Champions: FC Porto loses in the visit to the European champion

FC Porto was defeated on Thursday night in their visit to SC Magdeburg, by 37-33, in a match on the 5th round of group B of the handball Champions League.

In a balanced first half, which ended with 18-17 on the scoreboard, the current European champion opened the scoring and, after the 2-2 achieved by FC Porto, the home team took the lead to 7-2, the biggest difference between the first 30 minutes.

The Dragons still recovered the score until 8-6 ​​and, until half-time, there was never a difference greater than two goals. Carlos Resende’s men still tied with 13, 14 and 15 goals and left the result completely open to the second half.

At the restart, FC Porto started well and turned the game in their favor with two goals to open (18-19) and even reached a two-goal lead (19-21). Magdeburg responded and took the lead again when it was 23-22 and the balance remained until around ten minutes from the end, when the Germans took a 30-26 advantage.

But everything was not yet decided for Bennet Wiegert’s men. FC Porto, despite not being able to undo the opponent’s lead since 23-22, did not rest their opponent and fought for points until very close to the 60th minute. However, after 33-32 at the start of the final five minutes, FC Porto once again saw Magdeburg escape, who settled the score at 37-33.

Ómar Ingi Magnusson (Magdeburg) and Nikolaj Laeso (FC Porto), both with nine goals, were the game’s top scorers.

This afternoon, also in group B, Veszprém hosted and beat Wisla Plock, 28-21.

On Wednesday, leaders Barcelona won against Celje (31-37) to maintain their record of victories in five rounds, while GOG beat Montpellier, 32-27.

In the next round, the 6th, FC Porto will host GOG. The game is scheduled for 7:45 pm next Thursday, October 26th. On the same day there is a Wisla Plock-Celje and a Barcelona-Veszprém. On Wednesday, the 25th, Montpellier hosts Magdeburg.

CLASSIFICATION – GROUP B: 1st: Barcelona, ​​10 points 2nd: Veszprém, 8 3rd: GOG, 8 4th: Magdeburg, 6 5th: Montpellier, 4 6th: FC PORTO, 4 7th: Wisla Plock , 0 8th: Celje, 0

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