Do the Chicago Bulls have more pressure than any other team in the NBA?

when Chicago Bulls Finishing their renovation two years ago, they’ve added some solid winning pieces now. They made a deal Nikola Vuchevich in the 2021 deadline, then followed up with its signature Damar Derozan, Lonzo BallAnd Alex Caruso In free agency, while the picks looked promising, things quickly fell apart.

After a hot start to 2021, injuries to the wing derailed their plans. The point guard has yet to bounce back and has won just one playoff game in the two years Chicago has had its core. Needless to say, the Bulls have not lived up to expectations.

Now we go to the next chapter. Chicago may be under more pressure to perform than any other team in the league. Chicago Bulls Central on YouTube This topic has been discussed recently.

What would be the ideal ending for the Bulls next season?

The story originally appeared on The Lonzo Wire

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