49ers’ Jackson misses Bosa mentorship amid resistance

49ers’ Jackson misses Bosa mentorship amid resistance originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

drake jackson and the 49ers hope to have Nick Bosa Back on the practice field.

The reigning Defensive Player of the Year continues his resistance amid contract extension negotiationsand his teammates, including Jackson, are missing out on his tutoring.

Speaking to reporters after the 49ers’ practice Tuesday, Jackson was asked how closely he worked with Bosa last year and what impact he feels not having his All-Pro teammate around this summer.

“I was working with him after practice from time to time when we could,” Jackson said. “We’d work a little more. It’s like having the answers to the exam, I’m pretty sure I told you guys.” This before, but it’s like having the exam answers. Being with Bosa and being one of the dominant players that he is, it’s great to have him by your side just to ask him questions when you need help.”

From one pass-rusher to the next, Bosa and Jackson have always had a close relationship, and the veteran instilled a lot of knowledge into the 22-year-old.

“He’s very good, he’s a very good guy about it,” Jackson shared. “Pretty cool. The way you guys listen to him is probably the way he talks to us as well. It’s great to meet a guy like him who’s really taking catches, knowing that what he’s talking about is actually true and he’s going to work, and he’s lived through that. To put that into your game, you can also do something with it.”

When asked about his communication with Bosa this summer, Jackson said the two will often share funny videos on social media or ask their teammate about something via text.

Jackson and his fellow 49ers certainly wish the pass-rusher superstar was at the team facility, but they support Bosa’s pursuit of a lucrative contract extension.

Hopefully, for all parties involved, it won’t be long before the 49ers’ defensive line is whole again.

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