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The best outdoor game that I can think of playing in cool weather is Badminton. Of course, it is fun and one of the best sports to burn fats, that too, fast. Badminton is a racket sport where you hit a shuttlecock using the racket across a mesh net. The game was originated by the expatriate officers in British-India. The main idea is to keep hitting the cock across the net without dropping it on the ground. The game ends when the cock touches the floor. Usually, the rules include one player each on opposite side of the net hitting the cock. This form is normally known as ‘Singles’. However, ‘Doubles’ with two players per side is also an option of the game.

Here, the object that is being hit is quite different from a normal ball. In fact, it is anything, but a ball. A shuttlecock is a projectile. Usually, the feather is used for its making, especially, those used in official games. However, while playing on the beach or backyard people usually uses a plastic cock.

Interestingly, back in 1992, Badminton got chosen as a Summer Olympic Sports with five events. This was the first time for the sports Badminton. The rules for this game are very simple. The person who serves has to get the cock pass over the net. The equipment needed to play this sport are, racquet, shuttlecock, grip, strings, and shoes. All these are crucial parts of the game, but try and get your hands on the best badminton racket if you want to experience the real thrill of this sport. Let us take a closer look at the equipment.

Although, for the grips, the thicker it is the better. However, players prefer it to be thin because of the texture. Badminton shoes have soles made of rubber or similar high-grip, non-marking materials. Moreover, shoes with little lateral support and lightweight are best for the sport. However, grip material is a personal choice of the player. It increases the thickness of the racket handle while making a satisfying surface to hold. A player may build up the handle with one or several grips made of different materials before applying the final layer. The materials mainly used are PU synthetics or toweling grips. Lastly, we have the racquets. To begin with, racquets are lite. Many different materials contribute to its making, such as, carbon fiber composite (graphite reinforced plastic), solid steel, which may be amplified by numerous materials.

Before the carbon fiber composite rackets, light metals such as aluminum were used for its making. Sometimes, woods were also used. However, later they got discarded due to its weight and cost. Interestingly, today, to increase the durability of these things, the best badminton rackets will include nonmaterial, such as; fullerene and carbon nanotubes.

You will find racquets of various designs in the market.  However, one downside is that you will find that the sizes and shapes of these rackets being limited as per laws.

Best Yonex Badminton Rackets Reviews

Every badminton player knows that a badminton racket is a crucial piece of equipment. The most suitable racket is the one you feel most comfortable with and offers you excellent performance.


The triumphant Japanese Company, Yonex, continues to produce newer innovations for badminton players. This company has created numerous badminton rackets over the years and continued to do so.


Today, we take an in-depth look at some of the best Yonex badminton rackets to make it easier for you as you search for the most suitable equipment.

ModelEditorial RatingCheck Price
1-Muscle Power 34/5Check price on Amazon
2-Yonex B-3504/5Check price on Amazon
3-Voltric Z Force II4/5Check price on Amazon
4-Arcsaber 0025/5Check price on Amazon
5-Nanoray 10F4/5Check price on Amazon
6-Nanoray Z Speed4/5Check price on Amazon
7-Arcsaber FD3/5Check price on Amazon
8-Duora 774/5Check price on Amazon
9-Duora 10 LCW4/5Check price on Amazon
10-ArcSaber 114/5Check price on Amazon
11-Voltric 80 E Tune4/5Check price on Amazon
12-Nanoray 800-FLASH5/5Check price on Amazon
13-Duora 104/5Check price on Amazon
14-Voltric 54/5Check price on Amazon
15- Nanoray Z-Speed4/5Check price on Amazon

Best Yonex Badminton Rackets Reviews


  1. Yonex Muscle Power 3 Badminton Racquet

A high-quality badminton racket and a cheap way to join the sport, the Yonex Muscle Power 3 is an excellent badminton racket for new players. It exhibits an exquisitely constructed frame that is efficient and durable.


 Key Features It Partakes


I) Weight

This racket weighs between 90-95g, which means it falls in the 2U category. This weight is pretty advantageous for beginners. Though it feels a bit heavier than a lot of badminton rackets, the quality is excellent.


II) Flex

To provide sufficient power to your strokes, this Yonex racket has a medium flex. For new players, a medium flex rating is an excellent option as it gives the best of both worlds.


At most times, rackets that are too flexible are more difficult to control due to the amount of flex they possess. At the same time, rackets that are excessively stiff can be very unresponsive in the player’s hands.


The Yonex Muscle Power 3 is very stable and allows you to feel the shuttle’s impact in your hands.


III) String Tension

This racket is strung at a string tension of 19lbs.


IV) Materials and construction

Aluminum is the primary material that has been used in making the frame. The shaft is made out of a combination of carbon fiber and graphite. These materials make this racket more durable.


The Muscle Power racket series is well-known for lessening stress and terminating fatigue via the thread configuration and construction. The strings put close together to provide you with an enhanced hitting surface.


In addition to that, the frame of this setup has a sweet spot that is at least 30 percent larger than that of other badminton rackets. For the new players, this bigger head offers you added surface area to the shuttle with, making the play more relaxed.



  • The materials used in making the racket are quite durable.
  • Hitting surface is large to make it easier to strike the shuttlecock.
  • Medium flex rating is suitable for beginners.



The main limitation to this Yonex racket is that it is slightly shorter than other types of rackets. This forces the player to tweak their movements a bit to get closer to the shuttle.



In general, if you are seeking a suitable badminton racket as a beginner or a cheap way to play the sport, the Yonex Muscle Power 3 is the best Yonex badminton racket for you.
yonex muscle power 3 review

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  1. Yonex B-350 Badminton Racket

With its oval head, the Yonex B-350 is a high-quality badminton racket that is suitable for physical education and recreation. A lot of high schools and colleges use this racket in their physical education classes as the racket is very durable.


Key Features It Partakes


I) Materials

The head is made out of aluminum while the shaft is constructed from steel. It has a stiff flex.


II) Weight

This product has an approximate weight of between 100-110 grams, meaning that it falls in the weight category of 1U.


III) String

The B-350 is pre-strung by Yonex using long-lasting strings and tight tension.


IV) Durability

Durable rackets are great as they save you a lot of money. Luckily, this racket has been designed to last for long. The Yonex badminton strings used on the setup and the frame are very durable.



  • The racket is designed to suit all ages.
  • Excellent device for recreational purposes and gym class.
  • Quite affordable, making it economical for recreation use.
  • Durability is reliable.



Unfortunately, this racket does not help you in improving your skill. Furthermore, the device is neither fast nor accurate. If you want a racket that offers you high speed and precision, this may not be the right choice for you.


Final Verdict

Yonex B-350 is an excellent option for those who want to play the sport for recreational purposes. The low price makes it suitable for anyone who is allocating free time to engage in badminton. Its performance matches all age groups.


2-piece steel shaft definitely makes the setup an excellent and economical choice for gym classes in schools, YMCA, or parents teaching their young ones how to play badminton. All in all, this among the best Yonex badminton rackets.
Best Yonex Badminton Rackets

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  1. Yonex Voltric Z Force II 2 Badminton Racket

A fast and powerful racket, the Voltric Z Force 2 is the stiffest of its kind in the market. You got to spend quite some time to get acquainted with this device, but once you get used to it, you receive raw power and feel. A lot of badminton players are using this racket, and that shows you how reliable it is.


Key Features It Partakes


I) Weight

It is a 3U badminton racket that weighs 85 to 89 grams. It comes with the typical Voltric racket cover.


 II) Outstanding Shaft

This racket sports the thinnest shaft among all other Yonex products. The thickness is deemed to be now similar to that of the Yonex LD Force.


The extra-stiff shaft is pretty unique. This is because of the Nanometric Carbon technology that gives you an aerodynamic, super thin and durable shaft. So, you can generate stronger and speedier shots.


III) Look

This is a Yonex racket that is one of a kind. Its gray color combined with blue tones give it a sharp, stylish and contemporary look.


IV) Tri-voltage System

All Voltric rackets are typically equipped with the Tri-voltage system, which lets you enjoy powerful and faster swings.


V) Tungsten Grommet

For added accuracy and power, the racket has tungsten-infused grommets together with the Tri-voltage system to retain the shuttlecock on the device’s string bed for a longer time. As a result, you get to enjoy better accuracy and extra power.



  • Aerodynamic frame allows you to cut through the air effortlessly.
  • Offers ultra-fast and smooth swings.
  • Gives tremendous power for outstanding shots.
  • Maneuverability is incredible.



The sweet spot of the Voltric Z Force II is harder to hit. More so, gaining control can be difficult at high speed.



If you are seeking a racket that offers you great shock absorption, added power and a lot of momentum, this is the best option for you. The aerodynamic frame together with the head heaviness and superior technology bring you incredible power, effortless maneuverability and outstanding speed.
yonex voltric z force 2 review

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  1. Yonex Arcsaber 002 Badminton Racket

With its sleek design, the Yonex Arcsaber 002, makes you feel like a professional badminton player. It is designed to have one of the biggest frames in the Arcsaber series.


This racket is the ultimate option for people who are seeking a comfortable and effortless play. It keeps and stores energy for longer.


Key Features It Partakes

I) Weight

With a weight of 85-89 grams, this racket falls in the 3U class.


II) Materials and Construction

It features an isometric head shape that is made out of high modulus graphite and NanoAir Spring.


The flexible shaft is constructed from carbon graphite. The racket comes with a 3/4 Yonex cover.


III) Isometric Head

With its isometric/square head shape, this racket can equalize the length of the main and the cross string bed. This enlarges the sweet spot to give you better consistent precision even for off-center shots.


IV) In-built T-joint

molded firmly and deep into the graphite layers where the racket’s frame joins with the shaft, the in-built T-joint generates a long-lasting and robust 1-piece structure that has no torque.


V) NanoAir Spring

This feature assists the shaft to go back from its bent state to its original position quickly to improve repulsion, which leads to the creation of more power.



  • Control is excellent as the racket holds and maintains energy for a longer time.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • The large-scale frame makes it easy to use.



Intermediate players may not enjoy the feel of this racket. Moreover, it is designed for adult use only.



Yonex Arcsaber 002 is the most suitable badminton racket for beginners as it offers good control and a large-scale frame for easy use. With its sleek design, isometric head shape, built-in T-joint and NanoAir Spring, you can enjoy consistency, accuracy, durability, high-strength, repulsion and adequate power.
yonex arcsaber 002 review

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  1. Yonex Nanoray 10F Badminton Racquet

Are you a badminton player seeking accuracy and speed? The Yonex Nanoray 10F may be just what you need. This racket features a thin top frame to reduce air flow during swings.


It lets you force the other player to the back of the playing field due to the impressive amount of speed released by the racket.


Key Features It Partakes


I) Weight and Balance

To match the exquisite frame, the Nanoray 10F weights 80-85g putting it in the 4U weight category. It exhibits a head light balance because the racket’s weight is placed along its body. Headlight balance is very popular for badminton rackets, and it is highly recommended for beginners joining the sport.


Holding and using this racket feels fantastic in the player’s hands. It is light in swings, yet the uniquely designed frame lets you produce sufficient power.


II) Materials and Construction

Racket head is made out of graphite shaping the surface and overall frame lightweight. All the shafts of the Nanoray series rackets are made from a combination of carbon nanotube, graphite, and nanomesh.


III) Frame

It is amusing to note that the thickness of the frame is not the same around the racket’s head. Yonex has uniquely designed the Nanoray 10F to possess a thinner top structure so that it can reduce the air resistance. This means that you can quickly swing your shots with added head speed and less force.


The bottom frame is thicker. This is important as it helps the entire frame to be extra stiff and deliver maximum power. Nanoray 10F is rated as a hi-flex frame, and this is great because it absorbs shock from impact.


IV) String Tension

This racket usually comes pre-strung when you buy it. The string tension is set at 19-21 lbs for every racket.


V) Length and Grip Size

At a length of 27 inches, you have a lot of space to reach for hard shots and for smacking the racket back over the net. The G5 grip size is a bit substandard and wears out fast. If you want a racket with an efficient grip, you should buy a badminton over-grip.



  • The top frame is thin to lessen the air flow.
  • Suitable racket for beginners.
  • The bottom frame is thick to make it last longer.



On the downside, this racket is designed for adult use only, and it is not a high choice for intermediate badminton players.



For new players looking to enhance speed or skills of play, the Nanoray 10F is a superb choice. Just like the Yonex Arcsaber 002, it delivers effortless and enjoyable game from its design.
yonex nanoray 10f review

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  1. Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket

Using this racket, Tan Boon Heong hit a world record shot of 493 kilometers per hour. The Yonex Nanoray Z Speed features an incredibly long shaft and special horizontal grommets.


It has been well-known for a long time that the Yonex Company re-branded it with a different color. You can now get it in 2 stylish colors: neon orange and neon green.


Key Features It Partakes


I) Weight

At a weight of 85-89 grams, the racket falls in the 3U weight category.


II) Materials and Construction

The shaft is composed of H.M Graphite, X-Fullerene and Nanometric while the frame is made out of H.M graphite, Sonic Metal, and Ex-HMG.


X-Fullerene technology gives added repulsion and stability. The four radial ribs of this technology join together the carbon atoms forming a unique ‘soccer ball’ structure.


This X-Fullerene has resin as well which has unique characteristics that unite carbon fibers to create a cross-link formation. As a result, the stability and repulsion power is improved.


Nanometric material enhances the bonding strength between the carbon fibers. Sonic metal, on the other hand, is a light titanium alloy placed in the frame to improve the resilience and repulsion.


III) Isometric Head Technology 

The Isometric head shape technology from Yonex evens the length of the main and the cross strings in the racket’s spring bed and maximizes the sweet spot for consistent precision even for off-center shots.


IV) Solid Feel Core

Solid feel core absorbs uncomfortable vibrations to give accurate control and improved comfort.


V) Aero Frame Design

The Aero frame reduces the air drag to help you realize a faster swing.



  • Stability is great due to the X-Fullerene technology and built-in T-Joint.
  • Repulsion power is incredible as a result of the Sonic Metal
  • The sweet spot is large.
  • Solid Core absorbs shock on impact
  • Air resistance due to the Aero frame design.



A major limitation of this racket is that it may be challenging to use it for the defensive players because the frame is smaller.



The Nanoray Z Speed racket uses unique Yonex technology to give you high performance. It is a great racket that is suitable for everyone.
nanoray z speed review

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  1. Yonex Arcsaber FD Badminton Racket

The Arcsaber FD is another exceptional addition to the Arcsaber badminton series from Yonex. It is lightweight and is designed to suit an all-around player.


The frame is made to flex at the impact point to hold the shuttlecock for a longer time on the string bed. By holding and then letting go of the energy, this racket gives accurate shots for players looking for greater control.


With this excellent racket, you can feel added power and higher precision control.


The Arcsaber FD has an average weight of 78 grams, which means that it fits in the 5U weight class. It is available in white and red and uses a recommended string tension of 19-24 lbs.


Stringing above the recommended string tension can impact the frame badly, and you will void the warranty.


Key Features It Partakes


I) Nanometric

Based on nanoscience, this material combines carbon fibers close together without leaving any gaps, for improved strength.


II) NanoAir Spring

The NanoAir spring found in the resin joins the carbon fibers to allow nanoscale air bubbles to assist the racket in flexing and bending like a spring. This results in an efficient transfer of energy from the device’s spring bed to the shuttlecock for a more powerful shot.


III) Isometric Technology

The isometric/square head shape of this racket is designed to maintain vertical strings at an even length, and also the horizontal strings as well to generate an enlarged sweet spot in every direction.


IV) Grommet Construction

Single-pass grommet hole pattern gives added grommet holes for an increased performance stringing construction.


