Full Brooklyn Nets 2023-24 will be released on Thursday

Thursday is the day that Brooklyn Nets Fans will know the team’s full schedule and expectations have been building for some time. Over the past week or so, information has been released about the timings of some primetime games, apparently in an attempt to tease NBA fans.

On Tuesday, the schedule for the NBA’s first in-season tournament was announced to add more excitement to the upcoming season. Recently, NBA PR announced on social media that the remainder of the 2023-24 schedule will be broadcast on national television for the entire world to see.

The schedule will be announced on ESPN’s NBA Today telecast at 3:00 PM EDT. By now, it’s clear that the Nets won’t play on Christmas, and now their regular season games are equal due to the in-season tournament. Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, Orlando MagicAnd Toronto Raptors It will be more important than the normal game.

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