Did Tencent buy Techland?

Tencent’s Acquisition Rumors: Did the Chinese Tech Giant Buy Techland?

In the ever-evolving world of technology and gaming, acquisitions and mergers are commonplace. One such rumor that has been making rounds in the industry is about Tencent, the Chinese tech behemoth, buying Techland, a renowned Polish video game developer. However, the question remains: Did Tencent really buy Techland?

Tencent, for those unfamiliar, is a Chinese multinational technology conglomerate holding company. Founded in 1998, it is one of the world’s largest venture capital firms and investment corporations. Tencent’s various services include social networking, web portals, e-commerce, and multiplayer online games. Its gaming division, Tencent Games, is the world’s largest gaming company by revenue.

On the other hand, Techland is a Polish video game developer and publisher, best known for its critically acclaimed games like “Dying Light” and “Dead Island”. Founded in 1991, Techland has established itself as a key player in the global gaming industry.

The rumor of Tencent buying Techland started circulating in early 2021. The speculation was fueled by Tencent’s aggressive expansion strategy in the gaming industry. In recent years, Tencent has acquired stakes in several high-profile gaming companies, including Riot Games, Epic Games, and Supercell. This led to speculation that Techland could be the next on Tencent’s acquisition list.

However, Techland has categorically denied these rumors. In a statement released in February 2021, the company clarified that it remains an independent studio and has not been acquired by Tencent or any other company. The company further stated that it continues to work on its upcoming game, “Dying Light 2”, and is not undergoing any changes in its ownership structure.

The denial from Techland puts to rest the rumors about its acquisition by Tencent. It is not uncommon for such rumors to circulate in the industry, especially considering Tencent’s aggressive acquisition strategy. However, as of now, Techland remains an independent entity, focused on delivering high-quality games to its global audience.

In conclusion, while Tencent has been on a buying spree in the gaming industry, Techland is not one of its acquisitions. The Polish game developer continues to operate independently, working on its upcoming projects. As for Tencent, the tech giant will undoubtedly continue its expansion in the gaming industry, but as of now, Techland is not part of its portfolio.

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