Boys tennis players to watch in the Blue Water Area this season

High schools across the Blue Water Area remain empty inside. But the rectangular courts outside are full, because the 2023 MHSAA boys tennis season is underway.

Here are some local players to watch for, listed alphabetically.

After playing doubles for the past three years, Jack Davis will switch to singles this season.

“He’s not a real tall kid, but he’s a super fierce competitor,” Armada coach Dave Fredette said. “It’s going to be a big transition for him (moving) from doubles to singles. But we need him to play singles this year and he wants to play singles.”

Last spring, the Tigers graduated their No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 singles players from 2022.

“His goal is to learn how to compete in singles, like he did in doubles,” Fredette said. “And I’m sure he’ll do that.”

Braxton Essian, St. Clair, junior

Stepping into the spotlight as part of the Saints’ No. 1 doubles tandem is Braxton Essian.

“He is a strong competitor at the net and goes for every shot he can,” St. Clair coach Natalie Eifert said in a text message.

Essian will be paired up with Logan Roberts.

“I would love to see him continue to communicate with his partner Logan,” Eifert said. “And lift the team up with his positive attitude as captain this season.”

Jaret Hill, Armada, junior

Having spent his sophomore season at No. 4 singles, Jaret Hill has ascended to the No. 1 spot.

“He’s a good athlete,” Armada coach Dave Fredette said. “Jaret is a tall kid with with a lot of agility and he’s a competitor.”

Hill posted a 24-4 record at No. 4 singles last year. Now an upperclassman, he’s one of the few veterans on a team looking to gain experience.

“He’s got to improve his second serve if he’s going to be able to compete at first singles,” Fredette said. “That’s the main thing he’ll need to do.”

Sandusky's Christian Shuart is seen during a match last season. He'll play at No. 2 singles for the Wolves this year.

Sandusky’s Christian Shuart is seen during a match last season. He’ll play at No. 2 singles for the Wolves this year.

Nathan Postma, St. Clair, junior

This year, Nathan Postma will make the jump from No. 3 doubles to No. 1 singles.

“He is a knowledgeable tennis player with lots of skill on the court,” St. Clair coach said Natalie Eifert said in a text message. “He is great at reading the ball and getting where he needs to be.”

Thanks to his leadership, Postma has also been named a team captain.

“For this season I would love to see his hard work and commitment shine,” Eifert said. “He has put a lot of work into getting the No. 1 singles position.”

Carson Shampo, Sandusky, senior

Carson Shampo headlines a talented senior class at Sandusky.

“He’s just a natural athlete,” Sandusky coach Matt Dickendesher said. “He’s been hitting with us since he was a seventh grader, so he’s been around the program — three years at doubles, two years at one doubles and a regional championship at one doubles a couple years ago.”

This season, Shampo will play No. 1 singles for the Wolves.

“Moving into singles this year, it’ll be good for him to show off his speed a little bit more,” Dickendesher said. “We’re excited to see what he can do.”

Christian Shuart, Sandusky, senior

Right behind Shampo is Christian Shuart at No. 2 singles.

“Christian didn’t start playing tennis until he was a freshman,” Sandusky coach Matt Dickendesher said. “And he actually didn’t make varsity as a freshman. So, he’s really come a long way and his skill level has gotten remarkably better over the last couple years. He’s come back this summer and is ready to rock.”

Earlier this month, Shuart won a doubles championship at the Francis J. Robinson Memorial Tournament in Port Huron.

“I want him to keep pushing Carson,” Dickendesher said. “I really like the fact that they’re very, very close to each other. That’s what going to help make both of them better. Christian just needs to keep pushing, keep working on things like his serve and his footwork. If he keeps working, he’s going to keep improving.”

Weston Tenyer, Marysville, senior

The Vikings are still in the process of determining their lineup. Fortunately, Weston Tenyer can thrive just about anywhere.

“He’s become a consistent player (over time),” Marysville coach Ray Martin said. “He takes care of business well when he’s at practice.”

Tenyer, who played both singles and doubles in 2022, was named to the Mac Blue All-Conference Team as a junior.

“I’d like to see him build on what he did last year,” Martin said. “No matter what position he’s in.”

Kyle Tunich, Marysville, junior

While Tenyer’s spot is to be determined, Kyle Tunich will likely represent Marysville at No. 2 singles.

“He’s another quality kid,” Martin said. “Tends to business on the court and off the court.”

Tunich is used to No. 2 singles, having played there as a sophomore.

“(I want him) to continue progress in his game and to stay competitive no matter what level he plays,” Martin said. “He did a nice job last year and I hope he builds on that.”

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