Apple to Update iPhones Without Unboxing

  • Apple is launching a new tool for stores to update unsold iPhones without the need for opening the packaging.
  • The proprietary device will turn on the iPhone, update it to the latest iOS version, and power it down without having to unbox it.

Apple is planning an innovative system for its retail stores that will allow iPhones to be updated to the latest version of iOS before the devices are sold. The company will be distributing a pad-styled device that one can simply place boxes of iPhones on, which will then wirelessly power up, update, and power down the phone without ever having to open the packaging.

Until now, owners of new iPhones have often had to run a software update immediately after unboxing. This, in turn, has adversely impacted user experience by preventing the immediate use of new iPhones. For instance, during the iPhone 15 launch, Apple had to release an update to fix major performance problems and issues with data transfer from one iPhone to another.

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Apple plans to roll out its new proprietary devices to all its retail stores before 2024. Currently, iPhones shipped from manufacturing plants are set up with the iOS version available at the time. The iOS versions are already significantly outdated when the devices reach stores.

While the pad devices for update processes are currently being planned for only iPhones, future versions will very likely be developed for other Apple devices, including Apple Watches, VR headsets, iPads, and more. It is expected to improve the experience of Apple consumers notably.

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