Are Heat’s latest roster moves an end game, or merely the start?

Q: I’m not saying the Heat will sign Kelly Oubre or Christian Wood, but the Exhibit 10 contracts don’t really change anything. The 14th and 15th roster spots are still available and could open up more if they land Damian Lillard. – Dre.

A: Yes, the fact that the Heat now have Drew Peterson,Cole Swider, Alondes Williams, Justin Champagnie and Caleb Daniels under Exhibit 10 tryout contracts likely will not change the ultimate composition of the final 15-player standard roster. In fact, the best path for any could be on a two-way contract, subbing in for one of the three already under two-way deals. But I also would not overstate Kelly Oubre, Christian Wood or any other veteran free agent. I just don’t see the Heat, with this current mix and the ongoing luxury-tax constraints, moving for such contracts. Now, as you note, if Damian Lillard is acquired, then all bets are off.

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Q: Ira, I’m glad the Heat got a game and a home game on Christmas. They deserve that. They also deserve to be in the national doubleheader that opens the season. My question to you: How much can the schedule be adjusted if the Heat add Damian Lillard? Is the NBA jumping the gun by releasing the schedule next week? – Franklin.

A: Actually, this is pretty late in the game when it comes to a schedule release, considering how buildings also have to be booked for other events. But the slow play on the trade market and in free agency annually becomes an issue. For example, a year ago at this time, we didn’t know Kevin Durant would be starting the season with the Nets, or that Donovan Mitchell would be going to the Cavaliers. There are subtle adjustments that can be made, particularly with ESPN’s national coverage. However, such changes are not as easily facilitated with TNT and ABC games.

Q: I like our chances to win it all with Damian Lillard, but during a long season depth is something that becomes important. In addition to depth this season (yes I know we can fill them with some free agents that are still out there, but it’s a rental) why would we sacrifice the next 10 years by giving up all our assets and all our young players? – Swann.

A: I doubt the Heat will bankrupt their future for Damian Lillard, but also don’t believe they will have to. That said, Jimmy Butler turns 34 before the start of the season. So that makes this winning time.

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