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Hello, Let’s talk about best shuttlecock. A shuttlecock is a high-swaying projectile used in the sport of badminton. The name, Shuttlecockoriginated from the Victorian times. History says that during the Victorian era, the sports Badminton was first discovered and also became a popular sport as it won the heart of many. Uniquely, shuttlecocks are also known as a bird or birdie.
Even today, you will find that Badminton still reins the heat of many sports fanatics. A good example would be the vast number of Badminton players around the world.They dedicate their hard work and passion to this wonderful sport. Some of the badminton players are: Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei, Saina Nehwal, Prakash Padukone and the list will continue.

This conical shaped object named, shuttlecock, uses various materials for its making, such as; duck feathers and goose feathers. As well as, nylon or synthetic feather and plastic feathers. The feathers get enclosed in a cork base made of either wood or rubber. So, one may ask that why are shuttles conical in shape. Well, it is because the conical shape contributes to its aerodynamic stability.

Dear readers this article is about the best shuttlecocks review. Today, I will take you on a small swift ride on the best shuttlecocks that are available in the market. I dedicate this article especially to those who love to play Badminton. Now, let us find out what makes shuttlecocks best for playing.

Below, I will review ten best shuttlecocks from different companies that ensure that you have an enhanced experience of Badminton and make you its fanatic. You can easily consider them for buying. So let us dive in!

ModelEditorial RatingCheck Price
1-Mavis 2000 Nylon5/5Check price on Amazon
2- Yonex AS-204/5Check price on Amazon
3- Yonex AS 105/5Check price on Amazon
4- Mavis 2000 Yellow5/5Check price on Amazon
5- Mavis 350 Fast5/5Check price on Amazon
6- Victor Gold3/5Check price on Amazon
7- BLUBOON Shuttlecock5/5Check price on Amazon
8- Wilson Team 604/5Check price on Amazon
9- MacGregor Tourn5/5Check price on Amazon
10- Senston Shuttlecocks5/5Check price on Amazon

Yonex Mavis 2000 Nylon Tournament Shuttle

Yonex in itself is a renowned brand, especially, among badminton players. The Mavis 2000 Shuttlecock is very much well balanced and has accurate flight attribute which makes the game very intense. Moreover, it brings out the feeling that you are playing with the real feathers, such as; goose feather or duck feather shuttlecock. Moreover, the Mavis 2000 uses synthetic feather shuttle with the radical wing rib design. Also, it comes with half a dozen shuttles per tubes. This means half a dozen shuttles per tube contains six shuttlecocks in it. Moreover, the tip and the base of the shuttle use cork for its production, preferably rubber.

The cocks are of medium speed and you can tell this because the tape around the head of the cock is blue, and the tube cap is blue. For instance, Green tape and cap means “Slow,” speed whereas, the red tape and cap mean ‘Fast’. Moreover, these labels come from the company itself.



  • Yonex Mavis 2000 is a well Balanced cock
  • It has accurate flight attribute
  • Moreover, comes in medium as well as slow and fast shuttle speed
  • Also, gives user the feeling of playing with real feather cock
  • However, it uses synthetic feather shuttle and radical wing rib construction
  • Also, comes in ½ a dozen shuttles per tube, that is; it includes 6 shuttles per tube
  • Moreover, it has good performance and greater durability as stated by its users



  • The medium speed seems faster to a lot of good players
  • Moreover, you cannot choose your own color
  • Also, the shuttlecocks are not lightweight rather they are heavy
  • Furthermore, it misses good bounce
  • Comes in two colors only, white and yellow

Best shuttlecock

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Question: If you hit these shuttles hard will they still last? Are they good in durability?

Answer: Yes, this shuttlecock is quite good in terms of performance and durability.


Question: Is the tip of the shuttle made of rubber?

Answer: The tip of the shuttle uses cork with a thin cover, synthetic rubber. Unlike the cheap synthetic covers, this is of good quality.


