I’m quite sure that all of you will admit if I say that badminton shoes play the most important role while you play the game. It’s like an essential support you get wearing it. However, badminton is a kind of sport where every movement and every moment counts in the game. To give the best performance, you somehow tend to depend on the sports gear where you rank the shoes first. Like Duh! You will have that incomplete feeling without them and I completely understand that. And you will also agree that a bad pair of shoes will never help you win the title. So you will need the right badminton shoes for this. Moreover, this kind of sports always demands you to be active and prompt. It will be possible only if you own the best badminton shoe. Thus, I have highlighted the 10 best badminton shoes so that you never get disappointment from the game for the sports gear.

Best Badminton Shoes Review

The 1st,

Adidas Adipower Stabil 10.1 Men’s Indoor Court sneakers

We all know that Adidas is one of the most damn cool brands for sports gear. However, to highlight the features of this badminton shoes from the brand, let me tell you that they have constructed it with an air mesh upper that provides maximum breathability. Moreover, it also comes with a TPU grid for scratch resistance, stability, and forefoot protection. So, you can tell that they are very breathable that men will fall in love wearing the shoes.

Moreover, it also incorporates an Adidas TORSION® system. This means that it will provide an exceptional transition from heel to toe. Furthermore, you can freely move the forefoot and rearfoot independently due to a lightweight arch support.


Let me highlight some more details:

  • Synthetic and Rubber sole.
  • Air Mesh Upper for Breathability.
  • TPU grid and ADITUFF™for scratch resistance.
  • ADIPRENE®+ for maintaining momentum and efficiency.
  • ADIPRENE® for superior cushioning at impact, it is placed under the heel.
  • EVA Sock line for comfort.
  • Black in color and 7.5 in US size.



  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Offers superb high-wear durability and stability.
  • Ideal breathable shoes.
  • Strong cushioning support to guard the forefoot.



  • Limitations in size.

Best Badminton Shoes

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Here comes the 2nd,

Adidas Stabil Boost Indoor Shoes- AW15

Although the brand name is enough to show how perfect the shoes are to own, I will still be adding more details to this write. However, all of its technologies certify the Stabil Boost Shoes as the perfect one to grab. Moreover, let me introduce Boost technology for which you will understand its true evolution in the performance that is gardened from the midsole that you will never regret owning one. Furthermore,

Moreover, let me introduce Boost technology for which you will understand its true evolution in the performance that is gardened from the midsole that you will never regret owning one. Furthermore, it’s tightly compacted energy capsules will help you to keep every step charged because of its lightweight and energy. Not only that, it also features an air mesh construction for providing amazing breathability.


Let me highlight some more details:

  • Available in various US size and blue in color.
  • Boost™ Technology helps you to keep every step charged.
  • Air Mesh Upper to provide amazing breathability.
  • ADITUFF™ for scratch resistance in the toe area.
  • Supportive Cage for the stability and liveliness in midfoot.
  • TORSION® SYSTEM for midfoot reliability and motion guidance.



  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Comes in a wide range of the sizes.



  • Available in blue only.

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Here comes the 3rd,

Asics Gel-Upcourt Indoor Court Shoes – SS17

If you are looking for badminton shoes that will give you all the comfort while playing then this is for you. SS17 from Asics comes with a full-length Gum Rubber Outsole for an outstanding grip on the court. Moreover, it also features synthetic leather and meshes upper to prove how perfect the shoes are for your badminton game. They will provide a comfortable breathability so that you can smoothly play your game. Furthermore, it also comes with a Rearfoot Gel Cushioning system to guard the ankle and enhance the comfort.

However, the shoes feature a Trusstic System that helps to lessen the weight of the unit. Other than that, it uses California slip lasting just to give you a great stability and comfort on the move. Besides, the upper is stitched around an EVA board and it is attached to the midsole.

