Everything you need to know about the Hero Walk, the Fan Zone, the Pit Walk and the #ValenciaGP track invasion

The Gran Premio Motul de la Comunitat Valenciana once again features two of the most attractive side events of the weekend: the Fan Zone and the Hero Walk. This is everything you need to know about them.

Fan Zone

This year the Fan Zone will be located behind the straight, just in front of the main entrance to the Circuit Ricardo Tormo. Friday and Saturday afternoons after the training sessions will be the moments of activity and, the stage area, the public will be able to access any grandstand until the capacity allowed by security in the area is reached. On Friday afternoon after all the activity on the track, the party will begin with music, shows and drivers.

In addition, on Saturday the sprint race podium will be held on stage, but only the public in the VIP boxes, box stands and orange stands will be able to access this event. After the celebration of the podium, if the maximum capacity has not been reached, access will be opened to other fans until it is reached, as on Friday.

In summary, fans from any stand until capacity is reached will be able to go to the fan zone on Friday and Saturday afternoon, but not on Saturday to celebrate the sprint race podium.

Hero Walk

This 2023 the Hero Walk will also be at the end of the straight, in front of the main entrance to the circuit and just before the entrance to the paddock. It will be on Sunday morning and, on this occasion, the appointment is reserved for all those who have a Grandstand Boxes ticket, Boxes ticket or a paddock pass.

We would love for all the fans from the other areas of the Grandstand to be able to join us in this event, but for reasons of security and the space available in that area, we cannot accept the entry of the tens of thousands of fans who fill the stands of the Circuit.

Pit walk

Attendees from any grandstand, once again, will be able to access the pit walk on Thursday and the track invasion on Sunday.

On the Thursday before the Grand Prix, the Circuit’s pit lane will open its doors. Fans will be able to see first-hand how work is done in the teams’ pits ahead of a weekend of races from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. In addition, the afternoon will be set to live music by a DJ. You can find out all the information about the Pit Walk through this link: https://www.circuitricardotormo.com/todo-lo-que-debes-saber-sobre-el-pit-walk-del-valenciagp-2023/

Controlled runway invasion

The Circuit Ricardo Tormo straight will be filled after the MotoGP race to receive the winners on the podium. The MotoGP World Championship ends at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo and this championship will have a party ending to match. After the MotoGP race, fans will be able to access the straight line of the Valencian track to see the podium ceremony as close as possible to the riders.

As in previous years, all those who have Grandstand Boxes tickets, VIP Box passes, Orange Grandstand passes or paddock passes will be able to access this track invasion for free. But, also, as in 2022, the organization of the Grand Prix will give the opportunity to 500 more fans from any of the Circuit’s stands to participate in this controlled invasion of the track. You can consult everything you need to know about the Track Invasion through the following link: https://www.circuitricardotormo.com/un-ano-mas-podras-ver-el-podio-de-motogp-desde-la-recta-de-meta/

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