You might wonder why on earth one looks for cheap badminton rackets. Well, if you have a tight budget then you already know the answer. The truth is, a cheap price tag doesn’t always mean a cheap quality product. And in this article, you are gonna see how.


Being a badminton player, you surely know that you can’t give your 100% without the right equipment. Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner, you should always strive to own the equipment that best suits your needs. Herein, a less priced racket may not seem persuasive to you.


Yes, in some cases, finding the right racket cannot be economical. The right racket will make you feel like there is no opponent that can beat you, and motivate you to learn new shots and test your limits.


Herein, we took the time to gather 15 badminton rackets that will not empty your wallet. We reviewed each one of them, highlighted the most important features of each one, along with a buyers’ guide.


If you think this sounds too good to be true, stay with us, you will be impressed.

ModelEditorial RatingCheck Price
1- Senston N805/5Check price on Amazon
2- Senston WOVEN5/5Check price on Amazon
3- Yonex Muscle Power 34/5Check price on Amazon
4- Yonex B-3504/5Check price on Amazon
5- Yonex Basic 40004/5Check price on Amazon
6- Yonex Basic 60003/5Check price on Amazon
7- Yonex NANORAY Series4/5Check price on Amazon
8- Franklin Sports Elite4/5Check price on Amazon
9- Wilson Blaze 3504/5Check price on Amazon
10- Wilson Titanium Smash4/5Check price on Amazon
11- Wilson Strike3/5Check price on Amazon
12- Apacs Lethal 105/5Check price on Amazon
13- Apacs Blend 80005/5Check price on Amazon
14- Apacs Stern 905/5Check price on Amazon
15- Apacs Training W-1205/5Check price on Amazon

 15 Cheap Badminton Rackets


  1. Senston N80 Graphite Single High-grade Badminton Racquet

To begin with, we have the Senston N80 racket. It is made out of graphite and an epoxy resin. These materials are cheaper but are durable, and they also are much lighter than the usual elements. Because of this, this light racket can help you swing at a higher speed. However, there are a few other helpful features in this racket.


The head of the racket is square shaped and is aerodynamic. Its isometric shape helps you to have a more prominent sweet spot so that you can have more control in your shots. The materials and the shape of the racket allow you to string it to 28 pounds, depending on your preferences.


As you may know, not all rackets are suitable for everyone, but this is a close one. This light racket can be perfect for beginners or players recovering from an injury. The weight on the racket can also be great for those of you who are looking to play casually. It is a cheap model but a durable one nonetheless.


The only scenario where this racket may not prove as useful could be competitive play. When in competitive games you may play more aggressive, and this racket is not designed to resist the fast and powerful swings of professional players. There are many other models in the list that may prove more useful for competitive than casual games.


What We Liked

  • The lightweight design is by far the most attractive feature on the racket, weighing an impressive 80 grams.
  • One of the cheapest best models on the list.
  • The isometric heads allow you to have a bigger sweet spot.


What We Didn’t Like

  • It is not suitable for competitive play, since it may not withstand the powerful and fast swings of professional players.
  • In some cases, the racket has not proven to be as durable as advertised.



This racket is perfect for beginners and players that still don’t deliver as much power on their swings. It is not as durable as you would want, but it will do for a beginner. If you are looking for a racket for competitive play, it may not be the ideal one for you.
cheap badminton rackets

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  1. Senston WOVEN Full Carbon Single High-grade Badminton Racquet

The next item definitely has the looks, but it has a few hidden features that make it even better for many situations. Let’s start with how light it is. It weighs about 82 grams without the strings. Most models weigh about 87 or 90 grams, and although you may think that there are only a few grams of difference, you will notice them in the long run.


It is not only light, but it can also withstand a higher string tension. You usually tense the string at 28 pounds max, but the max tension on this racket is 31 pounds. Also, the Full-Carbon technology allows the frame to resist more power from shots, which can be useful if you are playing against an opponent with fast and aggressive gameplay.


The entire frame is built of Micro Carbon Fiber, which allows you to add more strength to your shots. This feature also allows you to have more stability since the racket will return to its original from faster than others. If you combine this with a slim shaft, you will experience how it feels to have full control of your shots.