Furthermore, it also comes with a Rearfoot Gel Cushioning system to guard the ankle and enhance the comfort. However, the shoes feature a Trusstic System that helps to lessen the weight of the unit. Other than that, it uses California slip lasting just to give you a great stability and comfort on the move. Besides, the upper is stitched around an EVA board and it is attached to the midsole.


Let me highlight the details:

  • Trusstic System that lessens the weight of the sole unit.
  • Features California Slip Lasting.
  • Forefoot Gel Cushioning System for shock attenuation.
  • Mesh upper for comfort and breathability.



  • Very comfortable and excellent grip.
  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • Durable and stable.



  • If you do not select the right size, it may not fit you; hence remember to get the right size.

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Here come the 4th,

Yonex SHB-01 Ltd Men’s Indoor Court Shoe Yellow Size 8.5

You must have a look at this badminton shoes from Yonex if you want a perfect one. This superb pair will definitely give you all the comfort as it is super light and energetic. Besides, its amazing grip is yet another trait that will entice you to grab one real quick. Trust me, wearing this will make you feel jumpy and this will be a great advantage in your badminton game. Not only that, it will also skyrocket your energy to a different level. Yonex has designed the shoes with a high agility that will prevent injury. Besides, it has

Yonex has designed the shoes with a high agility that will prevent injury. Besides, it has a Hexa-grip sole in gum rubber that will give a superb grip. To add more, the shoes include 3 parts of power cushion in forefoot, heel and full-length. Thus, you will have that active feeling to bounce more for winning the game. So try this badminton shoes out to realize its perfect functionality.


Let me highlight the detail for you:

  • Upper is made of P.U. Leather, Polyester Mesh.
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate midsole.
  • The outsole is of rubber.



  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Outstanding traction, thus you can move independently.
  • Offers strong grip.



  • The shoes are a bit narrow
  • They have high arches.

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Here comes the 5th,

Yonex 2017 POWER CUSHION 65 Badminton Shoe, Silver

If you are looking for an ideal pair of badminton shoes, then I think you should try out Yonex. The name says it all, it indeed features power cushion to give all the comfort to your feet. This badminton shoes from Yonex will let you feel bounce like a pro and enjoy your game.

However, the power cushion has the ability to absorb shock and then inverse the energy so that you can move smoothly. Besides, Yonex has designed the shoes with leather. Moreover, the upper, mid and outsole are made with such materials that ensure you get all the energy and comfort of the shoes.


Let me highlight the details for you:

  • Leather fabric.
  • Silver in color.
  • Leather covered with a layer of polyurethane for the upper.
  • ToughBrid Light Power Cushion Solid E.V.A. Power Graphite Sheet for mid.
  • Rubber for the outsole.



  • Can fit perfectly on your feet, thus you can move independently wearing it.
  • Lightweight with better stability.
  • Power cushion for a great comfort and to guard your feet.



  • Doubt on the consistency of the shoes.

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Badminton Shoes

Here comes the 6th,

Yonex SHB-02 LX Badminton Shoes-coral orange

These pretty looking shoes are lovely enough to melt your heart for grabbing one. Even if the colors fail to attract the boys, but will attract the girls for sure. Like duh, the color combination is designed for the girls. So girls! Grab this badminton shoes from Yonex not only for its colors but for its outstanding comfort.

However, it features three layers of power cushion with Tough-Brid Light Upper to give you a cushion feeling. Besides, they have designed the shoes with Polyester mesh so that you can feel all the comfort and get the energy to enjoy the game. So, you will barely feel anything on your feet like you have actually worn something because it’s that light.


Let me highlight the details for you:

  • Available in coral orange.
  • Features three-layer Power Cushion with Tough-Brid Light Upper.
  • Polyurethane leather with Polyester mesh.
  • Sturdy EVA with Power Graphite Sheet midsole.
  • Hexagrip sole for better hold.



  • Support the ankle greatly, hence it’s comfy.
  • Helps you to move and bounce faster.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Cushions superbly while playing.



