Ready to know about badminton nutrition? Well you see, nutrition is something that goes along with every sport and badminton is no different. Therefore, you will have to think about badminton nutrition too if you really want to do well as a badminton player. Remember, it is easy to plan out your strategies but if you do not have enough strength on the day, you will lose. It is that simple.


Are we telling you that the only difference between your win and a loss is the nutrition that you have in your body on a given date? Well, no. That is obviously not how it works and you know that too. However, you need to understand that nutrition is something that is a lot easier to control than your opponent on a given date and that is the reason that why badminton nutrition is so important to talk about.

Why Think About Nutrition?(Badminton Nutrition)

You see, nutrition is a part of sports no matter whichever sport you choose to play. However, there are some sports which need nutrition a lot more than others and badminton is one of those sports. Think about it. When you are playing badminton, you are not getting any break like you get on tennis. On the other hand, there is no big mid break that you get when you are playing football or soccer, right? Also, think about it from another perspective. When someone plays football, he or she gets enough chance to take water or rest a bit because it is a group sport and not everyone faces the same amount of pressure all the time inside the field.


However, when we talk about badminton, it is completely different. The maximum number of people that can be in one badminton team is two. That tells you that you will always have to be on your edge when you are playing and that eventually means that you will have to be on your toes every single time.

Weight Management


The first thing that you should think about when you are trying to create a balance in your badminton and nutrition is weight management. You cannot really afford to be overweight if you want to be a proper badminton player. There is no way that you will be able to control your body like the same way that a fit person does. Weight management involves a lot of things such as training, diet, exercise but we will only focus on the nutrition part this point as that’s the goal of this article.


Before doing anything, think about the amount of body fat that you have in your body. Do a proper test to figure out what is the fat amount that you need to get rid off. After you found the exact number, it is time to get rid of the fat portion of your body. Always go for low fat and high carbohydrate meals every single day whether you are playing or not. When you are taking food that is high in carbohydrate and low in calorie, you are basically ensuring the fact that you won’t have to gain excess calories at any point. That confidence really helps.


From now on in this article, we are going to tell you about strategies that you can actually implement to make sure that you are hitting your nutrition goals.


The first goal of yours should be eating at least three fruits a day. This is vital to match up your nutritional goals. Always make sure that you are eating at least three fruits a day. Try to eat seasonal fruits if possible but if you are not in a place to do that then you can always go for items like banana and apples.


The next thing that you should do is to add bean in your regular diet. Bean can do wonders for your nutrition and it is important that you address that. You can add bean to your regular diet in many ways. For example, you can go for black bean soup if you want to and you can also go for red bean based rice and dip. It is completely up to you.


The third thing that you can do is to increase the vegetable intake of your body on every day basis. Your mom used to tell you that vegetables are very good for your body and that’s actually true. Add as much vegetable as you want in your daily meal including tomato. Also, if you are hungry at a point of the day, make sure that you are eating vegetable to control your hunger.


The next thing that you should do is eating whole grains. For example, you should go for brown rice, wheat bread, and cereals instead of white rice & regular items. Basically, always try to stay away from white items.


Try to take low-fat dairy intakes if possible. If you are someone who can’t take dairy items, then obviously you can exclude this portion from your meal. Remember, nothing is certain and you have the luxury to omit or add anything you want. This is not a strict diet plan that we are talking about here. We are talking about a regular plan which will actually help you be nutritious every day of your life so that when the moment comes, you are not shying away from it.


The last tip that we will have for you is related to water. Try to drink around glasses of water a day. This sounds like a lot of water if you can schedule it right, you should not face a lot of trouble. Water will help you have a perfect body as water works with almost everything inside.


All in all, remember that the main difference between badminton nutrition and diet or weight loss is the fact that nutrition is a habit. You don’t have a set goal when you are being nutritious. You just have a mission to stay healthy and that’s exactly what you are going to do!