But as you may know, there are always a few cons where they are pros. In this case, it may be how durable the frame is. Many users have gotten cracks in the frame after a few months, which is something you don’t want to see in a racket after such a short time after purchasing it.


Things We Liked

  • The Micro Fiber frame helps you add more power to your shots without sacrificing stability.
  • It only weighs 82 pounds, which is lighter than average cheap counterparts.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • It may not be as durable as advertised.



This model could be perfect for many players since it has many useful features, but in the end, you may be disappointed with how fragile it is. Regardless, it can be perfect for a defensive player since you will be able to return powerful shots with ease.

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  1. Yonex Muscle Power 3

Whether you are a skilled player or a newcomer, the Yonex Muscle Power 3 can be a fabulous choice of racket. But why? Let’s begin with the frame. The Muscle Power series is designed to reduce stress since the strings are confined together. It also has a larger hitting area that gives you a 30% larger sweet spot.


This unit feels a bit heavier than the last models we reviewed. It weighs almost 95 grams with strings. The good things about this may be that it helps you have more precise swings since the weight will allow you to bring the racket down at higher speeds, but it will take a little bit more to get it up.


The shaft is not too flexible but not stiff, which gives you the advantages of both types of shafts. As a rookie, you may be looking for a flexible shaft, but if you are an experienced player, you may want a stiffer shaft to have more control. Because of this, this racket can be perfect for both kinds of users.


The only downside to this model may be its length. It is by far shorter than other models, which reduces your reach. You may not feel it at first, but you will feel how you will have to extend more to hit the shuttlecock.


Things We Liked

  • The frame allows you to have a bigger sweet spot.
  • Its shaft can work perfectly for experienced players and beginners.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is shorter than many other rackets, and this will reduce your reach.



It is overall a great racket, can be perfect for both beginners and experts. However, the most important thing to notice may be how durable it is. But if you think, you already have a small reach, this will reduce it even more.

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  1. Yonex B-350 Badminton Racquet

B-350is excellent for those of you who like to spend their time playing on weekends or in family reunions. This racket is made for recreational use, and it is also considerably durable for a racket so cheap. It is perfect for anyone, regardless of their age.


This economical option can be the ideal model for schools since the price is just right to buy many at a time. As we mentioned earlier, the reason why a lot of colleges and schools buy it apart from the price is their durability. Plus, it looks pretty cool too.


It weighs almost 100 grams, so it is considered a heavy racket. There are no special features apart from the fact that it is strung at nearly its max tension. This is so there is no necessity of adding extra force to the shots since it will be used for casual games.


The major downside of this racket is obvious. There is no way that you could use this for competitive play and feel comfortable. It is strictly for recreational sport. The handle can become uncomfortable, and the strings are not designed for control.


What We Liked

  • It is perfect for users of all ages.
  • Can be the ideal racket if you are looking for a model that is strictly for recreational use.


What We Didn’t Like

  • You cannot use this for competitive games.
  • There are no special features that differentiate this model apart from the price.



This racket is perfect if you are looking for a model to use in PE classes in colleges or schools. It will also work if you only play badminton a few times a month or even a year. But if you are looking for a competitive racket, this is not the one.

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  1. Yonex Basic 4000 Badminton Racket

The next item on the list is a noble choice if you are a player that is only beginning to learn how to play badminton. There are a few things that make this racket better than others on the list, but it is overall an average racket. But even if it does not have any fancy features, beginners will feel comfortable with this racket.


It has a standard issue head that is shaped like an oval. It is pretty heavy, weighing almost 100 grams. Yeah, it may be considered heavy, but it provides a great balance which is perfect to learn and practice different techniques. Balanced rackets are great if you want to learn something new, then you could try using a heavier one once you get the idea.


The aluminum absorbs impacts pretty well so it can be a bit more durable than what you would expect from a cheap racket. It is pretty comfortable to use since it is equipped with a PU grip from Yonex. It already comes with strings, and they are tensed to the point where you won’t need much to get the shuttlecock in the air.


But as you could imagine, it may not be great for fast movements or powerful shots. It has what you need to learn how to play, period. You won’t have a good time trying to play a professional game with this racket since it lacks a few elements that a professional racket should have.


Things We Liked

  • Has an aluminum frame that is durable and will absorb impacts better than other materials.
  • Can be a great way to learn new techniques or learn how to play since it is entirely balanced.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • You can’t use this for competitive play.
  • Even for a beginner’s racket, it can feel a bit heavy weighing almost 100 grams.