V) Built-in T-Joint

molded deeply into the graphite layers where the racket frame joins the shaft, the built-in T-Joint from Yonex creates a long-lasting and strong 1-piece frame that has no torque.


VI) Control Support Cap

This feature is great as it gives a flat surface that is wider than that of ordinary rackets for better gripping, quick follow-through, and precise maneuverability.



  • Well-rounded in almost all aspects.
  • Offers superb control and solid feeling.
  • Performance is excellent in the mid-court.
  • The design is pretty cool.



The smash power is not the racket’s most robust feature, and it lacks the oomph. Another drawback is probably the fact that the grip gets dirty soon.



Arcsaber FD is a lightweight racket that gives intermediate and advanced badminton players an added level of control.
yonex arcsaber fd review

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  1. Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket

An all-around model that has a dual optimum system, the Yonex Duora 77, is designed to increase power on your forehand and length on the backhand. The aerodynamic design boosts speed to offer you a reliable forehand smash and quick backhand drive.


Key Features It Partakes


I) Weight

The weight of the Duora 77 is 88 grams putting it in the 3U weight category.


II) Materials and Construction

H.M graphite and Nanometric have been used in making the frame while the shaft is constructed from H.M graphite.


Nanometric material joins the carbon fibers together without leaving any gaps, to give you added strength.


The isometric head frame is designed to maintain vertical strings at an equal length together with the horizontal lines to generate an enlarged sweet spot in every direction.


Built-in T-joint is molded deeply into the graphite layers where the frame joins the shaft. This makes the racket durable and strong.


III) Aero Frame Design

This feature is great as it gives you a solid hitting feel and fast swing.


 IV) Control Support Cap

It grants a flat surface that is wider compared with that of an average racket for better gripping, quick follow-through, and perfect maneuverability.



  • It has a dual optimum system
  • Features innovative materials.
  • All-rounded racket.



Unlike the Duora 10, this racket only delivers medium stiffness, making it slightly inferior. Furthermore, for players who are not quite used to the 2-sideness of this device, the dual system specification can take quite some time to get accustomed to.



Overall, the Yonex Duora 77 is a great choice. It delivers similar technology seen in the elite Duora 10 but has a lower price. More so, the racket is suitable for all-rounded players and is recommended for both professionals and beginners.


It may be challenging to control this racket at first, but once you’re used to it, this is a perfect tool to help you get powerful forehand shots and well-distanced backhand drives.
yonex duora 77 review

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  1. Yonex Duora 10 LCW Badminton Racket

Duora series rackets from Yonex are made with the Japanese company’s cutting-edge technology. If you’re a real lover of the sport, then the Yonex Duora 10 LCW might be an excellent option.


Key Features It Partakes


I) Box-shape

This racket features a box-shape. The purpose of this is to enable the vertical strings to stay aligned at their right place without being ruptured.


II) Nanometric

The frame is fitted with nanometric technology. It is a carbon material that makes the racket more comfortable and dominant to achieve the best shots.


III) Ni-Ti Fiber Technology

Racket net is constructed from Ni-Ti fibers. The Ni-Ti Fiber technology gives quick repulsive hits with added repulsion power.


IV) Aerodynamic

The Yonex Duora 10 LCW is uniquely equipped with Aero technology that makes it special in its strikes and swings. This feature allows you to create entirely fast attacks with excellent command on the racket.


V) Innovative Frame

Revolutionary frame design is unique to the Duora series of rackets. This specification lets you have a more advanced play.


VI) Shaft

The racket is quite strong because the shaft has been made from graphite. Graphite has a lot of strength and prevents the racket from being ruined in the event of harsh strokes.



  • Control and support cap in the racket provides extra space to control the racket.
  • Enriched with adequate power to help you achieve fast forehand and backhand drives.
  • Equipped with cutting-edge technology.



At times, higher strikes might affect the racket’s performance because the strings may become loose after several games. Therefore, You should use it carefully. It might be better to choose the unstrung version of the Yonex Duora 10 LCW.



From its excellent features, it is clear that this racket is a great choice for professional players who desire to get the winning place in the match.


The racket totally justifies its value. It allows you to play effortlessly and smoothly. It is quite unique compared to other rackets in the Duora series.
yonex duora 10 review

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  1. Yonex ArcSaber 11 Badminton Racquet

A favorite racket among singles and doubles play, the Arcsaber 11 is very similar to the Yonex Arcsaber 10. You cannot go wrong with this badminton racket. It is a well-rounded racket that suits the needs of intermediate players and in some situations beginners as well.


Key Features It Partakes


I) Neo CS Carbon Nanotube

To give you accuracy and repulsion power needed for powerful strokes, this racket is armed with Neo CS Carbon Nanotube on both sides of its body. The Nanotube achieves this by helping the racket to retain the shuttlecock for longer.


II) Aerodynamic

The aerodynamic design allows the racket to cut through the air much quicker. The Arcsaber 11 competes very well against the Nanospeed 9900.


III) T-anchor

For outstanding precision, the T-anchor lessens the torque.


IV) Sonic Metal

If you’re seeking a racket that produces a sound that motivates you and gives you aggressive shots, the Arcsaber 11 gives you just that with the Sonic Metal feature.


V) Enhanced Sweet Spot

Thanks to the isometric head shape, it is easy to hit the sweet spot continuously.


VI) Stiff Shaft

The shaft of this racket is made out of Ultra Poly Ethylene Fiber, which is super light and durable to give you adequate shock absorption.



  • Basically perfect in everything relating to speed, power, and control.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It feels comfortable to use, and it doesn’t tire your wrists very fast.



On the downside, this racket is quite expensive. If you are seeking something that won’t hurt your wallet too much, you should try the Yonex Voltric 7.



The performance is generally good, and moreover, it is easy to use. This makes it great for mid-level players. From attack to defense, the solid performance will allow you to win quite many matches.
yonex arcsaber 11 review

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  1. Yonex Voltric 80 E Tune Badminton Racquet

With detachable grommets that you can remove or keep making the racket have more or less head heaviness, the Yonex Voltric 80 E Tune is designed to suit your playing style. It matches both the needs of defensive and offensive players.


It features innovative technology like the isometric head shape and Nanometric materials to give you a better experience.


Key Features It Partakes


I) Tri-voltage System

This system uniquely joins the different properties of superior power and excellent control. The solid composition at the top of the racket’s frame lets the head bend in a controlled manner to maintain shuttlecock on the string bed for a longer time.


After this, the slim frame edges allow the frame to flex better and transfer extra energy to the shuttlecock. This combo allows the player to smash with incredible power.


In the Voltric 80-E tune, the weight is equalized at the frame’s top and at the joint region which leads to good control while also keeping power. The slim sides of the frame head lessen air drag and enhance the control even further. You can make full swings even in short-range rallies because the Voltric responds quickly to any movements.


II) Ultra Slim Long Shaft

NANOPREME technology has been inserted into the shaft of the racket to give improved stability compared to ordinary rackets. The Ultra Slim Long Shaft can bend and rebound twice as far as an average racket does in the same period.


III) Built-in T-joint and T-anchor

Built-in T-Joint is made from epoxy resin to improve the stability of the shuttlecock on the string bed as well as through the air.


This helps to enhance your performance level. T-anchor is a composite material used in the T-joint to assist in lessening torque in off-center hits.


IV) Control Support Cap

This feature creates a more comprehensive flat surface to make the gripping easier and deliver quick swings. It also provides superior maneuverability.


V) Box + Aero Frame

It is a technology that is used in minimizing air flow to deliver faster swings. In the end, the head speed is higher and extra speed, and power is taken into the shots.


VI) Solid Feel Core

Yonex has lessened bad vibration by inserting this shock absorbing feature in the frame. The resulting solid feel leads to accurate control and improves the comfort.



  • Weight placement is balanced in this setup.
  • Incredible smash power, making it great for power plays.
  • Amazing driving speed.
  • T-anchor joins to the grommets.
  • Features innovative Yonex technology.



Though the racket allows self-customization, it needs a lot of time. Furthermore, the alteration of the frame may lessen the aerodynamic quality.



Yonex Voltric 80-E Tune serves the precise service that badminton players need. It offers extraordinary, well-rounded performance with more speed and powerful smashes.
yonex voltric 80 etune review

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  1. Yonex Nanoray 800

While most of the quality badminton rackets tend to possess similar specifications which only differ a bit, choosing the right one can prove to be a challenge. Yonex Nanoray 800-FLASH BLUE-4UG4 is packed with some great features that will make your game more enjoyable.


Key Features It Partakes


I) Weight

Depending on the racket size you buy, the weight will vary. The maximum weight still falls in the 3U weight class, making it easy for both advanced players and the beginners.


 II) Materials and Construction

Graphite is the primary material used in making this racket to make it durable. It has an Aero frame construction that has different levels of thickness from top to bottom, to ensure that the power is evenly spread across the device. This gives you a perfect sweet spot.


III) Sonic Metal

The Sonic Metal material, which is very durable, has been applied throughout this racket. It reduces the weight and enhances the power.


The titanium alloy employed in the frame adds more flex, making it possible for you to hit scrapping strokes off the ground without snapping the badminton racket.


IV) Shaft

The Nanoray 800 Flash sports a slim design and a lengthier shaft. The more prolonged shaft is used in providing added leverage to the racket, which makes it more easier in rebounds and achieving tricky shots.


Playing with this racket does take some practice, and you may have to adjust your game a bit. This longer shaft may turn out to be your best acquaintance or worst enemy.



  • Titanium alloy delivers added flexibility and more natural rebound.
  • Graphite construction offers more durability and reduces the weight.
  • Longer shaft gives you better control and reduces strain on the wrist.
  • Its lightness lessens fatigue in your arm to let you experience the same amount of control throughout the match.



The Yonex Nanoray 800 Flash is more costly than the ordinary intermediate racket. Furthermore, the paint wears off over a short time, meaning you may need a fresh paint job once in a while to keep it looking presentable.



The materials and construction employed in this Yonex racket are great. You get excellent flexibility, durability, high control and astonishing power.


Though it is highly priced, this racket is favorite and provides quality value for the money. You should definitely try it.
yonex nanoray 800 review

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  1. Yonex Duora 10 Badminton Racket

If you are looking for superior technology, exquisite shape, and stylish color, then the Yonex Duora 10 may be just the racket for you. It is a prevalent innovation from Yonex. Unlike ordinary rackets, this one sports a backhand and forehand with different shapes.


For those who are accustomed to using head heavy rackets, you may find the Yonex Duora 10 less powerful in the beginning. Luckily, once you get used to it, you will enjoy the high performance.


Key Features It Partakes


I) Weight and Extras

With a weight of 88 grams, this racket falls in the 3U weight category. The length is 673mm, and it has a grip size of G4.


II) Materials and Construction

H.M graphite and Nanometric are the primary materials used in constructing this racket. The nanometric element is used to enhance the bonds between carbon fibers, taking the racket construction to a whole new level.


III) String Tension

The racket comes pre-strung with the BG-65Ti string. The recommended string tension is 16-26 lbs. Exceeding the manufacturer’s recommended string tension will void the warranty.


IV) Isometric

The isometric head shape is important as it equalizes the length of the main and the cross strings in the racket’s string bed. This expands the sweet spot to give you added consistency and accuracy in your shots.


V) Dual Optimum System

Yonex Duora 10 is a very innovative racket that sports different shapes on either side of the head. One side has a box shape to add power into your smashes, whereas the other one is Aero-shaped to add speed on the returns.


The dynamic dual system allows players to rule the court successfully with both the forehand and backhand sides.



  • Aerodynamic design lets you cut through the air easily and quickly.
  • Packed with great Yonex technology.
  • Smashes and shots are very powerful.



Probably the biggest limitation is that the racket needs coordination to work correctly. Also, it is a bit pricey.



The two-face badminton racket incorporates great Yonex technology to provide you with all-rounded superior performance. If you want a racket that can hit very hard yet it is very fast, then the Yonex Duora 10 is all you need.

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  1. Yonex Voltric 5 Badminton Racket

Voltric rackets are a mixture of Arcsaber, Armotec and Nanospeed technologies. They offer excellent speed, repulsion power, and control. High-rated choices such as Voltric 70 or 80 are very costly. However, the Voltric 5 is quite affordable.


Key Features It Partakes


I) Look

The design is pretty great. It is black with some yellow tones. In general, the aesthetics of this setup are exquisite.


II) Tri-voltage System

It blends the properties of agility and repulsion power, to form a racket that is fast and smashes hard. The shuttle is held for longer in the string bed to make the shots more precise and powerful. If you wish to achieve devastating strokes, then this is the racket for you.


III) Aerodynamic Design

To cut through the air very well, this racket has an aerodynamic design. This gives you an edge over your opponent in the match in terms of speed and swings. If you want a more significant play, this technology provides you just that.


IV) Support Cap

For better handling, there’s a support cap that offers a broader surface to make it easier to handle the racket. This leads to better control and added power in each stroke.


V) Built-in T-Joint

Top-notch precision is achieved through the tri-voltage system together with the Built-in T-joint. You get less torque, and hence, better control and accuracy in each shot you take.


VI) Isometric Frame Shape

This feature allows you to deliver more successful shots than an ordinary racket. For an isometric head, the sweet spot is enlarged to give you more repulsion power.



  • Offers excellent handling.
  • Repulsion power is incredible.
  • Quite affordable.
  • High agility and speed.



On the downside, this may not be a suitable racket for advanced players. For a sophisticated level player, please look for another Yonex racket.



Are you in need of an affordable, high-speed, powerful and controllable racket? The Voltric 5 may be exactly what you need. Beginners who want to try a head-heavy racket can use this model.
yonex voltric 5 review

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  1. YONEX Nanoray Z-Speed Badminton Racquet

The Nanoray racket series gives you two great benefits: quicker swing speed and more repulsion. This can be the ideal alternative for you if you force your opponent to the court’s back. It has a Snap Back Zone (SBZ).


Key Features It Partakes


I) Nanoscience Technology

Yonex Nanoscience material establishes excellent performance in the molecular bonds of the Fullerene and carbon fibers to create a lightweight racket that is slimmer, more stable and stronger than an average racket.


This helps you to experience the maximum power and high speed in your swings.


II) X-Fullerene Technology

This technology is embedded in the resin to bond the carbon fibers and form a cross-link construction.


III) Grommets

Single-pass grommet hole formation gives added grommet holes, generating a strong stringing pattern that makes the racket last longer.


IV) Nanoscale Elastic Ti

Elastic Ti gives the high elasticity required for structural strength and powerful rebound. On impact, the Elastic Ti overcomes deformation, stretching followed by regaining its form speedily to establish precise shots that are full of energy.


V) Isometric

The Isometric head shape evens the length of the main and the cross strings in the racket’s string bed. This enlarges the sweet spot to give you more consistent precision.


VI) Built-in T-Joint

molded deeply into the graphite where the frame joins the shaft, this T-Joint makes a durable and strong 1-piece frame that has no torque.



  • The Superior speed gives you a competitive advantage over your opponent.
  • Great racket for defensive players.
  • Repulsion power is great.



Unfortunately, the smashes from this racket are not extraordinary. Furthermore, it is not suitable for beginners.



If you truly love to experience speed, then this is the best setup for you. It is equipped with excellent technology to provide you with superior speed and an unfair advantage over your opponents.

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Why Yonex Badminton Racquets?

Today, there are countless choices of rackets in the market to choose from. Therefore whether you’re a professional or a beginner, you will have to pick a racket to play with.


Yonex should probably be the first consideration. This is a Japanese company that manufactures loads of sports equipment but specializes in making badminton equipment.


