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He nfl It’s packed with stars, but only one can win MVP each year.

Although the battle for MVP usually intensifies as the weather turns colder, it’s never too early to start looking at the favorites. And with the 2023 NFL season set to kick off next week, now is the perfect time.

Will Patrick Mahomes be able to come back in a row? Will Joe Burrow or Josh Allen get their first MVP? Will Aaron Rodgers be able to get his rhythm back with your new team?

Here’s a full breakdown of the NFL preseason MVP odds for this season:

What are the betting odds to win NFL MVP in 2023?

Mahomes enters the season as the favorite to win his third MVP in six years. The current regular season and Super Bowl MVP dominated in 2022, leading the NFL in passing yards (5,250), passing touchdowns (41) and QBR (77.6). If he’s healthy, there’s no question Mahomes will be in the MVP conversation.

Burrow and Allen come right behind Mahomes as they both seek their first MVP after finishing in the top five last year. The Bengals and Bills face the Chiefs in Kansas City this season, so those games could be crucial in building an MVP case.

The 22 players with the lowest odds are all quarterbacks, with San Francisco 49ers Running back Christian McCaffrey broke that streak at +6500.

Here are the top 25 odds to win the 2023 NFL MVP: according to our betting partner, PointsBet:

  • Patrick Mahomes, +600
  • Joe Burrow, +700
  • Josh Allen, +800
  • Jalen hurts, +900
  • Justin Herbert, +1000
  • Lamar Jackson, +1400
  • Trevor Lawrence, +1500
  • Aaron Rodgers, +1500
  • Justin’s Fields, +1500
  • Tua Tagovailoa, +2000
  • Dak Prescott, +2000
  • Deshaun Watson, +3000
  • Jared Goff, +3000
  • Geno Smith, +3500
  • Derek Carr, +3500
  • Brock Purdy, +4000
  • Love from Jordan, +4000
  • Russell Wilson, +4000
  • Kirk Cousins, +4000
  • Kenny Pickett, +5000
  • Matthew Stafford, +5000
  • Daniel Jones, +5000
  • Christian McCaffrey, +6500
  • Mac Jones, +7000
  • Jimmy Garoppolo, +7500

Who won the NFL MVP in 2022?

Mahomes won his second career MVP last season with 48 of 50 first-place votes. Hurts and Allen each earned a first-place vote to finish second and third, respectively. Burrow and Jefferson rounded out the top five in the voting.

List of NFL MVP winners by year

2022: Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs quarterback

2021: Aaron Rodgers, Packers quarterback

2020: Aaron Rodgers, Packers quarterback

2019: Lamar Jackson, Ravens QB

2018: Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs quarterback

2017: Tom Brady, patriots Quarterback

2016: Matt Ryan, Falcons quarterback

2015: Cam Newton, Panthers quarterback

2014: Aaron Rodgers, Packers quarterback

2013: Peyton Manning, Broncos quarterback

2012: Adrian Peterson, running back for Vikings

2011: Aaron Rodgers, Packers quarterback

2010: Tom Brady, QB for the Patriots

2009: Peyton Manning, Colts quarterback

2008: Peyton Manning, Colts quarterback

2007: Tom Brady, quarterback for the Patriots

2006: LaDainian Tomlinson, running back for Chargers

2005: Shaun Alexander, running back for the Seahawks

2004: Peyton Manning, Colts quarterback

2003: Peyton Manning, Colts QB / Steve McNair, Titans QB

2002: Rich Gannon, Raiders quarterback

2001: Kurt Warner, quarterback for the Rams

2000: Marshall Faulk, running back for the Rams

1999: Kurt Warner, quarterback for the Rams

1998: Terrell Davis, running back for the Broncos

1997: Brett Favre, Packers quarterback

1997: Barry Sanders, running back for Lions

1996: Brett Favre, Packers quarterback

1995: Brett Favre, Packers quarterback

1994: Steve Young, 49ers quarterback

1993: Emmitt Smith, running back for Cowboys

1992: Steve Young, 49ers quarterback

1991: Thurman Thomas, Bills RB

1990: Joe Montana, 49ers quarterback

1989: Joe Montana, 49ers quarterback

1988: Boomer Esiason, quarterback for the Bengals

1987: John Elway, quarterback for the Broncos

1986: Lawrence Taylor, Giants LB

1985: Marcus Allen, quarterback for the Raiders

1984: Dan Marino, Dolphins quarterback

1983: Joe Theismann, Washington quarterback

1982: Mark Moseley, Washington K.

1981: Ken Anderson, quarterback for the Bengals

1980: Brian Sipe, quarterback for the Browns

1979: Earl Campbell, Oilers RB

1978: Terry Bradshaw, Steelers quarterback

1977: Walter Payton, Bears RB

1976: Bert Jones, quarterback for the Colts

1975 – Fran Tarkenton, Vikings quarterback

1974: Ken Stabler, Raiders quarterback

1973: O. J. Simpson, Bills RB

1972: Larry Brown, defenseman for Washington

1971: Alan Page, DT of the Vikings

1970: John Brodie, 49ers quarterback

1969: Roman Gabriel, QB of the Rams

1968: Earl Morrall, quarterback for the Colts

1967: Johnny Unitas, Colts QB

1966: Bart Starr, quarterback for the Packers

1965: Jim Brown, Browns F.B.

1964: Johnny Unitas, Colts QB

1963: Junior title, Giants quarterback

1962: Jim Taylor, Packers F.B.

1961: Paul Hornung, HB Packers

1960: Norm Van Brocklin, Eagles Quarterback

1959: Johnny Unitas, quarterback for the Colts

1958: Jim Brown, Browns F.B.

1957: Jim Brown, Browns F.B.

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