously, is confidence … I always say confidence is the ultimate superpower,” Curry said. “It’s like the ultimate unlock, and it has been for me and just kind of the pattern of seeing guys go through it in the league where [it’s] just that know-how. It doesn’t mean it’s always going to work out your way. It doesn’t mean you’re always going to make every shot, or every game’s going to be perfect.

“But over time, the volume of work that you put in, you know, the trend is always up.”

Curry is known for his dedication to routine and preparation before he steps on the court, partaking in workouts that leave other NBA stars in awe — or even throwing up. There’s a confidence that comes with that readiness, and for Curry it has manifested itself into four Larry O’Brien trophies, nine NBA All-Star nods and countless other accolades.

And even when the difficult times come — like a tough loss, a hard season or a devastating injury — Curry knows his work ethic always will allow for good things to follow.

“So there’s a confidence, and there’s a faith that the work you’re putting in … you’ll reap the benefits of it eventually,” Curry continued. “You can’t just force that process or that time frame, and you don’t know when it’s going to happen. And then when it does, gratitude and appreciation has to follow because then you double down on what it is.

“It can’t be like, ‘Oh, I’ve made it. Look at me,’ or the, ‘Now I can take my foot off the gas pedal,’ in terms of everything that you put into what you’re doing. It’s just more motivation to do the work, right?”

Curry never stops striving to become better at whatever it is he does — whether it’s fatherhood, golf, his education or, of course, basketball. And it’s that confidence, or his “ultimate superpower,” that has allowed the Splash Brother to enthrall the world with his abilities both on and off the court.

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