Yonex was formed back in 1946 by Minoru Yoneyama shortly after the 2nd World War. Initially, the company solely made fishing equipment, mainly wooden floats. This was later abandoned due to technological advancements.


After that shortcoming, Minoru swore that he would never be left behind by technology again. In 1957, he decided to make badminton rackets instead.


Since Yoneyama made that great decision, Yonex has been a fore-front manufacturer of badminton rackets, with quite a number of technological standouts. This company has been an enormous trendsetter. In 1992, they introduced the innovative wide-body racket, named “Isometric 500”.


With its unique square head frame, there was a revolution in the badminton world.


Yonex is without a doubt the most respected brand when compared with other badminton rackets manufacturers. Their rackets are superb and extraordinary. This consistent pushing of boundaries to make equipment that makes them stand out from the rest is inspiring.



We live in a technological world. Yonex knows how to exploit the technology available to them, and this makes it difficult for the rackets from other brands to be better. Players able to harness the power of technological advancements are bound to pull ahead of others.


If you’re seeking a legit reason to use Yonex rackets, that is it; their products are hi-tech!


Very hi-tech indeed. The company’s understanding of technology gives it the ability to make rackets that meet every player’s needs; be it speed, there’s a racket for that. If accuracy is what you want, don’t search anywhere else, they have a racket for that as well. Technological prowess has made this institution a behemoth when it comes to the production of sports equipment.


Yonex Duora 10 is a perfect example. With this racket, you do not have to change rackets to change your playing style. The racket mixes two different playing techniques into one.


It possesses state of the art technology like the ‘Aero frame’ design, which increases the speed of your strokes greatly and is suited for your backhand. The ‘Box Frame’ design helps to enhance the swing power and is made for your forehand.


As a result, you are given an incredible opportunity to change sides to switch your playing technique. This sort of technology can only be seen in Yonex rackets.


To convince you further, almost all world-class badminton players use Yonex products. This tells you that the brand is extraordinary. Quite many world record smashes have been made using Yonex rackets. You can’t go wrong with Yonex products.


Guide to Purchase the Perfect Badminton Racket

A great badminton racket not only matches your style of playing but also improves the quality of your movements to better levels. To help you make better selections while buying a badminton racket, here’s a guide for you.


  1. How much are you willing to spend?

Budget is usually the hugest variable when you’re buying a racket. Deciding on how much you’re willing to spend will assist you in narrowing your search. Very expensive rackets are mostly needed by professional athletes because they are tuned for better performance or specifications required.


  1. Racket head shape

Rackets that have isometric/square head shapes are the best because they have an enlarged sweet spot. An expanded sweet spot is transcendent as it gives you higher repulsion power and an incredible racket feel.


Yonex manufactures rackets with isometric head shapes. Choose the one that gratifies your needs and budget best.


  1. Weight

The racket weight determines the amount of force that can be delivered onto the shuttle. Most rackets weigh between 85-90 grams. However, some players may prefer the lighter ones that weigh between 75-80 grams.


Lighter rackets, however, come with a trade-off since there’s a limit to how quick a person’s arm can swing.


Rackets that are equipped with advanced technology tend to distribute the weight differently. Such technology is believed to give improved counter-balance, leading to consistent and stable shots.


Head-heavy rackets, which have more weight on the head, are most suited for power plays such as smashing and long distance hits. However, they are not recommended for defense and quick speed exchanges.


Deceptive play may be challenging as well due to the high weight lessening finesse.


Head-light rackets, on the other hand, are more comfortable to maneuver at higher speeds when delivering deceptive swings or executing high-speed exchanges.


If you love upper control, speed and power, head-light rackets are a good choice. On the downside, these are not suitable for baseline shots or hard smashes.


Even Balance rackets are superb for learners who want a racket with endless opportunities of finesse.


The most suitable way to test out which weight fits you best is to compare it with the racket you currently use. A balance must exist between ease of maneuverability and power delivered.


  1. Materials and durability

Rackets are made from different materials such as aluminum, carbon fibers or steel. Choose the one that matches your playing technique and skill. A racket made from carbon fibers is the best for professional players. This is because it makes the setup light and smooth.


Yonex rackets are made using excellent materials and technology. The durability is very reliable as well. You shouldn’t even think of buying a racket that lacks a durability feature.


  1. The flex of the shaft

Shaft flexibility dramatically affects the amount of repulsion power you can receive in exchange for constancy when playing at different strengths.


A super bendy shaft gives more power but reduced consistency. On the other hand, a less bendy shaft delivers less power but has more flexibility.


Dominant professional players are better suited for stiffer shafts while beginners are more suited for flexible shafts.


  1. Racket String

Stringing used on a racket is an important consideration. The stringing tension affects the overall play. A high string tension gives you less power, increased control, reduced durability, more feel and increased vibration.


Low string tension leads to more power, less control, more strength, reduced feel and fewer vibrations.


Beginners are recommended to use a string tension of 17-20lbs, 20-24lbs for intermediate players, 24-27lbs for advanced level players and the professionals usually use a string tension that is 27lbs and more.


Luckily, all rackets come with their own manufacturer’s recommended string tension to guide you.


  1. Grip

The grip connects you to the racket. Therefore, it is imperative. A small grip size allows you to engage in a deceptive game. A forceful grip is necessary for robust shots. There’s the towel grip and a synthetic grip.


A towel grip wicks away the sweat from your hand while the synthetic grip doesn’t, however, the towel grip may have bacterial growth over time, so you should keep it clean throughout.


  1. Throat

A racket throat made from the low-quality material will not provide you with needed support for long. The racket throat should be made from high-quality materials to serve you better.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Which is the most suitable Yonex badminton racket for learners?

Yonex B-350 is probably the best choice for a beginner to play with.


  1. What’s the best Yonex badminton racket for intermediate level players?

Any intermediate player will love the Yonex Muscle 3 badminton racket.


  1. For a power game, what badminton racket qualities should I consider?

You should consider a heavy head racket that has a stiffer shaft. A controlled uncoil is bound to gain more momentum as you swing the racket. And, as a result, you will get more power, particularly in smashes and clears.


  1. Which is the lightest Yonex badminton racket?

The YONEX Arcsaber FB is probably the lightest badminton racket from this company weighing only 73 grams. It gives you a swing that is 30km/h faster.


  1. What string and tension are suitable for Yonex Muscle power 22 Plus badminton racket?

25lbs for vertical strings and 24lbs for horizontal strings. This will plausibly give you the best results.



Badminton is a sport full of enjoyment. You can engage in this sport any time you want since there are loads of badminton sets made to help you play badminton wherever and whenever.


When you are ready to engage in the badminton sport, you must concentrate on individual factors. Such as light and high-quality racket, thin racket strings, easy handling and comfortable grip size, and a unique-shaped shuttlecock that is durable.


There are plenty of different brands choices when you want to buy a badminton racket. With so many high-quality products to choose from, you can be confused.


Yonex manufactures leading badminton rackets in the world. Their pieces are full of innovative technology to suit your playing needs.


If anybody asks which the best badminton racket to use is, we tell them to look at the bestyonex badminton rackets review.

VICTOR BRAVE SWORD 1600 Review – Worth the Money?

Victor rackets have existed for decades, and many users appreciate the quality. This might sound too salesy, but prominent badminton players in the world use Victor rackets. Plus, it is definitely worth the money. With that said, let’s step on the Victor Brave Sword 1600 review.

Customer Rating &Details
Customer Rating &Details


This racket is fully equipped to play a challenging game and is suitable for both amateurs and professional badminton players. It utilizes some impressive and unique technologies which are namely: Sword, Inner Waves, Shockless, and nanotechnology.


The racket is available in white, black and blue. The total length is 675mm, and it provides you with a grip size of G5.


In this article, we take a more in-depth look at this racket to help you see why it is among the best rackets in the market.

Victor Brave Sword 1600 Badminton Racket Review

High-quality rackets are always made using unique features to offer a high performance to badminton players. When purchasing a racket, most people pay attention to the product specifications to determine what is best suited to their needs. Below are some of the main features of the Victor racket.


Racket Shape

The shape of a racket is crucial as it plays a vital role in the performance. The Victor Brave Sword is a head-heavy racket that has an isometric head shape. The isometric form is essential as it increases the surface area of the racket for the shuttlecock to land and hit effectively. The arrangement of the strings also complements the shape of this racket.

Materials and Weight

Materials used in construction usually determine the weight of a racket. Graphite and resin are the primary materials that have been used in making this racket. It has a weight of 85 grams and is slightly stiff. Due to its weight, it falls in the 3U category, which means that it is highly maneuverable.


String Tension

The maximum recommended string tension is 24lbs. You should not exceed this tension as the racket may break. The product has been professionally strung using the Ashaway Zymax 67 strings.


The Ashaway Zymax racket strings are durable, can withstand tension and provide incredible repulsion. This enhances the quality of the Brave Sword racket.


Victor Sword Technology

An air resistant badminton racket is very efficient while playing on the court. The diamond-shaped design of the Brave Sword enables it to cut through the air like a sword. This leads to a significant reduction in the air resistance and gives you a quicker swing speed.


Inner Waves technology

Every player wants a racket that is stable and easy to maneuver. Victor uses Inner Waves technology to lengthen the string resulting in a sweet spot that is 5 percent bigger. This leads to decrease in shock and increase in maneuverability and stability.


Nano Technology

In addition to that, nanotechnology has been incorporated in this racket. This top-notch technology works by equally distributing nano-particles in the empty space between the carbon fiber bundles. This is beneficial as it dramatically increases the general stiffness of the carbon fibers, and lessens the frame’s distortion.


Rackets made with nanotechnology are known to be highly durable. As a result, the Brave Sword racket is long-lasting, meaning that you will save a lot of money.



This racket is available in white, blue and black.


With its distinctive features, this racket is well-equipped to fulfill your racketing needs.


Why is this item highly recommended?

This racket definitely stands out due to its unique properties. Some features are great for beginners while others are perfect for professional players.


The Victor Brave Sword 1600 utilizes new technology to lessen air drag during a stroke and thus enhance the stability. The racket cuts the air like a sword due to its diamond-like design that mitigates the air resistance. This offers you extra speed on your shots, allowing you to produce powerful overhead clears.


Graphite and resin are the main materials that have been used to make the racket’s head and medium flex shaft. The isometric head shape is beneficial as it ensures there’s a large surface area for the strikes and distributes even quantities of force across the racket’s frame. Its stiff shaft adds to the stability.


The Brave Sword has a moderate string tension that is between 20lbs and 22lbs. It is 675mm long, and the stiff shaft is 7.0mm long. The racket is best suited for intermediate players and experienced athletes. The grip is G5, which ensures there is sufficient space to hold onto the tool. The weight is 80-84 grams when the racket is strung.


This racket awards the player the legendary feel of the Brave Sword brand into a controllable and powerful tool. It gives you an even balance, medium flex, power, and speed.


The Brave Sword 1600 is a lot stiffer than the Brave Sword 1700. The added stiffness gives the player more stability and control while making shots. This makes it an excellent option for advanced players.


Best suited for whom?

As earlier stated, this racket has versatile qualities that make it suitable for all levels of play. Professional players can use it because of its weight, power, and stability while taking shots. It allows advanced players to engage in aggressive games.


It is suitable for the beginners and intermediate players because of its recommended string tension. This tension is great as it leads to added repulsion and power.


All the features complement each other making this item a package for anyone who is interested in engaging in a friendly and competitive badminton game.


Therefore, The Brave Sword 1600 racket can be used by anybody who wants to play badminton with high-quality sporting equipment.



  • Light and maneuverable all-round badminton racket.
  • It uses Victor’s sword technology which lessens the air resistance by 10 percent.
  • The racket is professionally strung using the Ashaway ZyMax 67 strings which are pretty good.
  • When you purchase it, the racket comes with its own thermo bag.
  • The shaft is stiff. Stiff shafts allow players to depend on the racket for powerful strokes and aggressive play. The shuttle bounces off quickly as soon as it hits the racket.
  • Offers sufficient stability and control to the player.
  • Nanotechnology has been incorporated into the design to make more durable. Long-lasting products are cost-effective.
  • Being a head heavy racket, the balance is quite efficient.



  • The weight of the racket may be tough on the player’s joints.
  • Racket’s handle is a bit of a nuisance to some players.


This product has a few flaws. The major downside is probably the handle of the racket that has been deemed to be a nuisance by some users. Other than that, complaints are minimal.


Alternative Products

Probably, the best alternative to this Brave Sword racket is the Yonex Voltric 5. Both of these rackets look similar and share some features. However, the Brave sword has better, advanced features like the diamond-shaped design that reduces air resistance. On the other hand, the Yonex racket has a better handle and is more expensive than the Victor rackets.


Final Verdict

Victor Brave Sword badminton racket has been designed keeping in mind all the aspects required to create the best badminton racket for great games. It is focused on elements that assist the player, be it a professional or an amateur, in playing excellently.


The racket is designed with features that suit both the advanced players and the beginners so that everybody can use the racket easily. You can’t go wrong with this racket.


Today, many different brands are offering high-quality rackets for badminton players. It can be quite confusing when trying to determine the most suitable racket to buy.


Mr. Chen Den-Li founded the Victor brand around 50 years ago. The company has advanced from a small shuttlecock manufacturing factory to the re-known badminton brand it is today. It produces top quality courts, rackets, apparel, accessories, and footwear.


The trust that the Victor brand has made over the years is great. You won’t have to worry about the purchase you make because the company has always manufactured quality sports equipment.


At the end of our Victor Brave Sword 1600 review, all we can say is, it receives an overall good racket rating, and you should definitely try it.

YONEX NANOSPEED 6600 Review – Should You Have It?

Yonex is a Japanese company founded back in 1946 that has manufactured loads of badminton rackets and strings for years, which are of high quality and utilize unique technology and materials. Today’s NANOSPEED 6600 review will talk about a racket produced by this company in its Nanospeed racket series.

NANOSPEED 6600 YONEX Badminton (Racquet Unstrung)
Customer Rating &Details
NANOSPEED 6600 YONEX Badminton (Racquet Unstrung)
Customer Rating &Details


The NANOSPEED 6600 falls into the category of the most head-light rackets. It is designed to suit the needs of players who are naturally able to carry out fast swings and sharp attacking playing techniques. This racket allows quick swings and sharp offensive play through the incredibly light head.


This is a high-quality product that may just suit your racketing needs. Below are the key features that make this racket from Yonex so unique.


Key Features of the Yonex Nanospeed 6600&Review


String Tension

The maximum recommended string tension on the NANOSPEED 6600 is 24lbs which is the standard for the non-DX versions from the Yonex brand. You will invalidate your warranty if you string the racket beyond the recommendation. High string tension exposes the racket to immense pressure, and this may cause it to break. As you string any type of racket, it is essential to pay attention to the recommended string tension.


This racket is custom strung using the Yonex BG 65 strings. These strings are perfect for technical and control shots. Being a thick string, the Yonex BG 65 is very durable and thus cost-effective. Furthermore, the strings provide accurate shots.



This racket is quite attractive as it comes in gray, copper, orange, black and burgundy. This is a great break from the usual combination of black, red and white mix common in many rackets.



The weight of this products falls under the category of 3U, which means it has a weight of 87-89 grams. This makes it more maneuverable.


Head Shape and Materials

The square or isometric head shape of this racket is essential as it increases the surface area over which the shuttlecock will fall and hit excellently. The head is made from graphite and elastomer while the shaft is composed of High Modulus Graphite, Fullerene, and FX Plus vibration cap.


Maximum Elasticity

This racket delivers maximum elasticity to allow for larger and more apparent strikes. You won’t have a hard time using this device on the court.


NanoSpeed badminton rackets from Yonex are nano-powered using Fullerene to give them added repulsion and speed from compact strokes. This racket has not been left behind; it offers excellent speed and repulsion power.