If you are just beginning to learn all the basics of badminton, this racket will suit all your needs. It is balanced, and although it may be a little heavy, you will find it more comfortable – thanks to the PU grip.

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  1. Yonex Basic 6000 Badminton Racket

If you are planning on playing aggressive, or if that is your playstyle, this racket is the right one for you. The purpose of its design is to provide a better tool for aggressive players. It provides the necessary power and accuracy to exhaust your opponent after a few shots.


It has a round shaped head which gives it an even sweet spot area, which provides you with more probabilities of actually hitting it. The cross-section has a square shape, which allows you to have a more robust feeling when handling the racket.


The strings absorb the impact, for a higher control of the shuttlecock when returning it. They have Elastic Ti technology that instead of deforming the strings, they get back to their original state faster, so you can use the full force of the swing to add a bit more power to the shots.


It is flexible, so you can use the returning action of the racket to return shots accurately, even if you are not in the position to do so.


Things We Liked

  • It is specially designed for aggressive players.
  • You can get a lot of power into your shots if used wisely.
  • You will have a higher control over your shots.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • There isn’t any specific thing that we didn’t like on this racket. It is overall one of the best ones on the list.



Do you like to give your opponent a hard time? Well, this may be the ideal racket for you. You can be accurate, but at the same time, you can deliver powerful shots. This is why aggressive players will find a few ways to corner their opponents and make them uncomfortable.

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  1. Yonex NANORAY Series Badminton Racket

This may be one of the best rackets on the list, and it is because it has many features that allow you to one-up your gameplay if used correctly. It is built to be a precise and versatile racket that you could use in any scenario. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?


Yonex Nanoscience assures that you will have a better control over your racket. It creates the perfect bond between fullerene and the carbon particles. This creates a light and thinner racket that will be easier to handle. Plus, it is also stable, so it helps you add more energy to your swings.


The grommet holes have a different pattern than usual. They are designed to make the string more durable. The strings also have Elastic Ti technology that, as you may have seen in previous reviews, are highly elastic, but return to their original position faster than normal.


It has an isometric square head with helps you have an increased sweet spot, giving you increased accuracy. It also has a muscle power set of strings that eliminate stress and provides a tighter contact between the frame and the strings.


But again, sometimes you just cannot evade the cons. A downside to it is that since it is one of the best rackets on the lists, it is also one of the most expensive ones. Yeah, it is still within the “cheap” prices range but compared to other models you will see it expensive.


Things We Liked

  • You will have better control of your shots thanks to the Yonex Nanoscience technology.
  • Has an isometric square head which provides a larger sweet spot area.
  • It includes muscle power strings.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is one of the most expensive rackets on the whole cheap-list.



This is one of the most versatile rackets on the list, and as you can see, there is a wide variety of features that differentiate it from the others. It is perfect for both beginners and experienced players, but the last ones may exploit all of the useful features on this one.

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  1. Franklin Sports Elite Performance Badminton Racket

Franklin Sports is known for their quality equipment, and today we have another exceptional quality item on our list. It comes equipped with all the things you need to give your 100% on every game, and you will also look cool while doing it.


It has a strong string technology which allows the string to have a higher tension than usual. This will help you deliver more powerful shots than usual, and with the same accuracy. You will feel how the higher tension helps in your shots every time you hit the sweet spot.


It has a durable and sturdy carbon frame that evenly distributes all the power in the racket without losing stability. For a cheap racket, you would be impressed by how durable it is. It is because of this that many professional players use this racket.


It is strictly built with the lightest material so that you can easily handle it. You would easily be able to respond to any shot but is it not flexible enough to reduce the power or speed from some shots. Plus, the grip is comfortable and can be used by people of all ages.


One aspect that could be a concern for some players, maybe the fact that the shaft could break since it is not made from the most durable materials as the frame. You don’t want your racket to break in the middle of the game, right?


Things We Liked

  • You will be able to have a higher tension at the string, thus allowing you to deliver shots with more power.
  • The carbon made the frame is durable but will also distribute the power of the racket evenly.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some users claimed that the shaft broke under specific circumstances.



