Boca forgives Palmeiras –

Boca He tried every possible way but was not able to find the advantage and Palm trees go back to São Paulo with a satisfactory 0-0 that will allow them to define the tie at home. A team with a clear deficiency in finishing faced another that had not conceded in the last five matches of Libertadores Cup and the result could not be other than what was shown on the scoreboard of the candy box. Endrick He entered the game to play the last seconds and barely had time to participate in your team’s latest offensive.

The first half served above all to confirm that Barco He is a player ready for the world elite. At 19 years old he took the team on his back and generated incessantly from the left-handed sector. Palm trees He focused a lot of effort on stopping it and the young man Boca He caused several fouls, served numerous precise balls into dangerous areas and even touched the goal with a shot that went too high.

The men of Almiron The first 45 minutes were of a high level. They showed clear ideas and the only thing missing was greater forcefulness in the finishing. So much Merentiel as Cavani enjoyed chances that they could not finish in the area. The xeneize arrived with problems scoring and these increased with the attempts in front of the goal Weverton.

Palm trees He tried to slow down the pace but suffered more arrivals than he expected. Ferreira would have liked and in attack they barely offered solutions beyond some solo attempt to Ron. Although the best occasion was for Artur at the start with a brilliant maneuver in the area, although he was in an offside position at the start.

Weverton held the Verdao

Little changed in the game after halftime. Boca was superior and Palm trees He tried to attack with isolated advances. Weverton He did have to work hard to cover a point-blank shot from factory and in that same action a goal was disallowed for Merentiel due to an infringement by the Colombian side. The sensations were good and Romero He was a mere spectator who was only disturbed by a deflected shot from Vega.

When the game was more stuck, with indecision and struggle in the core, Barco made the difference again when he started alone and after leaving several rivals behind he sent a powerful and crossed shot that required Weverton. The goalkeeper left the ball loose and Cavani He was on the verge of finishing. Surprisingly, the youth player was replaced after this action.

In the final stretch both teams had more space but no one knew how to take advantage of it. None of the substitutions managed to be decisive and only Janson He contributed and made his people grow. Benedetto He missed a clear header and the players who came on as a fresher during the visit limited themselves to keeping their goal unbeaten.


Nicolas Valentini (70′, Marcos Rojo), Lucas Johnson (70′, Valentín Barco), Dario Benedetto (76′, Miguel Merentiel), Jorman Campuzano (76′, Guillermo Fernández), Richard Rios (77′, Gabriel Menino), Fabinho (86′, Zé Rafael), Exequiel Zeballos (86′, Ezequiel Fernández), Endrick (93′, Ron), Breno Lopes (93′, Mike)


Referee: Wilmar Alexander Roldán Pérez
VAR referee: Juan Lara, Edson Cisternas
Ze Rafael (22′, Yellow) Advincula (30′, Yellow) Benedetto (56′, Yellow) Ferreira (59′, Yellow)

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