Traditional construction of rackets used in badminton increases the thickness of fiber layers made of carbon or graphite for extra strength. This, unfortunately, leads to a weight increase in the frame making it hard to maneuver the racket. Luckily, Yonex has taken care of this issue by using nano-particle engineering process.


The nanostructure utilizes nano-sized particles of Fullerene and carbon. This nano-particle engineering process provides sensitive control over the molecular function of the materials used in construction.


However, the process proves beneficial as it creates a better molecular bond in the construction materials and establishes a stronger, thinner and more stable head-light racket that offers improved power and speed from compact shots.


FX Plus

This is a new hybrid material from Yonex used to deliver added elasticity for larger and clearer shots. The FX Plus vibration cap on the NANOSPEED 6600 helps to lessen the shock to the player’s hand. It is a great racket indeed!


LSC System

Just like the Yonex NanoRay 600 badminton racket, this racket also features an LSC System that creates a smooth and comfortable playing technique reducing vibrations and shock. LSC stands for Low Shock for Comfort.


The LSC System reduces the impact shock via the intrinsic shock absorption characteristics of elastomer. Arm comfort is significantly increased, and the shock impact is also reduced considerably. You end up with a comfortable and safe racket that makes your playing experience much more relaxed.


Isometric Solid Feel Core

Vibrations are quite annoying while playing badminton. Luckily, with this racket, you won’t have to worry about vibrations. The in-built solid feel core combats various harmful waves produced by the impact. This feature is seen in all rackets made in Japan.

Aero Frame

Everyone wants a racket that quickly cuts through the air and resists the drag. This racket gives you a quick and controlled string together with improved repulsion through the Aero Frame design. The Aero frame design helps in reducing air resistance to deliver faster swings.


In-built T-Joint

All top Yonex rackets have their heads joined to the shaft using an in-built T-Joint technology to lessen Lateral twisting of the racket while striking off-centered hits.


With those unique and excellent properties, this Yonex racket is bound to suit your racketing needs. It is elegant, stylish and performs highly. The whole item is made using unique materials that have attained top rankings.


Why is this product highly recommended?

This NanoSpeed racket has received quite a number of compliments from its users. Players are satisfied with the comfortable feel, power, and control provided by this head light racket. The flaws are very few.


Yonex has reduced the quantity of material required by the shaft for high-strength by controlling the performance of the material at the level of a nano-particle unit. The result is a NanoSpeed racket that has a thinner and stronger shaft. Every badminton player desires a thinner and stronger frame for fast racket maneuverability, and this racket is built just for this.


This head-light racket is renowned for touch plays, drop shots, slicing and check smashes. Defensive blocks are simple, and the racket moves fast to assist you in retrieving the opponent’s smashes.


Overall, it is a well-made product for its price. There are pros and cons to it, but it’s a supreme item that is highly recommended by many users.


Whom it suits best

This racket is best suited for advanced badminton players. This is due to the nano-particle engineering process that gives it sensitive control.


The flexible shaft of the NANOSPEED 6600 is suitable for players who require added assistance from the racket to produce sufficient power, particularly those who engage in touch games and thus prefer head-light rackets.



  • Uses the latest nano-technology to establish a more durable and powerful racket.
  • This is a light and very quick badminton racket.
  • FX Plus vibration cap reduces shock to the player’s hand.
  • The racket is easy to use.
  • It looks great.
  • Nano-particle engineering gives sensitive control.
  • Highly elastic for added performance.



  • Head-light rackets sometimes create an illusion that the player is striking the shuttle with added force because the previous racket weighed more.
  • Racket lacks some punch when hitting the return, or raising to rear court once more.
  • Quite costly. It is in the top three of the Nanospeed series in terms of cost.
  • The grip is too small for some players.


One downside of a head-light racket is that sometimes you get an illusion that you are hitting the shuttle with more force since the previous racket weighed more. The muscles are already accustomed to operating at a specific rate to strike the shuttle. The less head heavy racket means your muscles, performing at this rate, will produce more speed, and thus more power.


However, on a number of occasions, this effect doesn’t last for long. With time, the muscles become less active and thus, after the racket speed has reduced, you don’t generate extra power.


Other better alternatives to this racket are deemed to be the Nano 990 and 850.


Final Verdict

Without a doubt, this is a great racket suitable for intermediate and advanced players. It looks fantastic with its shiny orange color. Being head-light, the racket is easy to use and offers you quick swings. Furthermore, nano-technology has been used in this Yonex racket to give you a thinner and stronger racket shaft. You can’t go wrong with this racket.


Touch plays are excellent with it and drop shots, slicing and check smash are easy and crisp. This racket is highly recommended for badminton plays that require added power. Head-light rackets are best suited for advanced players who can establish quick swing speeds and need control.


Due to the nano-technology, the racket is quite durable. High durability means you will not have to replace your racket in a short while and thus save a lot of money.


The Yonex technology and materials used to make this item are states of the art. From the LSC System, FX Plus, Aero Frame, and the Fullerene, this is a well-made badminton racket that deserves a try.


That was it from our perspective of the Nanospeed 6600 review. Let us know your comments in the comments section below!


Li Ning Multi Control N90 III Review | S-Type Badminton Racquet

If you’re seeking an aerodynamic racquet to use while playing badminton, then we have something that may be just what you need. Manufactured by Li-Ning, this racquet has a head-heavy balance of 302mm and a length of 675mm. It is an excellent racquet that is quite flexible and offers powerful smashes. Without further ado, let’s begin the Li Ning N90 III review.

Li-Ning Multi Control N90-III S-Type Badminton Racquet
Customer Rating &Details
Li-Ning Multi Control N90-III S-Type Badminton Racquet
Customer Rating &Details


 Li Ning N90 III Badminton Racquet Unveiled

The N90-III boosts a great feel and offers sharp and true attacks. This device has less stiffness compared to the N90 and is less head heavy compared to its predecessor, the N90-II. The N90-II offered an excellent balance between offense and defense.


This racket is highly praised for playing singles. It enables the player to carry out soft blocks and quick flicks across the net, without a lot of difficulties. This is due to the lesser weight together with the special 3D Break Free Technology. It makes singles play more comfortable since the player can make attacks and succeed. The control is great as well.


The N90-III is a head heavy and medium flexed badminton racquet that is packed with loads of technology. It is designed for attacking players. Aerodynamic drag is lessened by 10.5 percent thanks to the 3D Break Free head frame design. The frame is made from carbon fiber. This results in a sturdy and incredible racquet which is suitable for power players.

Key Features of the Li-Ning Multi Control N90-III & Review


1. Weight

Weighting 85-89 grams, this product falls within the 3U category.


2. Color

It comes in black, red and white and is quite shiny.


3. Materials

Military grade carbon fiber has been used in making this racket.


4. String tension

The recommended vertical string tension is between 24-28 lbs whereas the horizontal string tension is 26-30 lbs.


5. 3D Break Free Technology

This racquet features exceptional 3D Break Free Technology that lessens the air resistance by 10.5 percent to give it a more aerodynamic feel. This technology helps the badminton player to achieve quicker smash speeds.


6. Dynamic-Optimum Frame Technology

The Li ning N90 utilizes the Dynamic-Optimum Frame Technology to deliver both outstanding defensive and offensive play moves. Other than increasing the sweet spot based on the isometric head frame, the spot moves upward, and the hitting position goes higher.


The all-rounded optimized design enhances the mechanical formation of the racquet for incredible attack and defense systems. The accurate defense area is extended for effective drop shots and dropping power that burst very quickly. The shooting velocity is significantly higher with enlarged stringing area and improved bounce intensity.


7. Aerotec-Beam System

The frame of this racket from Li Ning features an Aerotec-Beam System that reduces air resistance. It does this while maintaining the intensity of the frame to provide the player with a competitive advantage.


8. Wing Stabilizer Technology

Aerodynamic engineering methods such as the Wing Stabilizer Technology have been utilized to lessen the vibrations and any torsional forces. This is advantageous as it enables the frame of the racquet to recover more quickly thus making subsequent shots more accurate and consistent.


This aviation technology design delivers the Metal Performance Memory and enhances the control on swings. Part of the frame is made of 3G titanium alloy which is very elastic.


The unique metal memory design controls the frame restoration accurately at the instance of deformation and keeps the shake produced from vibrations under control. The anti-torsion effect of strokes is enhanced under cases of high tension and leads to fast, accurate and stable consequent strokes.


9. Bio-Inner-Cone Technology

The Bio-Inner-Cone, which is a flagship technology from Li Ning, helps to enhance the flexibility of the shaft and improves the general feel and control of the device.


As an improvement to the conventional shaft design, Li-Ning has creatively created the cone-shaped racquet shaft design. Moving the bending position of the racquet upwards increases the flexibility, improves the control and allows players to make creative shots easily.


10.MPCF Reinforcing Technology

In addition to the above features, this racquet is also embedded with MPCF reinforcing Technology which a multiple layers of carbon fibers. This technology is useful as it brings more reinforcement to make the racquet stronger and more durable.


The MPCF is combined with a unique nanometer carbon fiber known as TB Nano. This helps to make the racquet stronger without affecting its overall weight.


Multiple layers of carbon fibers plus fantastic handcraft leads to a reinforced excellent racquet with high performance. Carbon fibers are cleverly differentiated in rigidity basing on different angles. As a result, the racquet is completely reinforced by carbon fibers, which adequately improves the strength and durability.


Uniquely created by handwork rather than machine, the racquet has little to no facial folds and minimal stress concentration at the frame bending area.


11. TB Nano Powertec

The utilization of nanometer technology efficiently upgrades the production process in an all-rounded way and therefore breaks the limit in achieving intensity. An excellent, robust, stable and tenacious racquet will allow stronger shots for the badminton player.


The enhanced TB Nanotechnology combines the carbon fibers and resin to a sufficient level naturally. This leads to a different racket with a 20 percent strength.


12. Stabilized Torsion Angle

The stabilized torsion angle is beneficial as it makes the racket highly elastic. It assists in developing high-quality return as the hitting spot deviates from the sweet spot.


Who is best suited for this product?

The Break Free N90-III racket is part of the Li-Ning Mega Power series and is ideally designed for unrivaled power, offense and defense oriented players who want to experience maximum power.


Why is it a highly recommended item?

The N90-iii is undoubtedly a well-made racket that has received good reviews from its users. It utilizes high-quality badminton technologies (3D Break Free technology, Dynamic-optimum frame, Aerotec Beam System, Wing Stabilizer, Bio-Inner-Core, Stabilized Torsion Angle, MPCF Reinforcing Technology and TB Nano Powertec) to deliver a high-performance product.


This racket has a higher balance point which makes it more head heavy while providing incredible shuttle striking abilities. The integration of Li-Ning’s special multi-polymer and carbon reinforcing tech increases extra layers and strength to major sections of the racket.


Improved strength and power of the racket’s shaft together with more reinforced sections make this product one of the most long-lasting, offensive and power packed racket available in the market.



  • Offers sharp and fast swings that enable the player to maneuver the shuttle down at great angles.
  • 3D Break Free frame design reduces the air resistance and moves the head down faster allowing for more comfortable contact zones.
  • Provides incredible accuracy.
  • Very comfortable and allows the player to make creative shots.
  • Backhands are properly executed, and forehands are almost perfect.
  • The design is very stylish which makes the Li-Ning N90-III very attractive.



  • The offense is not that great since the N90-III is lighter, less stiff and less head heavy compared to previous versions.
  • The Li-Ning N90-III doesn’t carry sufficient weight transfer to give adequate explosions during drive shots.


Final Verdict

No doubt, the Li-Ning Multi Control N90-III is a great racquet that offers perfect control. It is roughly 96 grams in weight, has a grip size of G5, slightly head heavy and a bit stiff. It grants excellent defense in singles play. The decreased weight combined with the 3D break free head design makes it easy to swing the racquet around.


You’re much comfortable playing with this device as it gives you control. However, being lighter, having less stiffness and less head heavy than the N90 and N90-II, it doesn’t offer a great offense. However, it performs incredibly by possessing a fast and sharp swing that enables the player to maneuver the shuttle down at admirable angles.


Interestingly, this racquet plays similar to its predecessors, but with its new frame design. It cuts through the air quicker for added head speed. The design is unique and creates a fighting spirit. The design speaks of changed and is meant for intensive attacks for badminton players.


The N90-III is specialized for lasting long with astounding power. The design of the wind blade frame reduces the air drag. This racquet gains more power and unbeatable performance with the use of high power product specifications. The upper frame can bend forward as it hits the shuttle leading to quicker and mega power smashes.


This racquet definitely gets a good control rating because it makes you feel comfortable and allows you to create any shots that come to mind, be it trick swings or creative changes in direction. It gives you the feeling that you can accurately put the shuttle into any container that is placed in the court.


The accuracy it gives is incredible. Several users have said that backhands are super easy to do and forehands are almost perfect while using the N90-III. The look of this racquet is pretty attractive.


It comes in white and red. It not only performs well but looks cool as well. To conclude theLi Ning N90 IIIReview, this is a racquet that you should try if you love to achieve high speed hard smashes on the court.


Apacs Feather Weight 500 Review – Badminton Racket Unveiled!

Are you seeking a lightweight and high-speed racket? Well, the Feather Weight 500 from Apacs may be just what you need. It can stand as the lightest racket in the world. This racket is extremely fast due to its lightness and the Armor High-Speed Frame.

Apacs Feather Weight 500 Badminton Racket (7U)
Customer Rating &Details
Apacs Feather Weight 500 Badminton Racket (7U)
Customer Rating &Details


Badminton rackets have undergone massive changes over the past decade. Back in the day, a wooden racket weighed some 250 grams, then it drastically reduced to 150 grams after the invention of carbonex rackets from Yonex. Nowadays, it is easy to find rackets that weigh 89 grams, 69 grams, and now 63 grams. The rackets continue to get lighter and lighter as time goes by.


Some main features of this high-quality device include:

  • Hexagon Throat
  • High Modulus PIN
  • Super Light Weight
  • Armor High-Speed Frame
  • Graphite handle


Apacs has definitely outdone itself in this racket. It is indeed made to perfection. All these specifications make the FW500 a great racket that has received appreciations from users around the world. Let us look at them in detail.

 Key Partaking Features of Apacs Feather Weight 500 & Review


It is a well-known fact that lightweight rackets have a lot of benefits when playing on the court. The Apacs FW500 weights about 63 grams. Its lightness makes it super fast. This low weight design is suitable for players who prefer added speed, quick swings, and higher maneuvers. Who wouldn’t want to use a light and fast racket?


Weighing only 63 grams, it falls in the 7U category.



The frame is built of 24 Tonne Japan Graphite, AHSF, Hexagon Throat and Inter Penetration Networks(IPN). The shaft material is 30-tonne graphite.


String tension

The maximum recommended string tension for this racket is 30lbs.


Hexagon Throat design

The new Hexagon Throat feature doubles the performance of the inbuilt T-Throat Graphite. It also lessens the air resistance to give you consistency and stability in your shots. With all that, you’re bound to have a smooth and great time at the court.


Armor High-Speed Frame

The Apacs FW 500 has an Armor Frame feature that works together with the unique cross-sectional design on the head of the racket to lessen the torque. The High-Speed Frame combined with the hexagonal frame reduces the drag of the frame during a straight shot. All these enhance the quickness and control. Without a doubt, this is an efficient racket.


High Modulus Inter Penetration Networks (IPN)

The Inter Penetration Networks (IPN) combines the characteristics of the engineering thermoplastic, which are high temperature and high modulus, with the enhanced tribological features. This leads to efficient surface quality and powerful performance. This is positively the racket for high-speed players.