Yonex AS 20 Shuttlecocks

Another product belonging from the Yonex family that has made it to the best shuttlecocks list is the Yonex AS 20 Shuttlecock. This is also known as YonexAerosensa 20 Shuttlecock. These Yonex shuttlecocks use goose feather for its making. High technology engineering makes them lightweight as well as broadly verified and approved to confirm stable performance. As a result of these high standards, the YONEX AS 20 shuttlecocks were officially chosen for the London 2012 Olympic Games. However, these 100% solid cork based shuttles come in various packages. Moreover, 1 tube of Yonex AS 20 contains a dozen shuttlecocks, that is; 12 shuttles are present in one tube.



  • Highly tested and certified shuttlecock
  • Also, tailored with high technology
  • In addition, got chosen as the official shuttle for London2012 Olympic Games
  • Furthermore, is very light weight in nature
  • Also, gives constant stable performance



  • The feather breaks off easily. This means it is very vulnerable
  • Not very durable

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Question: Do these shuttles have slow shuttle speed?

Answer: They are slow but not too slow. Fortunately, they are just right for the intermediate level.


Yonex AS 10 Shuttlecocks

Here is another Yonex product that made it to the top of our best shuttlecocks list. This product called, the Yonex AS 10 Shuttlecock. Moreover, just like the Yonex AS 20, the Yonex AS 10 is also made of goose weather. The Yonex AS 10 comes as precision-manufactured, that is; they are precisely manufactured. As a result, the shuttles give it players correct speed, distance and stability performance. The base of the cock consists of 100% cork and comes in various packages. However, each tube contains 10 shuttlecocks.



  • Made of goose feather
  • Moreover, they are precision-manufactured which ensure players correct speed and distance covered as well as performance.
  • Also, the shuttle comes with 100% cork



    • It is good for normal practice matches
    • Also, the durability is moderate

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Yonex Mavis 2000 Nylon Yellow Badminton Shuttlecock

There is no cookie point in guessing that who occupied the fourth position of the best shuttlecocks list. Undoubtedly, it is another Yonex product called, Yonex Mavis 2000 Nylon Yellow. Basically, this is the yellow version of theYonex Mavis 2000. Since it is a Yonex product obviously; it will have stability as well as durability. Moreover, you already know a lot about this company. However, for the record, this shuttle comes with a wooden cork base. The presence of the wooden cork base contributes more to the stability of the shuttle. However, make sure you are clear about the fact that the material used for the making of this shuttle is nylon or plastic.



  • The shuttles are consistent with performance and stability
  • Moreover, they are also durable
  • Also, has a wooden cork
  • Furthermore, plastic is used to make the shuttle
  • Comes in yellow color which makes them easily visible
  • In addition, comes as the best-designed shuttlecock



    • Made of plastic which means they can be easily damaged

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Yonex Mavis 350 Fast Shuttlecock

As the best shuttlecocks list continues, another product in the line is the Yonex Mavis 350 Fast shuttle. This nylon shuttlecock gives a performance that is close-to-feather shuttlecocks. This means, using this you will feel as comfortable as using a real feather shuttle. Even, the flight performance is 4 to 5 times advanced and accurate. As a result, they are more durable and also best for any kind of practices.

Also, these shuttlecocks are fast in nature. Moreover, 1 tube of the product has 6 shuttles, that is; half a dozen and the tube come in a red cap. However, there are variations in packages. Hence, color, such as; 10 tubes and 4 tubes are also available.



  • Performance of the shuttle is as perfect as feather shuttles
  • Moreover, the birdies are nice and decent
  • Also, has greater durability as well as stability
  • Besides, this is a fast speed shuttle
  • Furthermore, available in 1 tube, 10 tube, and 4 tube colors



    • Nylon made shuttles somewhat affects the performance of the shuttles

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Question: Do these shuttles have slow or medium or fast shuttle speed?

Answer: The Yonex Mavis 350 is a fast speed shuttle.


Best Shuttlecock-

Victor Gold Feather Tournament Shuttlecocks-1 Dozen Tube

So, I have already mentioned 5 best shuttles and all of them are from the company, Yonex. However, there is no point in thinking that Yonex is the only company that makes the best shuttlecocks. It has more and tough competitors. Now, how about we learn about a product that comes from a different company? Okay, as everyone agrees, the sixth product on the best shuttlecocks list is from the company, Victor. The product name is Victor Gold Feather Tournament Shuttlecocks and it uses AAA duck feather for its making. To begin with, the shuttle has a 77-grain speed (sea-level), which is moderate. Secondly, they come with cork architecture and have received number 1 rating for consistency. Also, they have a rated ‘A’ Flight by the company itself.