This is a great racket for competitive players. Franklin Sports always delivers, and this item is not an exception. There could be a few changes done to it, but overall it can be useful in many scenarios. You will really exploit all its benefits if you are an experienced player that uses typically light rackets.

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  1. Wilson Blaze 350 Badminton Racket

Wilson is known worldwide for their tennis equipment, but they also create a few impressive badminton equipments as well, and the Blaze 350 is one of those products. After a while, you will feel how your wrist starts to ache because of the power that you may be forcing into your shots. But don’t worry, this racket is designed to keep that from happening to you.


This racket is designed for competitive play. The Quad Hoop Shape resembles a square-headed racket, but this specific shape ensures that you have more stability when returning shots since the strings are not too loose or too tight on the frame. You will also feel how smoothly the shuttlecock will fly off the racket.


Its whole frame is made of micronized carbon fiber, which gives it the perfect weight for competitive play. It weighs almost 88 grams, which is a good weight if you are looking for an offensive racket. You will be able to force more speed into your shots if you time your swing ideally as well.


The frame is also equipped with Control Balance technology which allows you to have better control of the racket. An enhanced control means better accuracy and even a better handling of the racket. If you usually feel your wrist aching mid-game, this is the racket for you.


Many users complained that the whole racket is a lot stiffer than what they expected. It is great for competitive play only if you are used to stiffer rackets. You may have learned how to play with a more flexible one, but this one is classic if you aspire to get a little bit more serious with your gameplay.


Things We Liked

  • It has the right weight for competitive play.
  • If you usually feel your wrist hurting, this may be the ideal product for you.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is a lot stiffer than what you would expect.



This may be the right racket if you are just beginning in competitive play. The weight is perfect, and the control and accuracy this racket can provide can be hard to find. It is not flexible, but depending on your playstyle this can be an advantage.

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  1. Wilson Ti Smash Badminton Racquet

If you are learning how to smash the shuttlecock into the other side of the court, you may have probably found the right racket for you. This is great as a practice tool since it will help you get the hang of how smashes work. But it won’t work well for competitive games since it may get uncomfortable.


The whole racket is made out of a single piece of a light steel alloy. This gives the racket a great durability, which you will need if you will be practicing smashing shots to the other side of the court. You should take into account that since it is a single piece, it is not very flexible.


As we may have seen with previous products, this isometric square-headed racket provides you with a bigger sweet spot for increased control. Many intuitions that use this item for recreational purposes because of the durability and the low flexibility.


If you try to use this model for competitive play, you will probably be disappointed. It is perfect to learn techniques and shots since it won’t break as quickly as other cheap rackets. It weighs almost 100 grams, which makes it ideal for beginners as well.


Things We Liked

  • It has a great durability.
  • The racket is perfect for recreational use or as a practice tool.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • Feels uncomfortable in more serious games.



The steel alloy makes this racket durable, but since it is made from a single piece, it is not flexible. Also, the handle is not comfortable for long games. If you are looking for a racket to train with, or a racket for recreational use, you may have found the right one.

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  1. Wilson Strike Badminton Racquet

So far, we have had a few rackets for beginners, but this is perfect for teens and or kids that already have some experience playing badminton. It may seem pretty simple at first, but users have said that this racket is really worth it if you are a teenager with a few years of experience under your sleeve.


The racket is head light and stiff. This is perfect if you have still to develop the strength needed to control a more flexible and heavy racket. It has a perfect balance just in the middle, which allows you to control more your shots. If you are getting ready for more serious games, this can come in handy.


This racket has a comfortable Wilson PU grip that will give you a firmer grip on the handle. It is already shipped with Wilson Nylon strings. They are strung at a lower tension than usual, which comes is great for beginners. It also includes a head cover to keep the racket from scratching when you are not using it.


The major downside of this racket is that any teenager may outgrow it within a few months. You may begin in competitive play with a racket like this one, but after a while, you may need a racket with different specifications.


Things We Liked

  • A great racket to start with competitive play.
  • It is comfortable and easy to handle.
  • This model is designed for teenagers or kids.


Things We Didn’t Like

It is a great model to start competing, but you will soon feel how your need will change when it comes to the racket.



This model can prove useful for young players who are getting their feet wet with competitive play. This racket resembles the design of a beginner’s racket, but it pumps it up to make it great for kids and teenagers that are still getting used to playing in serious games.

