Grant Williams tells the tale of when he said he would make BOTH free throws – and missed both

Fans of the Boston Celtics tend to look back at the tenure of reserve forward Grant Williams positively, his likable dorkiness and occasional on-court fieriness winning him fans. But there have also been plenty of cringe-worthy moments that have left Celtics fans scratching their head, such as the time the Tennessee alum audaciously proclaimed his intention to make not one but both clutch free throws in a tight contest against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Most of you reading this know how that most epic of self-owns ended, making for a funny story in retrospect but plenty of angst immediately after the final buzzer had sounded. Williams recently told the tale of how he was going to “make ’em both” on the “Old Man and the 3” podcast.

Check out the clip embedded below to hear former NBAer JJ Redick grill the Charlotte native on his widely-seen faux pas.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire

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