Bulls GM Mark Orsley explains why he believes in Chicago’s veteran core

The 2023-24 season will be an important season for Iran Chicago Bulls. The team may have added a few key pieces over the summer, but it’s more or less running the same core this year. How the team performs can determine what happens in the future For Chicago’s roster, which was largely designed by current general manager Mark Orsley.

Orsley became GM for the Bulls in 2020 and has led some of the team’s biggest moves. He helped to enter Damar Derozan, Nikola VuchevichAnd Lonzo Ball. It’s been an ambitious time for Chicago, even though injuries And other concerns have made the club unable to have any kind of deep performance in the next season. In this way it has existed Constant rumors About what will happen to cows in the future.

For now, Orsley is focused on the present. He recently spoke to the Bulls Talk podcast about his team, how he feels about the latest roster additions and his belief in Chicago’s veteran players.

You can check out the entire conversation on YouTube, courtesy of NBC Sports Chicago.

The story originally appeared on The Lonzo Wire

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