Epic Games Store Makes Popular Horror Game Free Ahead of Halloween

10/19/2023 01:38 pm EDT

Ahead of Halloween in just a few short days, the Epic Games Store is giving out a popular survival-horror game for no cost at all. In recent weeks, Epic’s marketplace on PC has handed out titles like Godlike Burger, Blazing Sails, and both Q.U.B.E. and Q.U.B.E. 2. Now, what is surely the most recognizable freebie of October 2023 has become free and has rolled out at what is the absolute perfect time. 

Starting today, October 19, and lasting until the morning of October 19, the Epic Games Store has made both The Evil Within and Eternal Threads available to own permanently. Originally released in 2014, The Evil Within is the horror title in mention that comes from developer Tango Gameworks. Eternal Threads, on the other hand, is a first-person puzzle title that has received a fair bit of praise since arriving in 2022. 

Perhaps the best thing about The Evil Within being made free on the Epic Games Store is that it will soon be followed by its sequel. Epic also announced today that The Evil Within 2 will be the next free title on the Epic Store beginning next week on October 26. So if you’d like to play through both games to coincide with “spooky season,” you’ll be able to do over the course of the next couple of weeks. 

To learn more about both The Evil Within and Eternal Threads, you can find descriptions and trailers for both attached below. 

The Evil Within

“Developed by Tango Gameworks and directed by Resident Evil series creator Shinji Mikami, The Evil Within embodies pure survival horror.

As Detective Sebastian Castellanos, seek the dark truth behind a gruesome mass murder and its connection to a deranged world where hideous creatures wander among the dead. Facing unimaginable terror and fighting for survival with limited resources, Sebastian embarks on a frightening journey to uncover who – or what – is responsible. Tension and anxiety heighten dramatically as you explore the game’s tortured world, facing menacing horrors, avoiding cruel traps and managing crucial supplies as you struggle to survive against overwhelming odds. Corridors, walls, doors and entire buildings change in real time, ensnaring players in a warped reality where threats can appear at any time and from any direction.

Keep your wits about and aim steady, Detective..chilling horror and heart-racing action await those who step into The Evil Within.”

Eternal Threads

Eternal Threads is a single-player, first-person story-driven puzzle game of time manipulation, choice and consequence. As an operative tasked with fixing corruption in the timestream, you have been sent to the North of England in May 2015, where six people died in a house fire. Prohibited from simply stopping the fire, you must instead manipulate the choices made by the housemates in the week leading up to it so that they all survive the event.

From the outset, you have free and complete reign to explore the seven day timeline before the fire. You can watch and alter the significant events from the entire week as many times as you like and in whatever order you wish. Some decisions will have only minor effects on the timeline, moving objects around the house or revealing deeper stories and secrets. Major changes however, rewrite the timeline by changing existing events, adding new events and even replacing other events entirely.  

You must traverse up and down this timeline, changing decisions at different moments throughout the week so that their effects interact and combine together to save all six housemates. However, it is not just the housemates who have choices. Each of them can be saved from the fire in multiple ways, with each outcome having a profound effect on their lives in the future. Will you just search for the quickest and easiest solution, or can you find the best possible outcome for everyone?”

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