Brooklyn Nets suggested to take a look at DeMar DeRozan if available

The Brooklyn Nets have made their picks in the 2023 NBA Draft and have seen most of those players in action while signing some vital free-agents for the team’s playoff aspirations next season. With training camp months away, it may be time to explore a possibility for the Nets to get better if a certain player is available.

In a recent article by the NBA Analysis Network, James Piercey said that if Chicago Bulls guard DeMar DeRozan becomes available, Brooklyn should take a look at trying to acquire him. Piercey does mention that DeRozan is one of those players that may pose trouble in terms of trying to fit him within a system because of his style of play, but that he would be valuable for the Nets either way.

DeRozan, 33, is under contract for one more season at $28.6 million so unless Chicago signs him to an extension, he will be a free-agent next summer. With that being said, DeRozan being available may not happen at all, but if did happen, it would most likely happen near the trade deadline if the Bulls have little chance to get to the postseason.

At the same time, if Brooklyn is playing better than anticipated and has a shot at the playoffs, it’s possible that both teams could make a trade that’s beneficial for both organizations if Chicago tries to change course. Here’s Piercey’s reasoning for saying that the Nets should be interested in DeRozan if he becomes available:

“With that said, nobody needs to tell the Nets about portability. They know all about it. The Brooklyn Nets have one of the most portable rosters in the NBA. This team is littered with quality supporting pieces. On the other hand, the Nets point to the limitations of portability. Mikal Bridges can create his own shot. We can’t say the same for anyone else on this roster, short of the young Cam Thomas. The Nets need an offensive focal point above all else.”

Story originally appeared on Nets Wire

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