Could Omar Yurtson’s international productivity lead to second-guessing the Heat?

Q: Ira, Omar Yortson He has announced good numbers for Türkiye before the World Cup. Why was Erik Spoelstra in such a rush to get rid of him? – Nigel.

A: I’m not sure “rush” is the right word. And I believe that Omar Yurtson played a role in that decision with his apparent desire for more playing time that he received with the Heat. In fact, when he signed with the Jazz in free agency, Omer hinted at what he believes could be a bigger opportunity in Utah, telling EuroHope, “Having coach Will Hardy in Utah JazzPlaying with Europeans in important positions and being a young team, I did not see any negative points. So it was an easy choice among my top three priorities.” It was clear from the moment Erik Spoelstra made it Cody Zeller He was the backup option of choice last season when the veteran presence in the NBA was a priority. Now, it seems like the preferred option is to add a free agent Thomas Bryant. All that said, there’s no guarantee Bryant will have a definitive role, an element that could end up playing time for him. Kevin Love And maybe even Nikola Yovich. Of course, first we have to see what the Heat’s roster looks like going into camp.

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Q: It was time for Erik Spoelstra to pay his respects Tyler HerroNam You could have changed Hero’s mood two weeks ago and you could tell he was told he was coming back – John.

A: It’s not about mood, it’s about being able to make a fair deal Damian Lillard. In 2019, Pat Riley signed with the Timberwolves Jimmy Butler Trade, but this happened at the beginning of the season. The drama is still months away before the games start counting down. So, yes, Erik Spoelstra showed comfort with his current roster, including Tyler Herro, who is back at work in South Florida. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be more convenience. And that, in turn, will bring Tyler into the game.

Q: How much of a difference would a healthy Tyler Hero make in the Finals against Denver? thoughts? – Rodney

A: A lot. Every good player makes a difference. and until then, Gabe Vincent And Max StraussCouple Caleb Martin, was somewhat reduced. And Jimmy Butler was apparently worn out, too. The Heat needed points to stay with him nuggets. Having a bucket helps with this.

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