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  1. Apacs Lethal 10 Badminton Racket

This item was designed for a faster and smoother swing. It is overall intended to provide what you need to add more power to your swing, and consequentially making it quicker and more accurate. But I am still just scraping the surface since there are much more exciting features in this racket.


The model came to be part of the Apacs Lethal Series. These rackets have NanoTube technology on the frame, which allows them to resist impacts. This also improves the overall feel of the racket, improving your handling.


It has a High-Speed frame which is designed for continuous powerful shots. You will feel how your drive shots and smashes are more exact, but also more powerful at the same time. The frame is aerodynamic, it basically cuts the resistance and reduces drag when swinging.


Lethal 10 is overall a light racket with a medium flex construction. This will allow you to add a slingshot effect to your shots if you time them correctly. This surely one of the best rackets on the whole review.


And the best part? There are no critical downsides or problems with this model. Many users praise the quality and durability of this racket, making it one of the preferred items on many lists.


Things We Liked

  • It has an aerodynamic frame that can resist many impacts.
  • The whole idea of the racket is to provide a faster swing for its user.
  • It has a medium flex shaft that allows you to add extra power to your shots.


Things We Didn’t Like

There are no big problems with this racket.



If you are looking for a racket that will help you add more power and speed to your shots stop searching. The purpose of the whole design is to achieve a faster swing and reduce the drag. Many happy users recommend this item over many other options.

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  1. Apacs Blend 8000 Badminton Racket

The next item on the list is the Apacs Blend 8000, but you may ask yourself; Why “Blend”? Well, this model is designed with a combination of a stable frame and an aerodynamic design. This lets you have the perfect olio of control and speed, all in one racket.


The shaft and the handle are light, but the head is a bit heavier. You can use this extra weight to your advantage and use it to add more power to drop shots or smashes. The weight distribution also works as a perfect conduit to transfer the energy from the arm to the head, to the shuttlecock.


This may be the perfect item for an aggressive player that looks to gain control over their opponent. You will see how you will outplay your rival in terms of power and accuracy, but this comes with a price.


There have been cases in which the shaft does not handle impact as you could wish. It is rare, but sometimes the shaft will snap from the head.


Things We Liked

  • Aerodynamic design allows you to have more control of your shots.
  • The weight distribution is just right.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • The shaft will break unexpectedly.



This aerodynamic and cool looking racket can be a great racket for beginners. Since it has a more substantial head you will feel how you can swing faster – it’s just a matter of timing. Once you have gotten a few games on this racket, you will have a hard time changing into a new model.

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  1. Apacs Stern 90 Offensive Badminton Racket

In this list, we have already reviewed a few rackets that have a wide variety of unique features that help you play at your 100%. But this model may excel when compared to those models, not because it may have more features, but because you will actually feel the difference when using this racket.


Let’s start with the basic stuff! It has an isometric frame which, as we have mentioned before, allows you to have a bigger sweet spot. This model also has a reinforced frame, which makes it sturdier and more durable. Because of this, it can handle a bigger tension, reaching almost 53 lbs.


But now we get to the fun part. The head has a 76 grommets system, which offers an increased number of grommets. This means that the string will last longer and that you will clearly feel the difference when you hit the shuttlecock. Overall, this gives the string 7% more durability, but at the same time, it makes your shots more accurate.


The shaft and the frame have Nanotech Carbon Technology, which allows the whole racket to get to its initial position faster after an impact. It is also light, which makes it perfect for long trades. As you play, you will feel how the Armor Power keeps the racket from wobbling when you strike. This grants you the control you need to shine on the courts remarkably.


Trust me, I am not trying to oversell it. The price is perfect, and you will perform better with the additional control you will have. There are no cons to this racket. It is simply one of the best rackets out there. The product has been reviewed many times, and it always excels from the other models.


Things We Liked

  • A 76 grommets system increases the tension and durability of the cords and frame.
  • Constructed using Nanotech Carbon Technology, which makes the whole unit more flexible.
  • It allows you to have a better control and accuracy of your shots.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • Tried to find cons, but we did not find anything that could be a deal breaker.



This racket can help you perform better regardless if you are a beginner or an experienced player. The many features of it are not only for show. When you are playing, you will feel how different you handle and control it compared to your older model. Plus, it looks pretty cool.

