Borja and a very nice gesture with a River fan after the double


The Colombian played the game he needed against Arsenal. In addition to scoring two goals, he created danger in the eighty minutes he played and was always an option for his teammates.

© Captura TNT Sports – GettyBorja played a great game against Arsenal.

Miguel Ángel Borja is a great forward, since his arrival at River he has scored goals, several of them important, such as the only goal in the last superclásico, but beyond his scoring quota, the Colombian is important for his strength on the field. Probably no Argentine soccer defender is happy when he knows he is going to face Miguel Borja, a strong attacker who uses that virtue to press and generate danger, even without having the ball.

Ante Arsenal, Borja He came out and played the game he needed. The Colombian – like all of River – had entered into an irregularity and had been denied the goal. But he quickly deactivated the ghosts and Two minutes into the game he scored in the net with a strange definition from outside the area. After the goal he continued to create danger, kicking at the goal, trying to increase the score and He had his reward in the second half when the Greatest had a penalty in his favor, the Colombian changed it for a goal and sentenced the 3 to 1 that ended up being final.

Demichelis – to whom Borja hugged after the first goal – he took him out with ten minutes remaining and put Facundo Colidio as forward in the area – minutes later Suárez took that place – so that Borja received the applause of the entire Monumental. The attacker thanked the fans for their greetings, put on his jacket and sat on the bench. Once the game was over, he approached the middle of the field, congratulated his teammates, greeted the fans and left, but before entering the locker room he had a nice gesture with a fan.

Borja’s gift

One of the fans who were in the San Martín Inferior, at the height of the single tunnel, raised a sign that was addressed to Miguel Ángel Borja. The Colombian saw it and from the pocket of his jacket he took out the shirt with which he warmed up and wanted to throw it at the fan in question, but finally he chose to have a collaborator give it to him. The kid received the Colombian’s shirt with a smile on his face, who by then was already inside the tunnel.

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