Graphite Handle

Apacs has replaced the wooden handle with a graphite one to achieve the low weight design and enhance durability. This is a tremendous and thoughtful enhancement.


Why is this racket highly recommended?

There are numerous benefits of using lightweight rackets on the court. You are able to make quick swings at high speed without wearing down quickly. The experience of handling a high-speed item is also pretty cool. On the downside, you will probably have to use more effort to achieve great shots due to the low weight.


Before the FW500 came to be, the Apacs Feather Weight 200 used to be the lightest racket in the world at only 69 grams.


The featherweight racket from Apacs features the Hexagon Throat design, which improves the fastness of the swing and added damping function. This enhances the overall performance and control.


Its low weight allows you to make swift sword-like moves on the field. This medium shaft racket delivers excellent execution with added power and control. It is a great tool for high-speed badminton players.


The featherweight 500 has more balance in the head section compared to the Apacs featherweight 200. Weighing only 63 grams, the FW500 is not very powerful, but it is surely more powerful than one would expect. Due to its head heaviness, this racket feels as powerful as the 69g Featherweight 200 and has more power than the Yonex FB.


The racket is fairly flexible, which means that it is not too hard to get moderate quantities of power. It is great for playing in doubles. Being head heavy and having some flex, the FW500 is a favorite of many players. It makes it a lot easier to smash repeatedly, but to achieve the power there’s need to employ more compact swings using the forearm more than the shoulder.


 Whom it is best suited for

This item is best suited for players who love extremely super fast and lightweight rackets. It is designed to match the needs of anyone who is interested in taking high speed sings with added power and control.


Being so lightweight and fully equipped, this racket is probably suitable for all levels of play.


Comparison with other rackets

This racket gives you added balance in the head area compared to the previous FW200. As a result of its excellent head heaviness, the FW500 feels as powerful as the FW 200. It gives the player more power than the Yonex FB racket.


When looking at the flexibility, the Arcsaber Lite badminton racket is more flexible than this product. However, the Apacs rackets are deemed to have more flexibility compared to the NanoRay 70 DX racket.



  • It is a lightweight racket, which means it is easy to maneuver while playing badminton.
  • Offers high-speed shots.
  • Allows the player to carry out deceptive moves quickly.
  • Delivers powerful shots.
  • Easy to accelerate.
  • Player faces less arm fatigue.
  • Graphite handle is durable.



  • The player may encounter stability issues. This is to be expected with rackets that have a low weight.
  • Extra effort is needed to hit baseline to baseline shots due to the small weight of the racket.
  • The racket can easily break when it is continuously exposed to hard hits.


The main disadvantage of lightweight rackets is that they need added effort on the player’s arms and wrist to generate sufficient power. Furthermore, it is straightforward for them to break over constant use. The FW500 is not a really powerful racket since it weighs only 63 grams.


 Final Verdict

The Apacs Feather Weight 500 is a great racket that is very suitable for defensive players. This is because it swings quicker to a defensive move than a more substantial racket. It has a good solid feel and offers excellent power.


The speed generated is good for defense. However, it is easy to lose some accuracy when using a lightweight racket during touch shots. Since the FW500 has a hollow carbon fiber grip, there’s need for you to add an overgrip to it. Otherwise, it won’t work.


The unit has a flex that runs from medium to stiff. It has less flexibility compared to the Arcsaber Lite but unquestionably more than the NanoRay 70 DX. The FW500 does feel a lot quicker as it cuts through the air.


Speed is the advantage, but the consequence is that you must adjust the swing due to that. It is very easy to miss shoot some hits in the beginning because the device will swing fast before the shuttle reaches it. If the shuttle lands on the string bed, there are few to no vibrations, but if it lands on the frame, there are loads of vibrations. Players mostly expect it from lightweight rackets.


The low weight gives the player the confidence to hit quicker shots. While playing, the racket is invincible; it has super speed and can alter its direction in milliseconds. Baseline to baseline shots may need extra power but are easy to carry out. Some users have complained that after several hours of play, their arms hurt due to the shock waves received during the baseline to baseline shots.


This racket can help improve your game on the court in a short time due to its small weight and high speed. You won’t miss a lot of the backhand hits anymore! In the net or midcourt, this device is excellent. It has the ability to cut through the air nicely and quickly.


Loads of users have liked the Apacs FW 500. This comes as no shock because it is a great racket. Players are amazed by its lightweight, super speed, and other wondrous features. The Hexagon Throat, High Modulus PIN, Super Light Weight, Armor High-Speed Frame and Graphite handle are excellent features that help the racket to work efficiently.


This racket is efficient for players looking for high-speed performance. The low weight and armor high-speed frame make this device extremely quick. This tool is highly recommended for some rounds in the court.


After the FW200 and FW300, Apacs has brought a lighter and faster racket to make Badminton more fun. It is effortless to use and offers excellent accuracy on the court. Wrapping up The Apacs Feather Weight 500 review, it is a racket worth the try if you are obsessed with high speed and accuracy.


Best Badminton String Reviews

It is entirely crucial to use the right badminton strings so that you can maximize your performance to win in games. Apart from that, having the most suitable strings is vital because re-stringing your badminton racket can be quite expensive.


Indeed, different kinds of strings have different purposes during a game. As a result, you should select the string that matches your playing technique.


Different levels of play (beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional) require different types of strings. In this very article, we take a look at some of the best badminton strings that are both good and cost-effective.

ModelEditorial RatingCheck Price
1-Yonex BG 805/5Check price on Amazon
2-Yonex BG655/5Check price on Amazon
3-Yonex BG 805/5Check price on Amazon
4-Ashaway Zymax 62 Fire5/5Check price on Amazon
5-WILSON Smash5/5Check price on Amazon
6-Li ning Ns955/5Check price on Amazon
7-Li Ning Professional5/5Check price on Amazon
8-Yonex BG66 Ultimax5/5Check price on Amazon
9-YONEX BG68TI5/5Check price on Amazon
10-Yonex Nanogy 985/5Check price on Amazon

Top 10 Best Badminton String Review


  1. Yonex BG 80 Badminton String

The Yonex BG 80 is definitely among the best Yonex badminton strings. It is suitable for consistent performers who know their rackets very well. This is due to the fact that it is quite thick and has a smaller sweet point. It is thicker than the Yonex BG 66 String, and its sweet point is also more concentrated.


The concentrated sweet point is advantageous as it inserts added power into your swings when the shuttle reaches it. The Yonex BG 80 is liked by many due to its power. The thickness also makes it very durable. It is easier to achieve more accurate swings with thicker strings than thinner ones.


On the downside, thicker strings are not efficient for slicing. The BG 80 is well suited to help doubles players achieve potent swings from the back of the playing field.


If you’re a badminton player who likes to take forceful and consistent shots, then the Yonex BG 80 string is what you may just need. This is a significant investment.



  • Concentrated sweet spot makes it produce powerful shots.
  • Thicker strings are more durable.
  • Offers great accuracy.
  • Great for powerful and consistent strokes.



  • Being a thick string, it is not suitable for slicing.


This badminton string positively gets a good Yonex badminton string review due to its high performance.Best Badminton String

Check today’s price on Amazon


  1. Yonex BG 65 Badminton String

The BG 65 is also amid the best Yonex badminton strings for 2018. It allows the player to produce very accurate shots. In addition to that, you will be able to save loads of money on your racket stringing as the BG 65 is very durable.


This is a great string for female players who carry out technical and control swings during mixed doubles plays. It is suitable for precision play.


However, the Yonex BG 65 is very thick and has a tiny sweet point. Due to this, it is very hard to produce good power with it. Beginners should probably avoid this string as it is super complicated to generate power with the BG 65. A full power smash is impossible with this string.



  • Perfect for technical and control shots.
  • Being a thick string, the Yonex BG 65 is very durable and thus cost-effective.
  • Suitable for precision play.
  • Provides accurate shots.



  • Its excessively small sweet spot is very thick, as a result, it seems tough to produce power with this string.


In spite of a few flaws, the BG 65 is still an excellent badminton string that is great for you, especially if you’re into precision plays.yonex bg 65 review

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  1. Yonex BG 80 200m Racquet Strings

 The BG 80 200m is yet another string that receives a good Yonex badminton string review. It features an oval Vectran that is braided and can retain tension. This helps in maximizing the durability of the string. This is a great string that is not only efficient but also cost effective. You should not hesitate to try it.


It is an extremely strong and long-lasting Vectran-fiber string that offers perfect repulsion performance and sensitive control. It is very soft as well on impact. A 200m reel can string about 20-22 rackets, and each racket needs around 10m of string.



  • Offers excellent durability, which means you will save a lot of money on your racket stringing.
  • It is a solid string that offers great power.
  • Delivers incredible repulsion performance as you play.
  • Feels soft on impact.
  • The roughness of the string provides incredible control.





The Yonex BG 80 200m has received transcendent critiques from its users. Its rough texture is great, particularly for those players who do not like slippery strings. Many users are satisfied with the roughness of the string as it gives excellent control. Net and drop shots, together with power plays are quite decent with this string.

yonex bg 80 review

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  1. Ashaway Zymax 62 Fire Badminton Strings 200m (660 ft) Reel Orange

The Ashaway Zymax 62 is a great badminton string that is made with excellent materials. BETA Polymer Technology is embedded into it to deliver superior dynamic stiffness and high repulsion performance. You can’t go wrong with this racket string.


The ZyweaVe TM core in the string prevents loss of tension and enhances the strength and durability. There’s also the ZyMax 62 Fire that makes the series great for ultimate repulsion. The Ashaway 62 is suitable for both professional and amateur badminton players. It is very colorful as well as it comes in Fire orange and Ivory white.



  • It has the ability to hold a lot of tension.
  • Offers great durability, which means that it is cost-effective.
  • Provides awesome repulsion.
  • Stringing the ZM62 Fire is quite easy.



  • Some users have complained that the string tends to move a lot during smashes. This is because of the rough texture that the string remains in a deflected state after it is served. On the other hand, a smooth string will quickly slip back into its original state after the deflection. However, this problem lessens over time as the intersections begin to acquire notching.

ashaway zymax 62 fire review

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  1. WILSON Smash Badminton String (200m Reel)

The Wilson Smash badminton string is also another great string on the market. It uses fluorocarbon filaments to deliver optimum power, energy and return. The 200m reel is suitable for stringing about 20 rackets.


This white string definitely suits the needs of players seeking enhanced comfort and recovering from arm injuries. It has a 0.68mm gauge and comes in a 200m reel.



  • Provides maximum power and return due to the unique fluorocarbon filaments.
  • Offers great comfort for people suffering from arm issues.
  • Produces a sharp hitting sound.
  • Quite durable.



  • Shuttle doesn’t bounce a significant distance without exerting extra force.
  • The control is not sufficient.


The WILSON smash string is an excellent combination of comfort and power. If you love comfortable strings that won’t make you suffer, this may be just what you need.
ashaway zymax 62 fire review

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  1. Li-ning Badminton Racket Accessory Ns95 All-round String Reel Yellow 200m

The Ns95 from Li-ning is an all-round string that offers balanced performance. It features some Nano coating that prolongs the string’s life and gives it remarkable repulsion energy and control. The line has a diameter of 0.70mm and has a maximum string tension of 30lbs.


200m reel is suitable for stringing 20-22 rackets. The Li-Ning brand was founded by Li Ning, who used to be an Olympic Gymnast from China. Products from this company are targeted for people who are active in sports like running, badminton, tennis, basketball, football, and fitness.



  • Nano coating prolongs the life of the string. Being highly durable, the string is very cost-effective as you won’t have to waste money re-stringing your racket after a few hours of play.
  • Delivers great repulsion power.
  • Produces a good hitting sound.
  • Offers excellent control.




The Ns95 is among the best badminton strings out there as it is efficient and all-rounded. It is suitable for all levels of play, and the control is splendid. If you’ve been seeking a perfect racket string that offers fabulous repulsion on the court, this is definitely it. It is superb, durable, efficient and comes in either yellow or white.

li ning badminton string review

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  1. Li-Ning Badminton String Professional No.1/5/7 200 Meters-One Pack (Green, NO.7)

The Li-Ning Badminton String Professional No.1/5/7 Pack is full of excellent features. The core of the No.1 is made of heat-resistant and high-intensity nylon multifilament. The outer part of this No.1 string is also composed of heat resistant and high-intensity nylon.


For the No.5, the core is made from high polymer nylon multifilament while the outer part is composed of heat-resistant and high-intensity nylon just like the No.1.


Similar to the No.1, the No.7’s core is also composed of heat resistant and high-intensity nylon multifilament. The outer is made up of heat-resistant and high-intensity nylon. This string is coated with Compound Titanium Hybrid.


The big 200m reel can fit 20-22 rackets approximately. The string is extremely durable and is suitable for both beginner and intermediate players. It has a diameter of 0.7mm. The string has been rated to be better than the BG65.


It gives a soft and fantastic hitting feeling, and this is due to the special hit-absorbing coating it features. Furthermore, there’s the Deep-Re-Dipping technology from Li-Ning that enhances the durability greatly and also curbs tension at the same time. By using the heat-resistant and high-intensity material in the core and outer part, this string is highly durable.



  • Very durable due to the Deep-Re-Dipping technology and heat-resistant and high-intensity fabric.
  • Highly elastic.




Check today’s price on Amazon


  1. Yonex BG66 Ultimax Badminton String – 200m Reel

Another great badminton string from Yonex is the BG66 Ultimax. It is an enhanced version of the BG66. Its strings deliver efficient power and high repulsion. On the downside, the durability is not good but is better than that of the BG66.


Apart from the improved durability, this string is super useful for slicing. It is commonly used to carry out drop shots/ slice and backward slice, deceptive shots and many more.


Slicing with this string gives a great feel due to the power. At times, over slicing makes the shuttle travel only for a short distance. With this string, you are able to concentrate more on your playing style.


The BG66 Ultimax is amongst the most expensive badminton strings from Yonex. It is definitely worth the cost due to its high performance.


It has a thickness of 65mm, which makes it one of the thinnest strings available in the market. The BG 66 Ultimax is an ultra-thin gauge string that gives you high repulsion and produces clear hitting sounds. It comes in pearl white and yellow colors.



  • Great for slicing.
  • Offers great power.
  • The repulsion is incredible.



  • Not very durable.
  • Quite costly.

bg66 ultimax review

Check today’s price on Amazon


  1. YONEX BG68TI Titanium Badminton String Coil 200M

The YONEX BG68TI definitely makes it among the best badminton strings of 2018. It is a great and highly recommended product. It is very powerful at lower tensions (-24) and is coated with Titanium. The string has a good hitting sound as well.


The repulsion and control are great with this string. The power produced is similar to that of the BG 80 string.



  • Offers excellent repulsion.
  • Produces a good hitting sound.
  • Highly durable because of the Titanium coating.
  • Provides great control.



  • Very costly.
  • Not highly durable.
  • The Titanium coating makes it slippery.


When stringed at 26lbs, the repulsion is great, and back-line to back-line shots are quite easy. On the downside, some players have complained that the durability of the BG68TI is not that great. Regardless of the few flaws, the YONEX BG68TI is still worth trying out.
yonex bg68 titanium review

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  1. Yonex Nanogy 98 200m Badminton Racquet String.

The Nanogy 98 is an efficient badminton string. The 200m reel is enough to use 20 times. It is a thin string that has a diameter of 0.66mm. This string offers you excellent repulsion power.


There’s an extra layer of coating that has new technology from Yonex. It helps in reducing the friction between the strings to enhance durability. The string is relatively long-lasting considering its thinness.


