Former Steeler Antonio Brown’s antics prompt NFL conduct policy change

The NFL has decided to tighten things up on what players do off the field in an attempt to hold them more accountable and maintain more mature and professional behavior for these public figures who represent a multi-billion dollar industry.

According to Pro Football Talk, one player who prompted this move is former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown. Here is what PFT had to say about Brown and his antics:

“After Brown finagled his release from the Raiders, the Patriots signed him. Then, after only one game, Brown was sued for sexual assault and rape. It later came to light that Brown knew of the threatened litigation before signing with the Patriots, but that he did not disclose it to them.”

Brown did everything in his power to force the Steelers to trade him to the Raiders. But this was all just part of Brown’s plan as he never planned to stay with the Raiders. He wanted to find a way to get to the Patriots and did so with full intent. Unfortunately for him, his behavior was so bad the Patriots wanted no part of him either.

Although this is a rare and extreme instance, we absolutely support this move. Not just because it is Brown and the way he handled this in relation to the Steelers. Players need to be held accountable for their actions if they expect teams to make multi-million dollar investments in them.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire

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