His wife’s comments about connecting with young gamers weren’t a big deal

Kelly Stafford surprised some when she said her husband, the Rams quarterback Matthew Staffordis struggling to connect with their younger peers. But Matthew Stafford says that in the Rams’ locker room, those comments didn’t amount to much.

Stafford said the media picked up Kelly’s comments and followed them up, but the players didn’t pay much attention to it.

“I think it’s probably coming more from you than anything else,” Stafford told reporters. “I was going to come out here with a newspaper under my arm and some glasses. Set the mood, but it turns out you can’t even find a newspaper around here, so I couldn’t do that. I was going to try ‘Have some fun, but no, ha been great. I love coming to work. I love working with these guys and everyone knows it.”

Stafford said he “definitely” connects with his teammates and didn’t need to address his wife’s comments with them.

“No, I think those guys understand where I’m coming from. They see me come to this building every day and they know how I go to work, they know how I interact with everyone and to be honest, we don’t think about it too much,” Stafford said.

Ultimately, Stafford said, there’s no problem with either his wife’s comments or his own ability to connect with his teammates.

“I’m not too worried about it,” Stafford said. “Nobody in that locker room is too worried about it, I can promise you. We’ve completely moved on, although we never stopped to think about it, to be honest with you. But yeah, I’m not too worried.” about”.

Stafford, 35, leads a young Rams team into the season opener Sunday in Seattle.

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