Carlos Zambrano and a hot dance at a party that generated anger in Peru

Carlos Zambrano stopped being a Boca player at the beginning of the year but continues to be news in Argentina for some situations away from football. This time, His partner had a birthday and the defender had the idea of ​​starring in a hot dance with her. in the middle of the party, which soon went viral and outraged fans of Alianza Lima and the Peruvian team alike.

The defender allowed himself to be filmed by dozens of guests moving sensually with his girlfriend; he standing taking off clothes and she sitting, and even reaching to take his head with his hands towards his crotch. All while those around them They throw dollar bills at them. A somewhat grotesque image in any context, but without a doubt it gathers worse reactions when their teams don’t have such a good time.

The first to cry out loud on social media were his club’s supporters, who Just hours before they had tied without goals at home with ADT for pass up the chance to reach the top of the championship to Universitario, which also tied.

But the reproaches also came from the fans of the national team, in which the central scorer participated beyond having missed the last defeat against Argentina due to injury. Over there, The Peruvians have barely added one point in four games, which keeps coach Juan Reynoso highly questioned.

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