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  1. Apacs Training W-120 Badminton Racket

At the fifteenth and final position, we have the Apacs Training W-120. Let’s start with the most salient feature of this racket, its weight. This is one of the heaviest rackets on the review if not THE heaviest. It weighs around 120 pounds, but before you get to the conclusion that the weight is ridiculous, let me explain why it is as it is.


When you are learning to play, you will most probably have a light racket. The problem with a light racket is that they are not durable, and they are not great for training. A more cumbersome racket, on the other hand, is perfect to practice since you will force yourself to use more strength to move the racket. This way, the strength will come naturally when playing.


This head-heavy racket will be your best companion when training. It is comfortable to use, but most importantly it is durable. The frame was developed with a reinforced structure, which gives the racket its iconic weight. If you are a more offensive player, you will be able to add more power to your shots since this is a medium flex racket.


And the only bad thing about this racket comes from its main feature. I will only prove useful when training.  You could play some competitive games if you get used to the weight, but you will need the stamina for competitive games that heavy rackets don’t allow you to have.


Things We Liked

  • This is mainly a training racket designed to help you get used to adding more strength to your movements.
  • The reinforced frame makes this a durable racket.
  • You can string this model to higher tensions with the heavy head.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • It will not prove as useful as a competitive racket unless you get used to the weight.



If you feel like you are not giving 100% in every game when it comes to strength, you will find this model useful. It will help you with your overall game since it forces you to apply more power to your shots since it is not easy to lift the racket.

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What to expect from a Cheap Badminton Racquet?

You may already know this, but if a racket is cheap, it means that something is going on with it. The lower the cost, the lower the quality. Although there are some exceptions, this rule applies to most models on the list. But this does not mean that the racket itself will not be useful in specific scenarios.


We want you to feel comfortable when picking a racket, but we also want you to know what you can expect from a cheap badminton racquet. There are certain things that we recommend that you look out for when choosing a model. This is so you are prepared for anything that may happen to your racket.



This one of the main problems in cheap rackets; they don’t last for long. It is either a cracked frame or a shaft that snapped from the head in the middle of a game, you will find many problems like this in many cheap rackets on the market. But don’t be disappointed, even expensive rackets break sometime right?


It is common to notice cracks in the frame of the racket, especially if they are in a lower price range. On some rare cases, rackets can present this cracks after a few games. They usually appear after you hit a hard object by accident or if you don’t know how to return a powerful shot.


If the crack is not too big, you can still use the racket as long as you like, since small cracks won’t affect performance. If by any chance the crack becomes bigger, you should look for a new racket. A big crack can make the strings loose tension, which will affect your control and accuracy when shooting.



You should not take the flexibility of a racket for granted. A lot of professional players won’t use a racket at all if this one is not a flexible as they want it to be. And this is because they know how flexibility will affect your gameplay.


Many people think that the flexibility level of a racket is a matter of preference, but many other factors determine which flexibility level is the right one for you. You should choose a racket with the flexibility that adapts to your playstyle and technique, but with cheap rackets, you don’t have a lot of options.


You will find that most cheap rackets are not as flexible as advertised in a best-case scenario. In the worst-case scenario, the racket will be completely stiff, as if it was a simple piece of aluminum that was shaped to look like a high-quality racket. This is incredibly annoying since you never know what you are going to get.


The genuine way to keep this from happening is to read the experiences of users that already tested the product. If the racket is not as flexible as expected, you will quickly see a lot of people complain about this.


Special Features

The most expensive rackets on the market have a high-quality construction and a fair share of special features that help differentiate one model from the other. These unique features vary from a special set of string to a different grip. Cheap rackets also have these so-called special features, but there is a big difference between these two.


On expensive and high-quality rackets, you can actually feel when they have an extra feature. But when it comes to cheaper rackets, you may not really see or handle these extras. This does not mean that you have been swindled. Companies use the more discreet characteristics to promote their rackets and attracts new buyers.


So as a customer, you should really know what is included in the racket, and you should expect cheaper rackets to have a reduced number of special features.


A Definitive Buyers’ Guide to Cheap Racquets


How Much Does The Racket Weight?