Yonex Nanogy 98 produces great hitting sounds that are clear and have a high frequency. It is suitable for all levels of play because it offers a medium feeling.


The core is made of high polymer nylon multifilament while the outer part is composed of special braided high polymer nylon fiber. It is coated with compound Cup-stack Carbon Nanotube.



  • Possesses great repulsion power.
  • Fairly durable considering it’s a thin string.
  • Matches all levels of play.



  • Being a thin string, it produces less accurate shots.


The Yonex Nanogy 98 gives you a sharp feeling and powerful repulsion for quality, precise and defensive shots.

yonex nanogy 98 review

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What Defines the Best Badminton String

Quite a number of people are usually confused when trying to choose the most suitable racket string. There are always new rackets strings that come to the market. To select the right one, you should know your playing style. String tension, gauge size, construction, materials and sweet spot are essential factors.

String tension

The string produces most of the power in a racket shot. As a result, it is crucial to know how the string tension can affect your play. Be it a thick or thin string, you can change the quantity of power or control by adjusting the tension.


Lower tension usually translates to:

  • A looser string bed resulting in a reduced feeling of the shuttle, which leads to lesser control and poor accuracy.
  • The badminton racket will possess a looser string bed, which causes more repulsion. As a result, the player is able to get added power from the racket without using a lot of force.
  • A bigger and more forgiving sweet point that needs lesser accuracy in shots to produce power.
  • More durable strings that are not prone to breaking due to miss hits.


To sum it up, lower tension is best suited for beginners who are not yet good at hitting and need more power while playing.


On the other hand, higher tension often means:

  • A tighter stringbed that offers more feeling, leading to more control and better accuracy.
  • The badminton player will have to be more accurate and consistent in his/her shots to be able to produce sufficient power because of the smaller sweet point.
  • The stringbed will be harder, meaning the repulsion is inconsiderable. As a result, the player will have to use more force to produce power.
  • The durability of the strings is less, and they are highly prone to break from miss hits.


In conclusion, higher tensions are better suited for professional/advanced players who have mastered their hitting style and need added control while playing.


Every racket comes with its own recommended string tension. The recommendation ensures that you do not break the racket while stringing it. The racket may break if it is exposed to intense pressure as a result of the high string tension.


Materials used

Furthermore, the top badminton strings use unique technology and materials.


  • Cup-Stack Carbon Nanotube is an advanced construction that reduces notching at the intersections for enhanced durability and greater repulsion.
  • Vectran strong and elastic spiral winding lengthens the life of a string and the stringing tension.
  • Hydro Titanium coating gives a sharp feel and also improves the durability.
  • MultiFilament technology offers a fine diameter, soft feel and great durability.


Thick and thin strings

Popularly used badminton strings have diameters of between 0.65mm and 0.70mm. Strings with diameters outside this range are not that common.


Thin strings:

  • Generate more repulsion power.
  • Possess a bigger sweet point on the string bed.
  • Do not last as long as thicker strings.
  • Have less accurate strokes.


Thick strings:

  • Generate less repulsion power.
  • Possess a smaller sweet point on the string bed.
  • Last longer than thinner strings.
  • Give more precise strokes.


High repulsion gives added power to badminton strokes, and the shuttles bounce off very fast. On the other hand, low aversion translates to lower power in your strokes and the shuttle remains on the string bed for quite some time before it bounces off.

Sweet Spot

A bigger sweet spot makes it easier for the shuttlecock to make contact with it, while a smaller sweet spot makes it more difficult.


The sweet point becomes smaller once the thickness of the string is increased. A more trivial sweet spot is quite advantageous at times because if the shuttle hits the smaller sweet spot, the shot produced is compelling. This needs a proper technique to be achieved.




  1. What is the best string tension for my racket?

Lower string tension is better suited for beginners as it provides more power while advanced tension is good for advanced players as they know their hitting technique. Higher string tension does not provide more power.


For beginners, the string tension should be between 17-20lbs, 20-24lbs for intermediate players, 24-27lbs for advanced players, and 27-30lbs for professional athletes.


  1. What differences are there between badminton strings?

There are primarily 3 kinds of string used in badminton: multifilament, monofilament, and microfilament. A multifilament string is composed of many thin fibers that are twisted together. Multifilament strings are highly resilient and powerful.


A monofilament string is commonly a core that is protected with a jacket/sleeve. This core is the source of power for the string. Monofilaments are usually stiff strings and are mostly suited for beginners and intermediate players.


For the microfilament strings, the fibers in the core are thinner than those of multifilament strings. These strings are not popularly used in badminton.


  1. What does string gauge mean in badminton?

String gauge is the thickness of a string.


  1. What causes a racket string to break?

Racket strings usually break when a miss hit occurs due to how tight the strings are strung on the racket.


  1. Which is the best Badminton racket string?

The finest Badminton string offers adequate tension, great repulsion power, and high durability.



Needless to say, there is a lot of different opinions regarding string tension and string choice. Making the right choice should follow your personal needs. The above badminton strings are among the best in the market. A good badminton string has satisfying string tension according to different levels of play, has a good impact feel, is durable, and provides sufficient repulsion power.


When choosing a badminton string, you should focus on the string tension and the materials used in making it. Additionally, the thickness and sweet spot of a string are also important as well.


Top 15 Cheap Badminton Rackets for the Buck

You might wonder why on earth one looks for cheap badminton rackets. Well, if you have a tight budget then you already know the answer. The truth is, a cheap price tag doesn’t always mean a cheap quality product. And in this article, you are gonna see how.


Being a badminton player, you surely know that you can’t give your 100% without the right equipment. Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner, you should always strive to own the equipment that best suits your needs. Herein, a less priced racket may not seem persuasive to you.


Yes, in some cases, finding the right racket cannot be economical. The right racket will make you feel like there is no opponent that can beat you, and motivate you to learn new shots and test your limits.


Herein, we took the time to gather 15 badminton rackets that will not empty your wallet. We reviewed each one of them, highlighted the most important features of each one, along with a buyers’ guide.


If you think this sounds too good to be true, stay with us, you will be impressed.

ModelEditorial RatingCheck Price
1- Senston N805/5Check price on Amazon
2- Senston WOVEN5/5Check price on Amazon
3- Yonex Muscle Power 34/5Check price on Amazon
4- Yonex B-3504/5Check price on Amazon
5- Yonex Basic 40004/5Check price on Amazon
6- Yonex Basic 60003/5Check price on Amazon
7- Yonex NANORAY Series4/5Check price on Amazon
8- Franklin Sports Elite4/5Check price on Amazon
9- Wilson Blaze 3504/5Check price on Amazon
10- Wilson Titanium Smash4/5Check price on Amazon
11- Wilson Strike3/5Check price on Amazon
12- Apacs Lethal 105/5Check price on Amazon
13- Apacs Blend 80005/5Check price on Amazon
14- Apacs Stern 905/5Check price on Amazon
15- Apacs Training W-1205/5Check price on Amazon

 15 Cheap Badminton Rackets


  1. Senston N80 Graphite Single High-grade Badminton Racquet

To begin with, we have the Senston N80 racket. It is made out of graphite and an epoxy resin. These materials are cheaper but are durable, and they also are much lighter than the usual elements. Because of this, this light racket can help you swing at a higher speed. However, there are a few other helpful features in this racket.


The head of the racket is square shaped and is aerodynamic. Its isometric shape helps you to have a more prominent sweet spot so that you can have more control in your shots. The materials and the shape of the racket allow you to string it to 28 pounds, depending on your preferences.


As you may know, not all rackets are suitable for everyone, but this is a close one. This light racket can be perfect for beginners or players recovering from an injury. The weight on the racket can also be great for those of you who are looking to play casually. It is a cheap model but a durable one nonetheless.


The only scenario where this racket may not prove as useful could be competitive play. When in competitive games you may play more aggressive, and this racket is not designed to resist the fast and powerful swings of professional players. There are many other models in the list that may prove more useful for competitive than casual games.


What We Liked

  • The lightweight design is by far the most attractive feature on the racket, weighing an impressive 80 grams.
  • One of the cheapest best models on the list.
  • The isometric heads allow you to have a bigger sweet spot.


What We Didn’t Like

  • It is not suitable for competitive play, since it may not withstand the powerful and fast swings of professional players.
  • In some cases, the racket has not proven to be as durable as advertised.



This racket is perfect for beginners and players that still don’t deliver as much power on their swings. It is not as durable as you would want, but it will do for a beginner. If you are looking for a racket for competitive play, it may not be the ideal one for you.
cheap badminton rackets

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  1. Senston WOVEN Full Carbon Single High-grade Badminton Racquet

The next item definitely has the looks, but it has a few hidden features that make it even better for many situations. Let’s start with how light it is. It weighs about 82 grams without the strings. Most models weigh about 87 or 90 grams, and although you may think that there are only a few grams of difference, you will notice them in the long run.


It is not only light, but it can also withstand a higher string tension. You usually tense the string at 28 pounds max, but the max tension on this racket is 31 pounds. Also, the Full-Carbon technology allows the frame to resist more power from shots, which can be useful if you are playing against an opponent with fast and aggressive gameplay.


The entire frame is built of Micro Carbon Fiber, which allows you to add more strength to your shots. This feature also allows you to have more stability since the racket will return to its original from faster than others. If you combine this with a slim shaft, you will experience how it feels to have full control of your shots.


But as you may know, there are always a few cons where they are pros. In this case, it may be how durable the frame is. Many users have gotten cracks in the frame after a few months, which is something you don’t want to see in a racket after such a short time after purchasing it.


Things We Liked

  • The Micro Fiber frame helps you add more power to your shots without sacrificing stability.
  • It only weighs 82 pounds, which is lighter than average cheap counterparts.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • It may not be as durable as advertised.



This model could be perfect for many players since it has many useful features, but in the end, you may be disappointed with how fragile it is. Regardless, it can be perfect for a defensive player since you will be able to return powerful shots with ease.

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  1. Yonex Muscle Power 3

Whether you are a skilled player or a newcomer, the Yonex Muscle Power 3 can be a fabulous choice of racket. But why? Let’s begin with the frame. The Muscle Power series is designed to reduce stress since the strings are confined together. It also has a larger hitting area that gives you a 30% larger sweet spot.


This unit feels a bit heavier than the last models we reviewed. It weighs almost 95 grams with strings. The good things about this may be that it helps you have more precise swings since the weight will allow you to bring the racket down at higher speeds, but it will take a little bit more to get it up.


The shaft is not too flexible but not stiff, which gives you the advantages of both types of shafts. As a rookie, you may be looking for a flexible shaft, but if you are an experienced player, you may want a stiffer shaft to have more control. Because of this, this racket can be perfect for both kinds of users.


The only downside to this model may be its length. It is by far shorter than other models, which reduces your reach. You may not feel it at first, but you will feel how you will have to extend more to hit the shuttlecock.


Things We Liked

  • The frame allows you to have a bigger sweet spot.
  • Its shaft can work perfectly for experienced players and beginners.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is shorter than many other rackets, and this will reduce your reach.



It is overall a great racket, can be perfect for both beginners and experts. However, the most important thing to notice may be how durable it is. But if you think, you already have a small reach, this will reduce it even more.

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  1. Yonex B-350 Badminton Racquet

B-350is excellent for those of you who like to spend their time playing on weekends or in family reunions. This racket is made for recreational use, and it is also considerably durable for a racket so cheap. It is perfect for anyone, regardless of their age.


This economical option can be the ideal model for schools since the price is just right to buy many at a time. As we mentioned earlier, the reason why a lot of colleges and schools buy it apart from the price is their durability. Plus, it looks pretty cool too.


It weighs almost 100 grams, so it is considered a heavy racket. There are no special features apart from the fact that it is strung at nearly its max tension. This is so there is no necessity of adding extra force to the shots since it will be used for casual games.


The major downside of this racket is obvious. There is no way that you could use this for competitive play and feel comfortable. It is strictly for recreational sport. The handle can become uncomfortable, and the strings are not designed for control.


What We Liked

  • It is perfect for users of all ages.
  • Can be the ideal racket if you are looking for a model that is strictly for recreational use.


What We Didn’t Like

  • You cannot use this for competitive games.
  • There are no special features that differentiate this model apart from the price.



This racket is perfect if you are looking for a model to use in PE classes in colleges or schools. It will also work if you only play badminton a few times a month or even a year. But if you are looking for a competitive racket, this is not the one.

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  1. Yonex Basic 4000 Badminton Racket

The next item on the list is a noble choice if you are a player that is only beginning to learn how to play badminton. There are a few things that make this racket better than others on the list, but it is overall an average racket. But even if it does not have any fancy features, beginners will feel comfortable with this racket.


It has a standard issue head that is shaped like an oval. It is pretty heavy, weighing almost 100 grams. Yeah, it may be considered heavy, but it provides a great balance which is perfect to learn and practice different techniques. Balanced rackets are great if you want to learn something new, then you could try using a heavier one once you get the idea.


The aluminum absorbs impacts pretty well so it can be a bit more durable than what you would expect from a cheap racket. It is pretty comfortable to use since it is equipped with a PU grip from Yonex. It already comes with strings, and they are tensed to the point where you won’t need much to get the shuttlecock in the air.


But as you could imagine, it may not be great for fast movements or powerful shots. It has what you need to learn how to play, period. You won’t have a good time trying to play a professional game with this racket since it lacks a few elements that a professional racket should have.


Things We Liked

  • Has an aluminum frame that is durable and will absorb impacts better than other materials.
  • Can be a great way to learn new techniques or learn how to play since it is entirely balanced.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • You can’t use this for competitive play.
  • Even for a beginner’s racket, it can feel a bit heavy weighing almost 100 grams.



If you are just beginning to learn all the basics of badminton, this racket will suit all your needs. It is balanced, and although it may be a little heavy, you will find it more comfortable – thanks to the PU grip.

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  1. Yonex Basic 6000 Badminton Racket

If you are planning on playing aggressive, or if that is your playstyle, this racket is the right one for you. The purpose of its design is to provide a better tool for aggressive players. It provides the necessary power and accuracy to exhaust your opponent after a few shots.


It has a round shaped head which gives it an even sweet spot area, which provides you with more probabilities of actually hitting it. The cross-section has a square shape, which allows you to have a more robust feeling when handling the racket.


The strings absorb the impact, for a higher control of the shuttlecock when returning it. They have Elastic Ti technology that instead of deforming the strings, they get back to their original state faster, so you can use the full force of the swing to add a bit more power to the shots.


It is flexible, so you can use the returning action of the racket to return shots accurately, even if you are not in the position to do so.


Things We Liked

  • It is specially designed for aggressive players.
  • You can get a lot of power into your shots if used wisely.
  • You will have a higher control over your shots.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • There isn’t any specific thing that we didn’t like on this racket. It is overall one of the best ones on the list.



Do you like to give your opponent a hard time? Well, this may be the ideal racket for you. You can be accurate, but at the same time, you can deliver powerful shots. This is why aggressive players will find a few ways to corner their opponents and make them uncomfortable.

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  1. Yonex NANORAY Series Badminton Racket

This may be one of the best rackets on the list, and it is because it has many features that allow you to one-up your gameplay if used correctly. It is built to be a precise and versatile racket that you could use in any scenario. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?


Yonex Nanoscience assures that you will have a better control over your racket. It creates the perfect bond between fullerene and the carbon particles. This creates a light and thinner racket that will be easier to handle. Plus, it is also stable, so it helps you add more energy to your swings.


The grommet holes have a different pattern than usual. They are designed to make the string more durable. The strings also have Elastic Ti technology that, as you may have seen in previous reviews, are highly elastic, but return to their original position faster than normal.


It has an isometric square head with helps you have an increased sweet spot, giving you increased accuracy. It also has a muscle power set of strings that eliminate stress and provides a tighter contact between the frame and the strings.


