Arsene Wenger defends FIFA’s time-wasting campaign

More minutes are being added to matches to combat wasting time (Getty Images)

More minutes are being added to matches to combat wasting time (Getty Images)

Arsene Wenger He insists that the new time-wasting rules in football will be better in the long run and will reduce the duration of the match by adapting the behavior of the player. The extended team stoppages and the growing number of bookings have created a huge controversy in the sport European Football Association He revealed last week that he would not follow protocols.

Wenger speaks to The Independent in his role as well FIFARussia’s head of global football development says he can already see the successful effects with the men’s and women’s World Cups in 2018. The State of Qatar Hence in Australia And New Zealand. He also rejected the idea that it would physically affect players and broke the issue down to a philosophical point.

“I would like to say are you against wasting time? Personally I say yes. I am against wasting time for the fairness of the game, we want to reward the team that wants to play. In order to respect the fans who sit in the stands, the teams play, to encourage the teams not to waste time. After So, it seems logical to me to fight wasting time.And then the second question is how.Then you have to find the logic in it.

“The logic for me should be to add the time lost intentionally or unintentionally. Do you limit that time? I personally am not in favor of reducing it, because once it’s the same thing as offside, people say give them five inches or two and then they say why No three.Once there is no logic behind it,it becomes difficult to defend the decision.So we have to keep doing that.

He added, “I feel like I watched the last two World Cups in Doha and now in Australia, and that doesn’t encourage the team to waste time. And we have to have a certain logic in that. The average is about 10 minutes. Sometimes it happens that there are 18, maybe because Head injuries. And then, does that hurt the well-being of the players? I don’t think so, because after five substitutions, we now have two minutes more, and we won’t have two minutes more. [be detrimental]…when they are needed.

Wenger similarly appealed to the principle of fundamental fairness of the game.

“I think so, if I support ArsenalIf the visiting Arsenal team are 1-0 up, and they lie down every two minutes, I get annoyed. Besides, after 90 minutes had passed, there was no extra time, I would go crazy. I want my team to have a chance to come back, so it always depends on which side they play on. If you want to take the subway it’s not ideal, but if it’s between taking the subway or my team winning the match, I still pick my team that wins the match!

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