This is an essential aspect since this will determinate how easily you can control the racket. If you are getting started with this sport, it is recommended that you have a light racket. This is so you don’t have can worry specifically about learning the technique rather than trying actually to control the racket.


Once you gain enough knowledge about the technique, you can focus on finding the right weight for you. In the meantime, you should try looking for a racket that weights between 80 and 90g. These models usually have a lower balance point, enabling a more natural swing.


Light rackets also give you a faster stroke. You will be able to swing faster and recover as fast from the swing. These models can also reduce the stress on your shoulders. This can reduce the chance of injuries or sprains.


As may know, heavier rackets can have a significant impact on your gameplay as well. If the racket has a heavier head, you may input a greater force to your shots. But this will also mean that you will need to have extra strength to control the rackets movement completely. The extra weight can also proceed in handy for drop shots.


Where Is The Balance Point?

The racket can be balanced in three different points, in the middle, at the head, and at the shaft or handle. Each one of these alternatives has their own set of pros and cons, but they will depend on which kind of player you are.


Head-rackets, for example, are mostly used by players with a more aggressive style. The extra weight on the head can be useful when going for long distance shots. With these kinds of rackets, you should avoid rapid exchanges and short-range shots, since you will have a harder time raising the racket.


As we mentioned earlier, lighter rackets are great for beginners, but many things experienced players can get from these headlight rackets. With preparatory practices, you will be able to do deceptive shots since then you will be able to turn your wrist faster than normal.


And finally, we have the even balance rackets. Well, there is not much to say about these. In the wise hands, it can be a great racket, but it does not have any traits that will provide you an edge over your opponent.


How Do I Know How Tense Should The Strings Be?

The tension on the strings may depend on your playstyle. If you are an aggressive player, you may prefer a higher tension since this may help you have a have better control. But the ideal tension for every racket regardless of the user may be between 22 and 23 lbs.


You can test the string tension on your racket by pressing your hand on the strings. If your hand sinks more than 1mm, your strings may be too loose, and you may lose power and control of your shots.


If you have played for a long time, you may already know this, but tension standard may vary in different regions. This is because the temperature affects the strings. For example, players that live in colder areas need their strings to be a little bit more lose than usual since they tend to contract at low temperatures.


Does The Grip Have The Correct Size?

As you may know, it is crucial that you feel comfortable when using the racket. Because of this, there are a few things that you should know about racket grips. First, the size of the handle, which will vary depending on your hand size as you may guess. Second, you may want to choose the correct grip size as well.


If you sweat a lot when playing, you may prefer a towel grip. These are designed to absorb sweat, so you don’t lose your grip. If you choose these ones, you should take into account that they will accumulate bacteria and that they will eventually smell bad.


If this sounds a deal breaker for you, you may prefer a synthetic grip instead. They are smooth but will get uncomfortable after playing for a while.


Let’s Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does it take long to restring a racket?

A: It depends on the method and who is stringing it. It will usually take between 25 and 35 minutes, but it can take longer if you don’t know what you are doing.


Q: Are strings universal? Can I use any type in any racket?

A: There is a wide variety of strings that you may use, but you should find the ones that adopt you your playstyle. Usually, there are certain features in the most expensive strings that may give you a bit of an edge over your opponent.


Q: Is there any sign that tells me if I hit the sweet spot?

A: Well, you will surely know when you do. It is basically that area on the string that will give you the most control and power in your shots. The shuttlecock will come off the racket with a high velocity and power.


Q: If the racquet is longer than normal, will it help me have more reach?

A: Well, it will unquestionably give you more reach, but this comes with a price. You will lose maneuverability, and since it seems too long you may have a hard time finding the sweet spot.


Q: Can I make a custom racket?

A: Yes, you can, but it is pretty expensive to do so. But you should also know that there are a lot of benefits that can come from building a custom racket. You can modify every detail of the racket, like the frame size and weight for example.


Final Thoughts

We hope that you found a racket on the list that serves your needs within budget. There is a vast number of people out there playing badminton, and like many players, as there are, millions more are born each day.

Therefore, it is essential that in a community like this, newcomers can find all they need to know about how to choose the perfect racket, even when they are on a budget.

If you were looking for cheap badminton rackets and landed on this article, consider yourself lucky (LoL).  Hopefully, this article will help make the right decision. For any further questions, let us know in the comments section below.


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