Bengals end 2023 season in crazy fashion on ESPN sim

To say that a wide range of possible outcomes await the cincinnati bengals during the 2023 season would be an understatement.

The fun part is tuning in to a screening to see what happens, which is exactly what ESPN does. Seth Walker I just did while simulating the entire season.

ESPN’s machines typically run 20,000 simulations to generate predictive percentages. Walder focused on just one (3,818, to be exact) and on that one … the Bengals aren’t doing so well.

In fact, the Bengals are swept by Baltimore Ravens and lamar jacksonhe only clinched a wild card berth, and then lost again to the Ravens in the first round of the postseason:

In the end, the Bengals couldn’t catch up with them. The Ravens won the division as the No. 3 seed with 11 wins, while the Bengals finished a game back as the No. 6 seed. The rivals met for the third time in the playoffs, with a result similar to the top two. Jackson flourished and the Ravens sacked Joe Burrow five times in a 31-19 loss to send Cincinnati home.

For what it’s worth, those Ravens lose the Super Bowl to the Eagles.

And well, this does not mean that the simulation is impossible. Bengals fans know very well that the Ravens are very good, especially when the quarterback is healthy.

But this would seem like one of those strange schedules for the Bengals compared to expectations as the season gets ready to kick off.

The story originally appeared on Bengals Wire

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