At a Glance adds At a store for Google Pay, new settings on Pixel 8

Google is streamlining At a Glance with a unified settings page and adding a new “At a store” feature.

Everything now appears in one menu that’s still accessible from the Pixel Launcher’s “Home settings”> At a Glance gear icon. Previously, “See more features” would appear at the bottom and essentially open Assistant settings in the Google app. That has now been removed.

You’ll find 21 on/off toggles here, as well as a Manage Personalization list with settings shortcuts to Sensitive content on lock screen, Personalize using app data, Personalize using Google account data, Use your Google Activity, Assistant Personal Results, Home and work address, Gmail smart features, and Location.

Weather At a store
Air quality Travel
Alerts Bedtime
Earthquake alert Fitness
Upcoming Safety check
Work Profile Timer & stopwatch
Food and household orders Connected devices
Package delivery Cross Device Timer
Commute Doorbell
Time to Leave Flashlight

Meanwhile, At a store is a new At a Glance feature that will surface “Shopping lists and Google Pay rewards cards when you’re in supported stores.” This was previously teased with Android 12 and should now be live.

We’ve yet to see the final design, but Google previously mocked up At a Glance identifying what store you’re currently at with buttons to open your shopping list and scan the store’s QR code.

These unified At a Glance settings and At a store are rolling out with version U.11.playstore.pixel8.570642812 of Android System Intelligence. As of this morning, we’re only seeing this ASI update for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro.

There are no changes today to settings or new features for the At a Glance homescreen widget.

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