  • It has 77-grain speed (sea-level)
  • Also, it has cork formation
  • Moreover, most of its users rated it consistent
  • As well as, the company itself rated it with an ‘A’ Flight
  • Furthermore, it comes with decent birdies



    • Duck feather is an ingredient of the shuttlecock and people do not quite prefer duck feathers. They are not as good as a goose feather. Also, they are generally very expensive.
    • Also, Not very strong rather fragile
    • Sadly, it comes with average longevity
    • Moreover, the feathers tend to fly out
    • Also, the birdies need steaming for 2-3 days to make a great play

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BLUBOON Badminton Shuttlecock Dark Night Glow Birdies Lighting For Outdoor & IndoorSports Activities 5 PCS

This is a very interesting shuttlecock that not only will enhance your game but will also make it an interesting one, visually. Indeed, it is one of the best shuttlecocks. You may ask why. Well, because of the presence of LED lights in the shuttlecocks that glow in the dark. Also, the Bluboon shuttlecock uses goose feather for its making and comes in 5 different colors in one shuttle. Hence, this makes it perfect for playing in the dark.

Moreover, it comes with a switch on the inside. You can switch the lights on with it and have to turn the switch to turn it off. As a result, there is no chance of accidentally switching the shuttle off. Also, the batteries are very durable. As well as, it lasts for 20 hours at a stretch. Even the birdies are durable as well.

In addition to goose feather, the materials used for its making are feathers, SMD lamps, and electronic products. Lastly, these led shuttlecocks come in 5 LED colorful pieces and have a net weight of 35g.



  • Use of goose feather in its composition
  • Uniquely, comes with LED lights that glow in the dark
  • Moreover, availability of on and off switch makes it easier to use
  • Also, presence of durable batteries that run for 20 hours at a stretch
  • In addition, the shuttle is durable and has good performance
  • Also, comes in 5 different colors



    • The batteries are not rechargeable or renewable

Wilson Team 60 Shuttlecocks

This is another very well-known sports company. Their products are also authentic and very popular among customers, just like Yonex. Hence, it has made its way to the best shuttlecocks list. So, let us look at what Wilson has to offer.

The product of discussion is Wilson Team 60 shuttlecock.  As per the company claim, this shuttlecock is very consistent with its flight. Although, any level of player can play with this shuttle, however; it is ideal to use in competitive play. It has moderate durability.



  • Firstly, it comes with consistent flight
  • Good for random games or lite play
  • Moreover, the quality of the shuttles are good



    • Since durability is moderate the shuttlecock needs to steaming to improve durability
    • Not good for serious games where there are more smashing
    • Similar design to Yonex AS 10

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Question: Are these feather or plastic shuttles?

Answer: The Wilson Team 60is a feather shuttle.


Question: How many per tube?

Answer: There are 12 birds or one dozen shuttles per tube.

MacGregor Yellow Tournament Badminton Shuttlecock

Well, you have heard of Yonex and you have heard of Wilson however, this is a new company in the list. The 9th product in the best shuttlecock list is the MacGregor Yellow Tournament Badminton Shuttlecock. This shuttlecock comes with rounded cork tip. As a result, there is more and better contact of the shuttle with the badminton racket. This enhances your experience of playing badminton. Also, the nylon feathers ensure durability. Hence, you can make repetitive hits over the net without damaging the shuttle. The company recommends it to use in competitive play. The shuttles are of medium speed shuttles. As a result, the players can improve their hand and eye coordination. Lastly, the product weighs 1 pound, has 6 shuttles in a tube and has product dimensions of10 x 4 x 4 inches.



