Former Boston guard Jeff Teague’s favorite dunk was on a Celtics teammate

Almost every player in the NBA who can dunk will remember one of them forever, even if it was the only dunk they ever did. And for the former Boston Celtics General floor Jeff Teaguehis favorite flash happened to be on a fellow Celtics.

Talking about himClub 520podcast, Teague talked about that immersion. “My favorite dunk was… clear Ray Allen. I just love this because (Kevin Garnett) spoke very badly. And when I dunked on him, I hit the game-winner!” He added (h/t Diamond Lex) laughing “KG followed me down the tunnel (saying) ‘Never mess with the (expletive) basketball gods!’

He added: “I’m trying to run to the back of the tunnel, like, ‘My fault, you!’ “

If we’d come out of such an interaction unscathed, we’d probably be laughing too – the Big Ticket was a staggering figure in those days. However, there is no word on how Allen ended up on the poster that sparked the exchange.

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The story first appeared on Celtics Wire

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