But again, sometimes you just cannot evade the cons. A downside to it is that since it is one of the best rackets on the lists, it is also one of the most expensive ones. Yeah, it is still within the “cheap” prices range but compared to other models you will see it expensive.


Things We Liked

  • You will have better control of your shots thanks to the Yonex Nanoscience technology.
  • Has an isometric square head which provides a larger sweet spot area.
  • It includes muscle power strings.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is one of the most expensive rackets on the whole cheap-list.



This is one of the most versatile rackets on the list, and as you can see, there is a wide variety of features that differentiate it from the others. It is perfect for both beginners and experienced players, but the last ones may exploit all of the useful features on this one.

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  1. Franklin Sports Elite Performance Badminton Racket

Franklin Sports is known for their quality equipment, and today we have another exceptional quality item on our list. It comes equipped with all the things you need to give your 100% on every game, and you will also look cool while doing it.


It has a strong string technology which allows the string to have a higher tension than usual. This will help you deliver more powerful shots than usual, and with the same accuracy. You will feel how the higher tension helps in your shots every time you hit the sweet spot.


It has a durable and sturdy carbon frame that evenly distributes all the power in the racket without losing stability. For a cheap racket, you would be impressed by how durable it is. It is because of this that many professional players use this racket.


It is strictly built with the lightest material so that you can easily handle it. You would easily be able to respond to any shot but is it not flexible enough to reduce the power or speed from some shots. Plus, the grip is comfortable and can be used by people of all ages.


One aspect that could be a concern for some players, maybe the fact that the shaft could break since it is not made from the most durable materials as the frame. You don’t want your racket to break in the middle of the game, right?


Things We Liked

  • You will be able to have a higher tension at the string, thus allowing you to deliver shots with more power.
  • The carbon made the frame is durable but will also distribute the power of the racket evenly.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some users claimed that the shaft broke under specific circumstances.



This is a great racket for competitive players. Franklin Sports always delivers, and this item is not an exception. There could be a few changes done to it, but overall it can be useful in many scenarios. You will really exploit all its benefits if you are an experienced player that uses typically light rackets.

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  1. Wilson Blaze 350 Badminton Racket

Wilson is known worldwide for their tennis equipment, but they also create a few impressive badminton equipments as well, and the Blaze 350 is one of those products. After a while, you will feel how your wrist starts to ache because of the power that you may be forcing into your shots. But don’t worry, this racket is designed to keep that from happening to you.


This racket is designed for competitive play. The Quad Hoop Shape resembles a square-headed racket, but this specific shape ensures that you have more stability when returning shots since the strings are not too loose or too tight on the frame. You will also feel how smoothly the shuttlecock will fly off the racket.


Its whole frame is made of micronized carbon fiber, which gives it the perfect weight for competitive play. It weighs almost 88 grams, which is a good weight if you are looking for an offensive racket. You will be able to force more speed into your shots if you time your swing ideally as well.


The frame is also equipped with Control Balance technology which allows you to have better control of the racket. An enhanced control means better accuracy and even a better handling of the racket. If you usually feel your wrist aching mid-game, this is the racket for you.


Many users complained that the whole racket is a lot stiffer than what they expected. It is great for competitive play only if you are used to stiffer rackets. You may have learned how to play with a more flexible one, but this one is classic if you aspire to get a little bit more serious with your gameplay.


Things We Liked

  • It has the right weight for competitive play.
  • If you usually feel your wrist hurting, this may be the ideal product for you.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is a lot stiffer than what you would expect.



This may be the right racket if you are just beginning in competitive play. The weight is perfect, and the control and accuracy this racket can provide can be hard to find. It is not flexible, but depending on your playstyle this can be an advantage.

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  1. Wilson Ti Smash Badminton Racquet

If you are learning how to smash the shuttlecock into the other side of the court, you may have probably found the right racket for you. This is great as a practice tool since it will help you get the hang of how smashes work. But it won’t work well for competitive games since it may get uncomfortable.


The whole racket is made out of a single piece of a light steel alloy. This gives the racket a great durability, which you will need if you will be practicing smashing shots to the other side of the court. You should take into account that since it is a single piece, it is not very flexible.


As we may have seen with previous products, this isometric square-headed racket provides you with a bigger sweet spot for increased control. Many intuitions that use this item for recreational purposes because of the durability and the low flexibility.


If you try to use this model for competitive play, you will probably be disappointed. It is perfect to learn techniques and shots since it won’t break as quickly as other cheap rackets. It weighs almost 100 grams, which makes it ideal for beginners as well.


Things We Liked

  • It has a great durability.
  • The racket is perfect for recreational use or as a practice tool.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • Feels uncomfortable in more serious games.



The steel alloy makes this racket durable, but since it is made from a single piece, it is not flexible. Also, the handle is not comfortable for long games. If you are looking for a racket to train with, or a racket for recreational use, you may have found the right one.

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  1. Wilson Strike Badminton Racquet

So far, we have had a few rackets for beginners, but this is perfect for teens and or kids that already have some experience playing badminton. It may seem pretty simple at first, but users have said that this racket is really worth it if you are a teenager with a few years of experience under your sleeve.


The racket is head light and stiff. This is perfect if you have still to develop the strength needed to control a more flexible and heavy racket. It has a perfect balance just in the middle, which allows you to control more your shots. If you are getting ready for more serious games, this can come in handy.


This racket has a comfortable Wilson PU grip that will give you a firmer grip on the handle. It is already shipped with Wilson Nylon strings. They are strung at a lower tension than usual, which comes is great for beginners. It also includes a head cover to keep the racket from scratching when you are not using it.


The major downside of this racket is that any teenager may outgrow it within a few months. You may begin in competitive play with a racket like this one, but after a while, you may need a racket with different specifications.


Things We Liked

  • A great racket to start with competitive play.
  • It is comfortable and easy to handle.
  • This model is designed for teenagers or kids.


Things We Didn’t Like

It is a great model to start competing, but you will soon feel how your need will change when it comes to the racket.



This model can prove useful for young players who are getting their feet wet with competitive play. This racket resembles the design of a beginner’s racket, but it pumps it up to make it great for kids and teenagers that are still getting used to playing in serious games.

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  1. Apacs Lethal 10 Badminton Racket

This item was designed for a faster and smoother swing. It is overall intended to provide what you need to add more power to your swing, and consequentially making it quicker and more accurate. But I am still just scraping the surface since there are much more exciting features in this racket.


The model came to be part of the Apacs Lethal Series. These rackets have NanoTube technology on the frame, which allows them to resist impacts. This also improves the overall feel of the racket, improving your handling.


It has a High-Speed frame which is designed for continuous powerful shots. You will feel how your drive shots and smashes are more exact, but also more powerful at the same time. The frame is aerodynamic, it basically cuts the resistance and reduces drag when swinging.


Lethal 10 is overall a light racket with a medium flex construction. This will allow you to add a slingshot effect to your shots if you time them correctly. This surely one of the best rackets on the whole review.


And the best part? There are no critical downsides or problems with this model. Many users praise the quality and durability of this racket, making it one of the preferred items on many lists.


Things We Liked

  • It has an aerodynamic frame that can resist many impacts.
  • The whole idea of the racket is to provide a faster swing for its user.
  • It has a medium flex shaft that allows you to add extra power to your shots.


Things We Didn’t Like

There are no big problems with this racket.



If you are looking for a racket that will help you add more power and speed to your shots stop searching. The purpose of the whole design is to achieve a faster swing and reduce the drag. Many happy users recommend this item over many other options.

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  1. Apacs Blend 8000 Badminton Racket

The next item on the list is the Apacs Blend 8000, but you may ask yourself; Why “Blend”? Well, this model is designed with a combination of a stable frame and an aerodynamic design. This lets you have the perfect olio of control and speed, all in one racket.


The shaft and the handle are light, but the head is a bit heavier. You can use this extra weight to your advantage and use it to add more power to drop shots or smashes. The weight distribution also works as a perfect conduit to transfer the energy from the arm to the head, to the shuttlecock.


This may be the perfect item for an aggressive player that looks to gain control over their opponent. You will see how you will outplay your rival in terms of power and accuracy, but this comes with a price.


There have been cases in which the shaft does not handle impact as you could wish. It is rare, but sometimes the shaft will snap from the head.


Things We Liked

  • Aerodynamic design allows you to have more control of your shots.
  • The weight distribution is just right.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • The shaft will break unexpectedly.



This aerodynamic and cool looking racket can be a great racket for beginners. Since it has a more substantial head you will feel how you can swing faster – it’s just a matter of timing. Once you have gotten a few games on this racket, you will have a hard time changing into a new model.

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  1. Apacs Stern 90 Offensive Badminton Racket

In this list, we have already reviewed a few rackets that have a wide variety of unique features that help you play at your 100%. But this model may excel when compared to those models, not because it may have more features, but because you will actually feel the difference when using this racket.


Let’s start with the basic stuff! It has an isometric frame which, as we have mentioned before, allows you to have a bigger sweet spot. This model also has a reinforced frame, which makes it sturdier and more durable. Because of this, it can handle a bigger tension, reaching almost 53 lbs.


But now we get to the fun part. The head has a 76 grommets system, which offers an increased number of grommets. This means that the string will last longer and that you will clearly feel the difference when you hit the shuttlecock. Overall, this gives the string 7% more durability, but at the same time, it makes your shots more accurate.


The shaft and the frame have Nanotech Carbon Technology, which allows the whole racket to get to its initial position faster after an impact. It is also light, which makes it perfect for long trades. As you play, you will feel how the Armor Power keeps the racket from wobbling when you strike. This grants you the control you need to shine on the courts remarkably.


Trust me, I am not trying to oversell it. The price is perfect, and you will perform better with the additional control you will have. There are no cons to this racket. It is simply one of the best rackets out there. The product has been reviewed many times, and it always excels from the other models.


Things We Liked

  • A 76 grommets system increases the tension and durability of the cords and frame.
  • Constructed using Nanotech Carbon Technology, which makes the whole unit more flexible.
  • It allows you to have a better control and accuracy of your shots.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • Tried to find cons, but we did not find anything that could be a deal breaker.



This racket can help you perform better regardless if you are a beginner or an experienced player. The many features of it are not only for show. When you are playing, you will feel how different you handle and control it compared to your older model. Plus, it looks pretty cool.

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  1. Apacs Training W-120 Badminton Racket

At the fifteenth and final position, we have the Apacs Training W-120. Let’s start with the most salient feature of this racket, its weight. This is one of the heaviest rackets on the review if not THE heaviest. It weighs around 120 pounds, but before you get to the conclusion that the weight is ridiculous, let me explain why it is as it is.


When you are learning to play, you will most probably have a light racket. The problem with a light racket is that they are not durable, and they are not great for training. A more cumbersome racket, on the other hand, is perfect to practice since you will force yourself to use more strength to move the racket. This way, the strength will come naturally when playing.


This head-heavy racket will be your best companion when training. It is comfortable to use, but most importantly it is durable. The frame was developed with a reinforced structure, which gives the racket its iconic weight. If you are a more offensive player, you will be able to add more power to your shots since this is a medium flex racket.


And the only bad thing about this racket comes from its main feature. I will only prove useful when training.  You could play some competitive games if you get used to the weight, but you will need the stamina for competitive games that heavy rackets don’t allow you to have.


Things We Liked

  • This is mainly a training racket designed to help you get used to adding more strength to your movements.
  • The reinforced frame makes this a durable racket.
  • You can string this model to higher tensions with the heavy head.


Things We Didn’t Like

  • It will not prove as useful as a competitive racket unless you get used to the weight.



If you feel like you are not giving 100% in every game when it comes to strength, you will find this model useful. It will help you with your overall game since it forces you to apply more power to your shots since it is not easy to lift the racket.

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What to expect from a Cheap Badminton Racquet?

You may already know this, but if a racket is cheap, it means that something is going on with it. The lower the cost, the lower the quality. Although there are some exceptions, this rule applies to most models on the list. But this does not mean that the racket itself will not be useful in specific scenarios.


We want you to feel comfortable when picking a racket, but we also want you to know what you can expect from a cheap badminton racquet. There are certain things that we recommend that you look out for when choosing a model. This is so you are prepared for anything that may happen to your racket.



This one of the main problems in cheap rackets; they don’t last for long. It is either a cracked frame or a shaft that snapped from the head in the middle of a game, you will find many problems like this in many cheap rackets on the market. But don’t be disappointed, even expensive rackets break sometime right?


It is common to notice cracks in the frame of the racket, especially if they are in a lower price range. On some rare cases, rackets can present this cracks after a few games. They usually appear after you hit a hard object by accident or if you don’t know how to return a powerful shot.


If the crack is not too big, you can still use the racket as long as you like, since small cracks won’t affect performance. If by any chance the crack becomes bigger, you should look for a new racket. A big crack can make the strings loose tension, which will affect your control and accuracy when shooting.



You should not take the flexibility of a racket for granted. A lot of professional players won’t use a racket at all if this one is not a flexible as they want it to be. And this is because they know how flexibility will affect your gameplay.


Many people think that the flexibility level of a racket is a matter of preference, but many other factors determine which flexibility level is the right one for you. You should choose a racket with the flexibility that adapts to your playstyle and technique, but with cheap rackets, you don’t have a lot of options.


You will find that most cheap rackets are not as flexible as advertised in a best-case scenario. In the worst-case scenario, the racket will be completely stiff, as if it was a simple piece of aluminum that was shaped to look like a high-quality racket. This is incredibly annoying since you never know what you are going to get.


The genuine way to keep this from happening is to read the experiences of users that already tested the product. If the racket is not as flexible as expected, you will quickly see a lot of people complain about this.


Special Features

The most expensive rackets on the market have a high-quality construction and a fair share of special features that help differentiate one model from the other. These unique features vary from a special set of string to a different grip. Cheap rackets also have these so-called special features, but there is a big difference between these two.


On expensive and high-quality rackets, you can actually feel when they have an extra feature. But when it comes to cheaper rackets, you may not really see or handle these extras. This does not mean that you have been swindled. Companies use the more discreet characteristics to promote their rackets and attracts new buyers.


So as a customer, you should really know what is included in the racket, and you should expect cheaper rackets to have a reduced number of special features.


A Definitive Buyers’ Guide to Cheap Racquets


How Much Does The Racket Weight?

This is an essential aspect since this will determinate how easily you can control the racket. If you are getting started with this sport, it is recommended that you have a light racket. This is so you don’t have can worry specifically about learning the technique rather than trying actually to control the racket.


Once you gain enough knowledge about the technique, you can focus on finding the right weight for you. In the meantime, you should try looking for a racket that weights between 80 and 90g. These models usually have a lower balance point, enabling a more natural swing.


Light rackets also give you a faster stroke. You will be able to swing faster and recover as fast from the swing. These models can also reduce the stress on your shoulders. This can reduce the chance of injuries or sprains.


As may know, heavier rackets can have a significant impact on your gameplay as well. If the racket has a heavier head, you may input a greater force to your shots. But this will also mean that you will need to have extra strength to control the rackets movement completely. The extra weight can also proceed in handy for drop shots.


Where Is The Balance Point?

The racket can be balanced in three different points, in the middle, at the head, and at the shaft or handle. Each one of these alternatives has their own set of pros and cons, but they will depend on which kind of player you are.


Head-rackets, for example, are mostly used by players with a more aggressive style. The extra weight on the head can be useful when going for long distance shots. With these kinds of rackets, you should avoid rapid exchanges and short-range shots, since you will have a harder time raising the racket.


As we mentioned earlier, lighter rackets are great for beginners, but many things experienced players can get from these headlight rackets. With preparatory practices, you will be able to do deceptive shots since then you will be able to turn your wrist faster than normal.