  • Rounded cork tip ensuring more contact with the racket
  • In addition, Nylon feathers ensures prolong durability
  • Moreover, the shuttles are of medium speed
  • Also, improves a player’s eye and hand coordination
  • Furthermore, the yellow color makes it easy to see
  • Also, the birdies are really strong



    • No availability of range of color

Senston 12 Pcs New ALL-ROUND Badminton Shuttlecocks White Feather Shuttle Sports Birdies 

Last in our best shuttlecocks list is not Yonex rather it is Senston. This Senston New generation A8 Badminton shuttlecocks are perfect for training as well as, a random game or family leisure. Moreover, their composition includes high-quality goose feathers. The feathers are white in color. In addition, it has a sturdy solid cork. As a result of dense feather and solid cork, the flight paths are very steady.

One of the best features of this product is that it comes in a sturdy yet reusable tube. Also, these tubes can accommodate 12 cocks or a dozen shuttlecocks. The tubes are very firm and make sure that the shuttlecocks are safe inside.

If it is safe to say, there is another best feature of this shuttlecock. That is its accurate flight designs. The company uses precisely engineered shuttlecocks to ensure accurate path under extensively deviating conditions of temperature and humidity.



  • Perfect for various purposes, such as; training, family leisure and random games
  • Firstly, availability of 100% high-quality goose feather
  • Also, availability of solid cork
  • Moreover, the tubes used are strong and reusable.
  • Also, the tubes can accommodate 12 shuttles
  • Precisely engineered shuttlecocks ensure accurate trajectory even under deviating conditions of temperature and humidity



    • The durability of the cork is very moderate

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So, that was the complete list of the best shuttlecocks according to me as well as market research. I have included 10 shuttlecocks of well-known companies. These companies not only promise durability and performance but also a good experience. Of course, your list might not agree with mine. Moreover, you might not find your favorite company shuttlecock on the list. However, if you are considering about buying shuttlecocks for playing then, undoubtedly, you can browse through the above-mentioned products from different companies.


Moreover, here are some tips that you can consider while buying a shuttlecock. Firstly, decide whether you want to buy a fast speed shuttlecock or moderate speed. A shuttlecock that has fast speed will cover longer distances at lite hits. However, a moderate speed shuttle will cover less distance of course.


It is also important to bear in mind that certain factors affect shuttle speed. These factors include TEMPERATURE, ALTITUDE, and HUMIDITY. They are very important to consider because they make your experience of badminton blissful or painful. Moreover, if a shuttle is not durable then you will not be happy using it and it will not last for a long time.


Remember, if the temperature is high then the durability of the shuttlecock will increase. Same is the case for humidity and altitude. For greater humidity as well as altitude, you can achieve more durability for your shuttlecock. Similarly, the vice versa is also true. If humidity or altitude decreases then the durability of the shuttlecock will also decrease.


To increase the longevity of the shuttle you need to keep some points in your mind. After you buy a tube of shuttlecocks, open both ends of the tube and store it in a cool but humid place. You can also consider submerging them in warm water for a few seconds. However, I prefer not to do so.


Synthetic feathered shuttlecocks are more durable than goose or duck feathered ones. However, the problem with them is that their flights are not consistent.


While choosing shuttlecocks, you need to consider the prices as well. A synthetic shuttlecock is cheaper compared to a goose-feathered shuttlecock which is dreary. However, it is better to play with high-quality shuttlecocks because they ensure you have a great time and experience. Also, if you are a beginner, it is better to choose a fast speed shuttlecock. The fast shuttle will move further at small hits and this will build your confidence. However, a lot of people are not comfortable using fast speed shuttles. Hence, find out where your comfort lies then go for that.


As I have mentioned earlier, decide at first what specifications you want. If any of the specifications do not meet your expectations, then there will be trouble while playing. This will add up to a bitter experience to your badminton game.


Finally, I have mentioned every possible dimension that you can consider before investing in a shuttlecock. I have also mentioned different awesome products from renowned companies that will give you a good time playing badminton.


However, I now leave it to you to make a list of what you want then search for the shuttlecock accordingly. A little bit of homework will take you long distance and help you find the best shuttlecock for you.


Now, I leave it up to you to find out, judge and choose your desired product. This is me signing off from the best shuttlecocks review. Happy Shopping!

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