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Are you seeking a lightweight and high-speed racket? Well, the Feather Weight 500 from Apacs may be just what you need. It can stand as the lightest racket in the world. This racket is extremely fast due to its lightness and the Armor High-Speed Frame.

Apacs Feather Weight 500 Badminton Racket (7U)
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Apacs Feather Weight 500 Badminton Racket (7U)
Buy Now(#ad)


Badminton rackets have undergone massive changes over the past decade. Back in the day, a wooden racket weighed some 250 grams, then it drastically reduced to 150 grams after the invention of carbonex rackets from Yonex. Nowadays, it is easy to find rackets that weigh 89 grams, 69 grams, and now 63 grams. The rackets continue to get lighter and lighter as time goes by.


Some main features of this high-quality device include:

  • Hexagon Throat
  • High Modulus PIN
  • Super Light Weight
  • Armor High-Speed Frame
  • Graphite handle


Apacs has definitely outdone itself in this racket. It is indeed made to perfection. All these specifications make the FW500 a great racket that has received appreciations from users around the world. Let us look at them in detail.

 Key Partaking Features of Apacs Feather Weight 500 & Review


It is a well-known fact that lightweight rackets have a lot of benefits when playing on the court. The Apacs FW500 weights about 63 grams. Its lightness makes it super fast. This low weight design is suitable for players who prefer added speed, quick swings, and higher maneuvers. Who wouldn’t want to use a light and fast racket?


Weighing only 63 grams, it falls in the 7U category.



The frame is built of 24 Tonne Japan Graphite, AHSF, Hexagon Throat and Inter Penetration Networks(IPN). The shaft material is 30-tonne graphite.


String tension

The maximum recommended string tension for this racket is 30lbs.


Hexagon Throat design

The new Hexagon Throat feature doubles the performance of the inbuilt T-Throat Graphite. It also lessens the air resistance to give you consistency and stability in your shots. With all that, you’re bound to have a smooth and great time at the court.


Armor High-Speed Frame

The Apacs FW 500 has an Armor Frame feature that works together with the unique cross-sectional design on the head of the racket to lessen the torque. The High-Speed Frame combined with the hexagonal frame reduces the drag of the frame during a straight shot. All these enhance the quickness and control. Without a doubt, this is an efficient racket.


High Modulus Inter Penetration Networks (IPN)

The Inter Penetration Networks (IPN) combines the characteristics of the engineering thermoplastic, which are high temperature and high modulus, with the enhanced tribological features. This leads to efficient surface quality and powerful performance. This is positively the racket for high-speed players.


Graphite Handle

Apacs has replaced the wooden handle with a graphite one to achieve the low weight design and enhance durability. This is a tremendous and thoughtful enhancement.


Why is this racket highly recommended?

There are numerous benefits of using lightweight rackets on the court. You are able to make quick swings at high speed without wearing down quickly. The experience of handling a high-speed item is also pretty cool. On the downside, you will probably have to use more effort to achieve great shots due to the low weight.


Before the FW500 came to be, the Apacs Feather Weight 200 used to be the lightest racket in the world at only 69 grams.


The featherweight racket from Apacs features the Hexagon Throat design, which improves the fastness of the swing and added damping function. This enhances the overall performance and control.


Its low weight allows you to make swift sword-like moves on the field. This medium shaft racket delivers excellent execution with added power and control. It is a great tool for high-speed badminton players.


The featherweight 500 has more balance in the head section compared to the Apacs featherweight 200. Weighing only 63 grams, the FW500 is not very powerful, but it is surely more powerful than one would expect. Due to its head heaviness, this racket feels as powerful as the 69g Featherweight 200 and has more power than the Yonex FB.


The racket is fairly flexible, which means that it is not too hard to get moderate quantities of power. It is great for playing in doubles. Being head heavy and having some flex, the FW500 is a favorite of many players. It makes it a lot easier to smash repeatedly, but to achieve the power there’s need to employ more compact swings using the forearm more than the shoulder.


 Whom it is best suited for

This item is best suited for players who love extremely super fast and lightweight rackets. It is designed to match the needs of anyone who is interested in taking high speed sings with added power and control.


Being so lightweight and fully equipped, this racket is probably suitable for all levels of play.


Comparison with other rackets

This racket gives you added balance in the head area compared to the previous FW200. As a result of its excellent head heaviness, the FW500 feels as powerful as the FW 200. It gives the player more power than the Yonex FB racket.


When looking at the flexibility, the Arcsaber Lite badminton racket is more flexible than this product. However, the Apacs rackets are deemed to have more flexibility compared to the NanoRay 70 DX racket.



  • It is a lightweight racket, which means it is easy to maneuver while playing badminton.
  • Offers high-speed shots.
  • Allows the player to carry out deceptive moves quickly.
  • Delivers powerful shots.
  • Easy to accelerate.
  • Player faces less arm fatigue.
  • Graphite handle is durable.



  • The player may encounter stability issues. This is to be expected with rackets that have a low weight.
  • Extra effort is needed to hit baseline to baseline shots due to the small weight of the racket.
  • The racket can easily break when it is continuously exposed to hard hits.


The main disadvantage of lightweight rackets is that they need added effort on the player’s arms and wrist to generate sufficient power. Furthermore, it is straightforward for them to break over constant use. The FW500 is not a really powerful racket since it weighs only 63 grams.


 Final Verdict

The Apacs Feather Weight 500 is a great racket that is very suitable for defensive players. This is because it swings quicker to a defensive move than a more substantial racket. It has a good solid feel and offers excellent power.


The speed generated is good for defense. However, it is easy to lose some accuracy when using a lightweight racket during touch shots. Since the FW500 has a hollow carbon fiber grip, there’s need for you to add an overgrip to it. Otherwise, it won’t work.


The unit has a flex that runs from medium to stiff. It has less flexibility compared to the Arcsaber Lite but unquestionably more than the NanoRay 70 DX. The FW500 does feel a lot quicker as it cuts through the air.


Speed is the advantage, but the consequence is that you must adjust the swing due to that. It is very easy to miss shoot some hits in the beginning because the device will swing fast before the shuttle reaches it. If the shuttle lands on the string bed, there are few to no vibrations, but if it lands on the frame, there are loads of vibrations. Players mostly expect it from lightweight rackets.


The low weight gives the player the confidence to hit quicker shots. While playing, the racket is invincible; it has super speed and can alter its direction in milliseconds. Baseline to baseline shots may need extra power but are easy to carry out. Some users have complained that after several hours of play, their arms hurt due to the shock waves received during the baseline to baseline shots.


This racket can help improve your game on the court in a short time due to its small weight and high speed. You won’t miss a lot of the backhand hits anymore! In the net or midcourt, this device is excellent. It has the ability to cut through the air nicely and quickly.


Loads of users have liked the Apacs FW 500. This comes as no shock because it is a great racket. Players are amazed by its lightweight, super speed, and other wondrous features. The Hexagon Throat, High Modulus PIN, Super Light Weight, Armor High-Speed Frame and Graphite handle are excellent features that help the racket to work efficiently.


This racket is efficient for players looking for high-speed performance. The low weight and armor high-speed frame make this device extremely quick. This tool is highly recommended for some rounds in the court.


After the FW200 and FW300, Apacs has brought a lighter and faster racket to make Badminton more fun. It is effortless to use and offers excellent accuracy on the court. Wrapping up The Apacs Feather Weight 500 review, it is a racket worth the try if you are obsessed with high speed and accuracy.

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