And finally, we have the even balance rackets. Well, there is not much to say about these. In the wise hands, it can be a great racket, but it does not have any traits that will provide you an edge over your opponent.


How Do I Know How Tense Should The Strings Be?

The tension on the strings may depend on your playstyle. If you are an aggressive player, you may prefer a higher tension since this may help you have a have better control. But the ideal tension for every racket regardless of the user may be between 22 and 23 lbs.


You can test the string tension on your racket by pressing your hand on the strings. If your hand sinks more than 1mm, your strings may be too loose, and you may lose power and control of your shots.


If you have played for a long time, you may already know this, but tension standard may vary in different regions. This is because the temperature affects the strings. For example, players that live in colder areas need their strings to be a little bit more lose than usual since they tend to contract at low temperatures.


Does The Grip Have The Correct Size?

As you may know, it is crucial that you feel comfortable when using the racket. Because of this, there are a few things that you should know about racket grips. First, the size of the handle, which will vary depending on your hand size as you may guess. Second, you may want to choose the correct grip size as well.


If you sweat a lot when playing, you may prefer a towel grip. These are designed to absorb sweat, so you don’t lose your grip. If you choose these ones, you should take into account that they will accumulate bacteria and that they will eventually smell bad.


If this sounds a deal breaker for you, you may prefer a synthetic grip instead. They are smooth but will get uncomfortable after playing for a while.


Let’s Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does it take long to restring a racket?

A: It depends on the method and who is stringing it. It will usually take between 25 and 35 minutes, but it can take longer if you don’t know what you are doing.


Q: Are strings universal? Can I use any type in any racket?

A: There is a wide variety of strings that you may use, but you should find the ones that adopt you your playstyle. Usually, there are certain features in the most expensive strings that may give you a bit of an edge over your opponent.


Q: Is there any sign that tells me if I hit the sweet spot?

A: Well, you will surely know when you do. It is basically that area on the string that will give you the most control and power in your shots. The shuttlecock will come off the racket with a high velocity and power.


Q: If the racquet is longer than normal, will it help me have more reach?

A: Well, it will unquestionably give you more reach, but this comes with a price. You will lose maneuverability, and since it seems too long you may have a hard time finding the sweet spot.


Q: Can I make a custom racket?

A: Yes, you can, but it is pretty expensive to do so. But you should also know that there are a lot of benefits that can come from building a custom racket. You can modify every detail of the racket, like the frame size and weight for example.


Final Thoughts

We hope that you found a racket on the list that serves your needs within budget. There is a vast number of people out there playing badminton, and like many players, as there are, millions more are born each day.

Therefore, it is essential that in a community like this, newcomers can find all they need to know about how to choose the perfect racket, even when they are on a budget.

If you were looking for cheap badminton rackets and landed on this article, consider yourself lucky (LoL).  Hopefully, this article will help make the right decision. For any further questions, let us know in the comments section below.

The Karakal BN60 Badminton Racquet Review – Yay or Nay?

Throughout the years, badminton has gained a lot of popularity. It went from being a family game to a world-class sport with many professional players around the world.

KARAKAL BN60 Badminton Racquet, Black
Customer Rating &Details
KARAKAL BN60 Badminton Racquet, Black
Customer Rating &Details


As with many other sports, you need to have the right equipment to perform at your best. Herein, the most critical piece of equipment a badminton player has is the racket. You need to have a racket that suits your style and gameplay so that you can give your 100% in every game. But how do you know if you have the ideal one for you?


There are many different racket models out there, but today we have a product that you may like, regardless if you are an experienced player or a rookie. The Karakal BN60 is one of the best rackets in the market, and there are many reasons why.


We know this can be the ideal product for anyone.And today, you are about to learn why, at the end of this KaraKal BN60 review! Let’s begin!

Why the Karakal BN60?&Review

Karakal never fails to deliver, and the BN60 is no exception. There is no doubt that this is one of the best rackets and we are not exaggerating. Its many features make this a reliable and durable racket that’s perfect for anyone.


The BN in the name stands for Badminton Naturel. It is named like this because of the natural black color it has since it is made from natural graphite. As you may know, graphite is a light material, and because of this, the weight of this racket is 60g (or 2.1 oz), making it one of the lightest models out there.


This model also retracts to its original position faster than other rackets. The graphite gives it ultra-lite handling that allows you to provide a little bit more power to your shots.


And to compensate for the extra force that you could put into it, it has a carbon-gel system that makes sure that the drive is evenly distributed all over the frame, giving the racket a longer useful life.


BN60 is mostly a defensive racket. The light structure allows you to move the head up and down quickly to react to unexpected shots. But don’t let this fool you since it can also get through with a few powerful shots.


There are also a few extras that will sweeten the deal for you. It is already pre-strung when you purchase it, so you won’t have to go through the whole stringing process yourself.


This is just a general idea of why this is one of the best rackets. The many features of it make it a very versatile model as you can see. It can adapt to many play styles, and it will unmistakably give you an edge over your opponent. But there is still more to this racket than we mentioned here. Because of that, we decided to list each of the main features and review them for you.


Ultra-light Graphite Frame

The frame is made out of a single piece of graphite. This material allows the whole frame to retract 10% faster to its original position than usual. It makes it a bit sturdier without sacrificing flexibility. Because of this, this head-heavy oriented racket can be a great piece of equipment for those of you who need to add a little bit more power to your shots.


On the court, the first shots may not be as powerful, but here is where the racket excels compared to other models! Since it is so light, you will be able to follow up with many shots without over-exerting yourself, which may give you a certain advantage in many scenarios. But to every pro, there is usually a con.


Drive shots could become a problem since the weight of the racket may not give you that extra power you need.


Hi-Flex Shaft AllowsExtra Balance for Difficult Shots

When choosing a racket, you need to take into consideration how flexible the shaft is. You should pick a specific flexibility based on how fast you can swing the racket. This model comes equipped with a Hi-Flex shaft that allows you to input more strength to shots since it will take less energy to bend the shaft.


Usually, when your opponent returns a shot with striking power, you have little to no time to put strength on your next swing to respond to it. The fact that the shaft is so flexible can help you with this since you can add more Fmomentum to your shots in a short amount of time.


The only downside of this feature may be the fact that you will have a reduced space to place the shuttle. This may also result in a decreased accuracy since the racket can bend on an angle depending on how you swing it.


Specially Designed Handle &Grip for added comfort

The handle comes with ThumbPrint technology for a more comfortable grip. This allows you to position your fingers better around the stem. You will feel how you can have a secure grip, without straining your hand too much. It is also surprisingly comfortable, which comes in handy in those games that last for a long time.


It also includes a PU Super Grip, one of the lightest grips you can find. With this, you can twist your wrist much faster, giving you a better angle when swinging. You can maneuver the handle easily and smoothly, and this will allow you to do faster movements to get your opponent by surprise.


Extra Features that will Sweeten the Deal

There are a few additional features in this model that are worth mentioning. To begin, this model comes pre-strung with Karakal Pulse 70 strings. This can be a great time saver since you won’t have to worry about how tense you want the strings to be. You could begin playing the moment you get it out of the box.


The carbon-frame system on the frame makes this model a bit more durable since the force is distributed evenly in every shot. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about a cracked frame soon.


Another feature that may be worth mentioning could be that it is shipped with a full cover to protect the racket when you are not using it.


Things We Liked

  • A graphite frame makes this head-heavy model one of the lightest ones on the market
  • The HI-Flex shaft allows you to input more power into your shots without overexerting yourself
  • Its handle comes with ThumbPrint technology on the handle allows you to have a better hand position when grabbing the racket
  • It already comes pre-strung with one of the best set of strings Karakal can offer


Things We Didn’t Like

  • You may experience some problems with your shots at first since you will have a smaller sweet spot due to the flexible shaft
  • The racket is so light that you won’t be able to put that much force on your swing for a drop shot



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How tense should the strings on my racket be?

A: Some people think that a higher tension is equal to more power, but this is not right. Actually, you may feel that you have better control when you have new strings, but not much power. But if you prefer to have power over control, it is better to have them have strung at a lower tension. Lower tensions may give you that extra oomph, but you will definitely lose control.


Q: How much time does it take to restring a racket?

A: It may take around 20 or 30 minutes depending on the experience of whoever is stringing it.


Q: Should I restring an old racket if I don’t want to buy a new one?

A: If the racket is in perfect condition you may restring it. It is essential that there are no cracks in the frame. If there are, it is recommended that you buy a new one.


Q: The string on my racket move out of position, should I change them?

A: If this happens while you are in a game, it may be because you did a slice shot and the force moved the string. You could simply reallocate them with your fingers, and everything should be alright.


Q: How do I choose the correct grip size for my hand?

A: The measurement of the grip is given by a fraction, which is the actual size of the handle in inches. For example, the smallest grip size would be a 4 1/8.



As we mentioned earlier, you should always try to get the best equipment for any sport. If you are perseverant with your training and you dedicate time to practice what you learn, you can exploit every benefit your equipment has to offer.

If you are one of these dedicated users, you will find that the Karakal BN60 can be, without a doubt, one of the best rackets that you can find. In the end, don’t be shy, let us know what your thoughts on the article are! This is so we keep improving just for you.

Karakal BN-60 FF Review

Badminton is a great outdoor game to play with your friends and family, but there is a more serious aspect to it. It is a fun sport and a great way to exercise since you will be continuously hitting a shuttlecock across a net with a racket.

Karakal BN-60FF Badminton Racket
Customer Rating &Details
Karakal BN-60FF Badminton Racket
Customer Rating &Details


The main objective is to keep the shuttlecock from falling into your side of the court and to make your opponent drop it on his side.


If you are not familiar with a shuttlecock, all you need to know is that it is not a normal ball. It usually has a hard tip with feathers running down the end of it, so it does not fall as fast when you hit it with the racket.


As you may have already guessed the racket you play with is an important factor in this game. You have to get the right one for you, but there are certain models that are just perfect for anyone. And, they may be hard to find.


Regardless if you are just getting your feet wet on badminton or if you are a seasoned player – we’ve found the ideal model for you!


The Karakal BN-60 FF is one of the best models in the market. It has a lot of excellent features that discern it from other models, But the question arises, is this the right one for you?


Well, to make your life easier, we unveiled this product for you! We gathered some partaking features of it.So you can see how good the Karakal BN-60 gets and how it can help you to one-up your game.

Karakal BN-60 FF Review- Unveiled

One of the biggest concerns when purchasing a racket is to find one that can be light and flexible. One that can also deliver power and accuracy with each swing.


With that said, Karakal designed the BN-60 FF badminton racket to fit this specific need, and they sure did a great job with it.


The Karakal BN-60 FF racket is widely known among badminton players around the world. It is one of the lightest models on the market and can be a great product for both beginner and experienced players. The price range is just right for everyone, and you get a great product that can last for a long time.


The design is simple, but it has a lot of things to it. Before stringing, the frame weighs about 60g, and this can be a game changer as you achieve a greater power swinging without exerting yourself too much. There is a great potential for this product, and it needs someone to uncover all the things you wanna achieve with it.


As you may know, rackets were made from light metals like aluminum, but they were discarded since they were heavy and pricey. Because of that, this model comprises Fast Fiber Graphite that is more flexible and more durable than many other materials.


You have to be comfortable when handling a racket, herein the Karakal BN-60 FF is equipped with Thumb Print technology and a PU Super grip for a more comfortable and firmer grip on the handle.


Plus, you will feel more confident when you swing – thanks to the Thumb Print – since it will help you to better position your finger on the handle.


There is a lot of great features in this model, but we will talk about the significant ones, so you can see the real potential of this racket for you.


Fast Fiber Graphite Makes More Flexible Frame

This model hoards a flexible and durable frame. Thanks to the Fast Fiber Graphite that allows the whole frame to return to its original frame 10% faster than normal. You may think it is an insignificant number, but the reduced tension is very useful on the court since it enables increased power and a firmer swing.


It works very simply; the Fast Fiber Carbon Gel system evenly spreads all the force over the whole frame. The whole piece is manufactured from molded graphite, giving this racket its iconic weight. Thus it is one of the lightest models on the market, weighing only 60g (2.1oz).


More so, you can strike at higher speeds while reducing the efforts. However, keep in mind that because of the lighter construction, the racket can be a bit more fragile than others.


Thumb Print Technology Initiates a Better Grip

The handle comes with a Thumb Print Top Cap for the optimal hand and finger positioning. Therefore, you will have a better grip on the handle when serving. You will feel more confident with your swing, and that will result in a better performance in any scenario. Combined with the Fast Fiber graphite, you can swing this racket with ease.


It is important to feel comfortable when playing. And so, the Thumb Print handle relieves any fatigue you can feel after playing for hours. This makes a great feature since you will be able to play and train for longer times, giving you an edge over your opponent.


Plus, this model has an isometric head which provides a 30% bigger sweet spot. Now, this increases shot accuracy when you are hitting off the center of the racket.


Light Construction Design for Fast Swings

Not only the frame is designed to be extra light!


Overall, the whole racket was designed to be the world’s lightest badminton racket. Additionally, from the Fast Fiber frame, they use a Hi-Flex Precision Shaft for the construction of the racket. And, it provides a great balance when handling the piece.


Also, the handle has a PU Super Grip with lattice airholes that enable a cooler and lighter grip.


Extra Features

This product also has a few extra features that make it stand out from other models. Karakal BN-69FF is already strung when you buy it, so you don’t have to go through the tedious process of stringing the frame. It comes with a 22/23 string pattern strung with a Hot Zone 68 green string that supports a mat tension of 30 lbs.


Since it is such a light model, it can be easy to carry around right? This package also includes a full cover to protect the racket when you are moving around with it.


What We Liked

  • The Fast Fiber frame and the Hi-Flex Precision shaft make this racket one of the lightest models on the market.
  • The flexibility of this racket helps the user to swing faster and with a greater power.
  • You will have a better finger position and a better grip on the handle thanks to the PU Super Grip and the Thumb Print technology.
  • The package includes a full cover protection.


What We Didn’t Like

  • The fact that the frame is so light can be a liability since it means that it is more vulnerable to break.
  • Strings included are usually durable, but there are cases in which they break after a few uses.
  • You don’t have much option when it comes to choosing the color.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much do my racket has to weight?

A: Well, lighter rackets are recommended for those of you who are beginners in badminton.Whereas experienced players would prefer rackets that weigh between 85g and 90g since they are easier to control.


Q: What is a balance point?

A: It is basically the heavier part of the racket. For example, a higher balance point means that the head of the racket is heavier, but these are not recommended for everyone. Keep in mind that a higher balance point allows you to swing with more power, but they are not easy to control.


Q: How do I know if my strings are tense enough?

A: You could test the tension of your racket by pressing your palm against the strings. If the strings sink more than 1mm, your strings need to be tensed.


Q: When stringing rackets, can I use any kind of strings?

A: You should find the ideal string type for you, you should not buy any random strings.


Q: Are flexible or inflexible rackets better?

A: It mostly depends on how you play. Strong players will find themselves more comfortable with a stiff racket. Again, if you are not used to an aggressive swing, the extra speed that will come from a more flexible racket might come in handy.



The Karakal BN-60 FF is a great option for anyone regardless of your experience under the belt in badminton. It is flexible, but you can still deliver a powerful swing with ease.


As you can see from this review, the goal of Karakal’s designer team was to deliver a reliable and trustworthy racket that anyone can use, and they did just that.


It is comfortable yet perfect for any scenario. Yeah, it may be a bit fragile compared to other models. Still, you won’t regret anything if you purchase this product – chances are high. It can be your perfect grab to get an edge over your opponent.

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