  • Could be snug-fitting.
  • Designed for female.

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Here comes the 7th,

Yonex badminton shoes Power Cushion66 shb66 white(011)

This is yet another badminton shoes from Yonex that you can definitely give it a try. Like other products, these shoes also feature rich elements that grab the most attention. From its look to its performance, it has all the things that will click your mind to add it to your cart. Yes, I am quite sure about that.

However, if I start with its features, let me tell you that it is made of synthetic which means that it is super friendly to wear. Besides, its elastic force and deformation of the sole are other attractions that can quite impress you to own the pair! So why not try it out yourself and enjoy the game!


Let me highlight the details for you:

  • Constructed with fabric and synthetic.
  • Outstanding elastic and shape retention force.
  • Deformation of the sole.
  • Features midsole foot.



  • Outstanding cushion condition.
  • Comfy and easy to wear.
  • You can use it for a long time and will not make you feel any pain.



  • The real color of the shoes could be flashier than the image.
  • Could be a bit stiffer.

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Here comes the 8th,

Yonex SHB-SC2i Men’s Indoor Court Shoes

If you want to have a strong support that will help you win any badminton game then this is the perfect badminton shoes for you. Its stylish design is enough attractive that will motivate you to give a good performance. However, it comes in the combination of navy-green color which is the quite favorite color of men.

Besides, talking about its features, it comes with a Quatro Fit. It is a system that the company has researched and put in their shoes to help lessen the excess space at the front of it created by the smaller toes. So you can understand how Yonex has put so much effort for your comfort.

Moreover, it also features shaped shoe technology that will help to improve hold and power transfer when accelerating or stopping.Furthermore, it comes with Power Cushion to absorb shock and enhance comfort for easy movement. However, it also has Hexagrip on the outsole that is designed to help you remain active and balanced.


Let me highlight the details for you:

  • Constructed with synthetic material.
  • Polyurethane leather with Polyester mesh.
  • Sturdy EVA midsole with Power Cushion.
  • Used Multi-technology. Power Cushion, Round Sole, Ergoshape, Hexagrip Sole.



  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Balanced and durable.
  • Power cushion for superb breathability.



  • Designed for men.

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Here comes the 9th,

Head Men’s Speed Pro Lite Indoor Low Shoe

Straight up your head and show your confidence in wearing this badminton shoes from Head in the game.  The pair comes with all the perfect features, be it CGX comfort grid for shock absorption or Energy Bridge for torsional constancy. However, the energy transferring from heel to forefoot is commendable.

Besides, it features Vi-Pod cushion for the ultimate in comfort. Talking more about the features, the Head has constructed the shoes with synthetic leather and nylon mesh for your comfort.


Let me highlight the details for you:

  • Constructed with 80% Synthetic Leather and 20% Nylon Mesh.
  • Has Rubber sole and Synthetic Leather or Mesh in the upper.
  • Features CXG for shock absorption and rebound.



  • Very comfy and easy to wear.
  • Great cushioning support.
  • Comes with a perfect grip.
  • Gives an outstanding traction.
  • Can improve the ability to play the game with easy movement.
  • Durable and balanced.



  • A bit hard when bought new.
  • The toe box is a bit narrow.
  • You might face size issues.
  • It is a bit heavy.
  • Designed for men only.

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Here comes the 10th,

Wilson Men’s Storm Indoor Court Shoe 

I think you should check out this badminton shoes from Wilson if you really want to give an outstanding performance. It is super comfortable to wear and you will feel motivated to play the badminton effortlessly.However, you will get the shoes in blue color which I think is a very appealing color to pick.

So guys you better try it out! Moreover, talking about its features, Wilson has made the shoes using synthetic material. So you can get that how they care for your comfort and efficiency. Furthermore, the shoes come with soft rubber soles that will allow you for greater traction. Thus, I can assure that choosing the shoes will never let you down. And you can trust me on that!


