About Badminton

The best outdoor game that I can think of playing in cool weather is Badminton. Of course, it is fun and one of the best sports to burn fats, that too, fast. Badminton is a racket sport where you hit a shuttlecock using the racket across a mesh net. The game was originated by the expatriate officers in British-India. The main idea is to keep hitting the cock across the net without dropping it on the ground. The game ends when the cock touches the floor. Usually, the rules include one player each on opposite side of the net hitting the cock. This form is normally known as ‘Singles’. However, ‘Doubles’ with two players per side is also an option of the game.

Here, the object that is being hit is quite different from a normal ball. In fact, it is anything, but a ball. A shuttlecock is a projectile. Usually, the feather is used for its making, especially, those used in official games. However, while playing on the beach or backyard people usually uses a plastic cock.

Interestingly, back in 1992, Badminton got chosen as a Summer Olympic Sports with five events. This was the first time for the sports Badminton. The rules for this game are very simple. The person who serves has to get the cock pass over the net. The equipment needed to play this sport are, racquet, shuttlecock, grip, strings, and shoes. All these are crucial parts of the game, but try and get your hands on the best badminton racket if you want to experience the real thrill of this sport. Let us take a closer look at the equipment.

Although, for the grips, the thicker it is the better. However, players prefer it to be thin because of the texture. Badminton shoes have soles made of rubber or similar high-grip, non-marking materials. Moreover, shoes with little lateral support and lightweight are best for the sport. However, grip material is a personal choice of the player. It increases the thickness of the racket handle while making a satisfying surface to hold. A player may build up the handle with one or several grips made of different materials before applying the final layer. The materials mainly used are PU synthetics or toweling grips. Lastly, we have the racquets. To begin with, racquets are lite. Many different materials contribute to its making, such as, carbon fiber composite (graphite reinforced plastic), solid steel, which may be amplified by numerous materials.

Before the carbon fiber composite rackets, light metals such as aluminum were used for its making. Sometimes, woods were also used. However, later they got discarded due to its weight and cost. Interestingly, today, to increase the durability of these things, the best badminton rackets will include nonmaterial, such as; fullerene and carbon nanotubes.

You will find racquets of various designs in the market.  However, one downside is that you will find that the sizes and shapes of these rackets being limited as per laws.

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