Fake Rockstar channel running GTA 6 access scam on Twitch gets banned

The anticipation for GTA 6 is at an all-time high. Ever since a leak in 2022 revealed a lot of information about the early development of the game that led to Rockstar Games formally acknowledging it was working on the game, fans have been eagerly waiting for it to launch. And even when there is no launch date in sight, apart from a vague comment from Take-Two Interactive which said it can be out in either 2024 or 2025, fans continue to be hopeful of being able to play the game soon. Some bad actors have also taken note of this, and are now running scams to trap innocent gamers. One such GTA 6 scam was being run by a Twitch channel which has now been banned.

In this particular case, a Twitch channel named NewsRockstar was streaming a pre-recorded video of GTA 5 with a fake overlay that claimed to be showing GTA 6 gameplay. The channel, which had peaked at 20,000 viewers, was also promoting a website that claimed to be giving away GTA 6 beta keys. StreamBans, an account that keeps track of big Twitch channels that get banned, posted on X confirming that the channel was permanently banned.

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As per StreamBans, the channel was a Partenered account created in 2013. As a result of this, the channel had a verification badge, and it appeared legitimate to unsuspecting viewers.

Phishing scam targets GTA 6 fans

The GTA 6 access scam channel redirected users to a website that was designed to steal users’ personal information by running a phishing scam. When users clicked on the link to claim their beta key, they were redirected to a fake Rockstar Games login page. If users entered their login information, the scammers would be able to steal their Steam account credentials.

“It was a phishing stream, they were offering access to the GTA 6 beta but it was to steal Steam accounts,” a viewer told Dexerto.

Avoid phishing scams this way

1. Never click on links in unsolicited emails or messages.

2. Always hover over a link before clicking on it to see where it will take you.

3. Never enter your personal information on a website that you don’t trust.

4. If you’re unsure about the legitimacy of a website, contact the company directly.

By following these tips, you can help protect yourself from phishing scams and keep your personal information safe.

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