Guide to Purchase the Perfect Racket!

A great badminton racket not only matches your style of playing but also improves the quality of your movements to better levels. To help you make better selections while buying a badminton racket, here’s a guide for you.

1-How much are you willing to spend?

Budget is usually the hugest variable when you’re buying a racket. Deciding on how much you’re willing to spend will assist you in narrowing your search. Very expensive rackets are mostly needed by professional athletes because they are tuned for better performance or specifications required.

2-Racket head shape

Rackets that have isometric/square head shapes are the best because they have an enlarged sweet spot. An expanded sweet spot is transcendent as it gives you higher repulsion power and an incredible racket feel.

Yonex manufactures rackets with isometric head shapes. Choose the one that gratifies your needs and budget best.


The racket weight determines the amount of force that can be delivered onto the shuttle. Most rackets weigh between 85-90 grams. However, some players may prefer the lighter ones that weigh between 75-80 grams.

Lighter rackets, however, come with a trade-off since there’s a limit to how quick a person’s arm can swing.

Rackets that are equipped with advanced technology tend to distribute the weight differently. Such technology is believed to give improved counter-balance, leading to consistent and stable shots.

Head-heavy rackets, which have more weight on the head, are most suited for power plays such as smashing and long distance hits. However, they are not recommended for defense and quick speed exchanges.

Deceptive play may be challenging as well due to the high weight lessening finesse.

Head-light rackets, on the other hand, are more comfortable to maneuver at higher speeds when delivering deceptive swings or executing high-speed exchanges.

If you love upper control, speed and power, head-light rackets are a good choice. On the downside, these are not suitable for baseline shots or hard smashes.

Even Balance rackets are superb for learners who want a racket with endless opportunities of finesse.

The most suitable way to test out which weight fits you best is to compare it with the racket you currently use. A balance must exist between ease of maneuverability and power delivered.

4-Materials and durability

Rackets are made from different materials such as aluminum, carbon fibers or steel. Choose the one that matches your playing technique and skill. A racket made from carbon fibers is the best for professional players. This is because it makes the setup light and smooth.

Yonex rackets are made using excellent materials and technology. The durability is very reliable as well. You shouldn’t even think of buying a racket that lacks a durability feature.

5-The flex of the shaft

Shaft flexibility dramatically affects the amount of repulsion power you can receive in exchange for constancy when playing at different strengths.

A super bendy shaft gives more power but reduced consistency. On the other hand, a less bendy shaft delivers less power but has more flexibility.

Dominant professional players are better suited for stiffer shafts while beginners are more suited for flexible shafts.

6-Racket String

Stringing used on a racket is an important consideration. The stringing tension affects the overall play. A high string tension gives you less power, increased control, reduced durability, more feel and increased vibration.

Low string tension leads to more power, less control, more strength, reduced feel and fewer vibrations.

Beginners are recommended to use a string tension of 17-20lbs, 20-24lbs for intermediate players, 24-27lbs for advanced level players and the professionals usually use a string tension that is 27lbs and more.

Luckily, all rackets come with their own manufacturer’s recommended string tension to guide you.


The grip connects you to the racket. Therefore, it is imperative. A small grip size allows you to engage in a deceptive game. A forceful grip is necessary for robust shots. There’s the towel grip and a synthetic grip.

A towel grip wicks away the sweat from your hand while the synthetic grip doesn’t, however, the towel grip may have bacterial growth over time, so you should keep it clean throughout.


A racket throat made from the low-quality material will not provide you with needed support for long. The racket throat should be made from high-quality materials to serve you better.

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