How Rory McIlroy made this 7-year-old’s wish come true at the Irish Open

Heading into the final round at The K Club in Ireland, Rory McIlroy sits two shots behind Hurly Long. In 2016, McIlroy won at The K Club.

Regardless of his finish, McIlroy’s best moment of the week came Wednesday during a practice round. He let 7-year-old Michael Horgan, who has a brain tumor, walk with him on the ninth hole thanks to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Instead of just shooting a video for Horgan, McIlroy let him into the ropes and experience professional golf up close.

Horgan sat next to McIlroy on a cart as the duo drove up the four-time major champion’s final hole of the day. On the approach shot, Horgan helped McIlroy get his yardage.

When they got to the green, McIlroy gave Horgan a version of his putter. Michael’s birdie attempt sprinted past and he said, “My dad always tells me to hit it softer.”

The interaction was priceless and you can watch it here.

The story originally appeared on GolfWeek

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