Let me highlight the details for you:

  • It is synthetic.
  • The sole is synthetic.
  • Features Rubber Sole and Mid-Foot Support as well.



  • It is super comfy to wear.
  • Ideal for slender feet.
  • The soft rubber soles allow for superb traction.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Tremendous arch support.
  • Helps you to keep balance in a swift movement.



  • Might feel a bit hard on the foot.
  • Designed for men only, hence girls can’t take them.

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Buying Guide and the Benefits:

If you want to get the best badminton shoes, these are the things that you should always remember:

  • Traction and Grip
  • Better Cushioning.
  • The one that weighs light.


Why traction and grip:

The two key factors that you should always look for while buying the badminton shoes are traction and grip. As badminton is a fast paced sport, you will not want to slip around whenever you step into the different position. However, another significant thing is the surface that you will play the game on, for which it is very important to get the perfect pair according to the surface.  Generally, wood or a PU court is the preferred surfaces that you will be playing whereas cement one is a bit less mainstream.


Why better cushioning:

If the pair features good cushioning then you must add that to your cart. It’s because it will help you to move fast in the different direction. However, the basic job of a good cushion is to absorb shocks and it will really help you to feel motivated while playing the game. Besides, another function is that it prevents injury, so it takes a great care of your feet and guards them.

Why lightweight:

Another important factor to remember is the weight. It’s obvious; you will not want a heavy pair for yourself. So I would suggest you that before you get the pair for yourself, check out what the pair weighs. Or else you might have a bad match day.

Now let me jump into some technologies that the badminton shoes feature:


Ergoshape: it means that the pair is contoured around the 3 parts of the shoe. That is a heel, midsole, and front foot. The job that this feature does is to deliver comfort and stability around the forefoot and toes area. Thus, you can enjoy an efficient and effective badminton match for that.


Power cushion: Like I said, the function of this part is to absorb the shock. Besides, it also lets the player perform fast reverse movement. Moreover, it also plays a bigger role in body balance as it maintains that while you are playing the game.


Double Russel Mesh: The function of this is to make the shoe breathable for your feet. Besides, for these materials, you will find the shoe light and durable. Moreover, it also delivers amazing air exchange that you will not get that in any ordinary pair. However, it also helps to prevent blisters and to add more, you don’t even have to worry about your sweat as it won’t pass around your feet.


Hexagrip Sole: the task of this technology is to provide grip for agile and stable footwork. However, the pattern offers 3% power of the grip. Besides, it is 20% lighter than any sole material for which it features a powerful grip.


Round sole: You will have that feeling of comfort and ease under the foot for the round sole. Besides, it helps to boost up the energy of the body and amplifies body movements fluently around the court.


MsLite and Super MsLite: The MsLite helps to deliver ultra-support for quick footwork. These soles are lightweight and durable as well. But of course, the Super MsLite is a better one as it weighs 10% lighter. Besides, it also features polymer-based midsole.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What kind of soles is perfect for wood or PU court?

-You should go for gum rubber sole if you play on wood or PU court.


  • What’s the difference between squash and badminton shoes?

-There isn’t any big difference between the both. The main difference is badminton requires more jumping and feet dragging for which badminton shoes tend to weigh lighter than squash shoes.


  • Will it make any difference if I buy the shoes that don’t use gum rubber soles?

-Yes, it will make one; gum rubber soles provide the best traction. So if you want a better performance, shoes with these materials really matter.


  • How can I improve the friction of the sole?

-Mop up the floor and then wipe your sole with a damp towel; with this, you can improve the friction of the sole.


  • Are badminton shoes run true to US size?

-Yes, they will definitely run true to US size.


However, shoes are a great support in every game of your life. So it is important to pick the right badminton shoes that will not feel comfortable but has greater stability as well. And as I have selected the 10 best of them for you, I am quite sure will be able to get one for yourself soon.

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